If you’re still searching for ways to wrap your holiday presents or gifts anytime of the year check out this quick list I put together to ease your stress. These suggestions are sure to keep things fun, festive, mysterious and exciting.

box 2953722 1920 1 300x200 All Wrapped Up1. Brown craft paper or white paper leave endless wrapping options no matter the season.  If you have young kiddos Ikea sells rolls of crafting paper that’s multi-purpose and affordable too!

2. Reusable gift bags are the gift that keeps on giving. Hop over to your favorite stores and they have beautiful ones this season. Add a few sheets of tissue paper, or wrap in a kitchen towel for added bonus.

3. Colored comics make a great option for young kids and added laughs when opening up their gift.

4. Printed boxes that are sold at craft stores make fun and reusable gifting ideas. Not only are they pretty to gift, the person you are giving it to will have a beautiful way to store items too!

5. Gift baskets stuffed with goodies if you’re gifting bath, food, or sundries.gift box 1149678 1280 300x200 All Wrapped Up

6. Check out my Pinterest Wrapped Up board for endless ideas too!

7. Mason jars make great containers to stuff and organize last minute gifts too.


How do you wrap your gifts? What are your favorite gifts to give that are made with love? Hope your holiday wrapping is full of festive cheer this weekend.

* pictures from pixabay


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