Authors Dish RWA2019 Packing O Canada V1 300x300 Authors Dish   printable packing list and last minute notesThank you to all the authors who shared their packing tips and travel wisdom. We loved reading your top five things to pack, favorite snacks and what you forgot and swore to remember next time.

Well readers and authors, the time has come to pull out the suitcases and finalize the lists. Whether you use an excel spreadsheet or paper, all that matters is that you hopefully remember to bring all-the-things.

I hope that the Authors Dish posts were helpful. I’ve put together a fun list with all the things that were mentioned, and added a handful of extra items for those that want it on one piece of paper.

To ensure that those refillable water bottles stay clean all week, I always take a ziploc bag of small sponge pieces soaked with liquid dish soap. All you need to do is cut it into small pieces and add liquid dish soap. Let it sit overnight and in the morning toss them in a ziploc bag. They work great cleaning out water bottles and would be perfect for that electric skillet Tawna ;).

Oh, if you’re super cautious about making sure the room is clean, toss a few lysol wipes in a ziploc bag. They come in handy wiping an airplane tray, remote controls or anything else you want extra clean ;).

If there is something you bring and I missed it, comment below.

I can’t wait to see everyone next week. Safe travels.


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Packing List for RWA19

RWA Packing List V1 188x300 Authors Dish   printable packing list and last minute notes

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