Once Upon A Wedding – Check out this amazing cover!

Once Upon A Wedding – Check out this amazing cover!

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Once Upon A Wedding Anthology is coming on June 11th!
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Say I do…

Eleven best-selling and award-winning authors request your presence as they share all-new novellas that will have you humming the wedding march and dreaming of champagne toasts. It’s easy to tie the knot with these heartwarming, second-chance love stories.

I Do, Again by Jamie Beck
A makeup artist who is forced to become her bridezilla client’s eleventh-hour bridesmaid is dumbstruck to discover her ex-husband is a groomsman and he wants a second chance.

Weather or Knot by Tracy Brogan
Two meteorologists with a turbulent romantic history join a team of storm chasers and discover that love, like lightning, sometimes strikes twice.

The Runaway Bride by Sonali Dev
A groom has one night to convince his runaway bride that her fears that he’s settling for her are anything but true.

Starboard Vow by K.M. Jackson
A cruise director is taken off course when the country’s hottest bachelor – and her secret husband – arrives aboard her ship for a whirlwind cruise.

Wedding in Swan Harbor by Donna Kauffman
A widowed blueberry farmer is reunited with her late husband’s best friend when he returns to escort her daughter down the aisle.

Snowbound in Vegas by Sally Kilpatrick
A Best Man and Maid of Honor loathe each other…until they’re stuck in a mountain cabin meant for a honeymoon.

Star Struck: Take 2 by Falguni Kothari
Embroiled in a Bollywood stunt wedding, an A-list manager is torn between doing what is right for her celebrity client or seizing a second chance with the bad boy groom herself.

Always Yours by Priscilla Oliveras
With love in the air at a familia wedding, two high school sweethearts separated by misguided mistakes just might find their second chance for a happily ever after together.

Home Sweet Home by Hope Ramsay
Family secrets tore them apart as teens but a wedding in Sweet Home, Virginia, may give star-crossed lovers a second chance at forgiveness and love.

Inseparable by Barbara Samuel
Thwarted high school sweethearts meet again in the gorgeous Colorado mountains for a wedding…of their children.

A Morning Glory Wedding by Liz Talley
A florist responsible for the break-up of the bride’s first marriage gets a chance for forgiveness and a new love with a hunky pastor.

Blackout: A Romance Anthology – The Whole Latte

Blackout: A Romance Anthology – The Whole Latte

BLACKOUT: A Romance Anthology — available now!
What happens when the lights go out?

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What happens when the lights go out in the city that never sleeps?
Games of chance, unexpected situations, and hours of sin!

Thirteen bestselling and award-winning authors are turning up the heat in an anthology featuring brand-new show-stopping stories set in Las Vegas. Roll the dice and get ready to feel the heat!

The Whole Latte:

There are thirteen adventures to keep you company and each one is full of excitement, spice, and characters that you will love to meet.

I was thrilled to receive an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. The stories range from sinfully sweet to scorchin hot and by the time you swipe the last page you might find yourself booking a ticket to Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right ;)?

The stories are fast paced and provide all the thrills for a mishap or two when the lights go out. While some authors I’d read before, many were new to me and I’m excited to dive into their backlist.

Here’s a peek at a few of the novellas….

In the Do-Over by Christi Barth we take an inside peek into the world of reality dating tv and the shenanigans that go on both off and in front of the camera.  Ever wonder what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling? Is everything masterfully planned? What happens when the one you want deceives you, is everything as it seems?

Nothing complicates things more than the lights going out and being stuck with someone you can’t resist. 

Don’t miss this spicy novella, best enjoyed with your favorite iced-beverage, a cozy chair, and maybe a fan.  


Close Encounter by Stephanie St. Klaire delves into the world of security, a con job, and serial killers. In a split-second everything changes for Charlie and her life will never be the same, especially when the lights go out.

It’s a sinfully sweet -hotter than sweet with bedroom romance that tingles in all the right places, and a dash of spice to satisfy that slightly spicy craving.


What would you do if you were

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Blackout: A Romance Anthology – The Whole Latte

Blackout: A Romance Anthology

Have you ordered your copy yet?

BLACKOUT: A Romance Anthology IS COMING ON APRIL 2nd!
Preorder Now for 99c!

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What happens when the lights go out in the city that never sleeps?
Games of chance, unexpected situations, and hours of sin!
Thirteen bestselling and award-winning authors are turning up the heat in an anthology featuring brand-new show-stopping stories set in Las Vegas. Roll the dice and get ready to feel the heat!

Night Games by T.K. Leigh:
Note to self: Never agree to play an innocent dice game during a blackout in Vegas. I should have known it wouldn’t remain innocent, not in the city of sin.

Night & Day by Bethany Lopez:
One explosive weekend together nearly ruined them. But, there’s no way Simone and Micah can ignore their chemistry when they’re alone in the dark.

Close Encounter by Stephanie St. Klaire:
The day started with a quick screw, a couple of quirky two-bit cons and ended with a diabolical serial killer. What do you do when the lights go out? Run.

Absolutely Mine by Terri E. Laine:
I made a promise to stay away from my best friend’s little sister. But it’s Vegas and that’s one promise I’m probably going to break.

Honeymoon Hideaway by Cary Hart:
What’s worse than being locked in room with a vibrating bed and your sworn enemy? Waking up next to him… naked! Did I mention he’s also my boss? Oops.

The Do-Over by Christi Barth:
The best way to move on after being dumped? A hot fling. An even better way? Revenge sex and the chance to turn the tables on the guy who dumped you…

Just Us by J.H. Croix:
Ellie asks me to promise her one thing. We can’t tell her brother about us. Small problem though. One night will never be enough.

Dirty Thoughts by C.A. Harms:
He was the crush I never thought I’d see again. Yet here we were in Vegas, during a total blackout. I figure why not explore all the possibilities, or more like let him explore me?

Hard Luck by K.A. Ware:
Ellis James is my kryptonite, the only person who could drag me back to Vegas after I promised myself I was done with that life. I’d bleed for her, I’d die for her, but can I save her?

Becoming His by K.I. Lynn:
When I slammed into Hollywood heartthrob Reid Gallagher, I never imagined it would turn into a first date I’d never forget. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…right?

Going Down by Lisa Shelby:
She’s the only person I’ve ever loved and I’m the last person she wants to see. She’d hoped to avoid me as much as possible in Vegas, but when we get stuck alone in an elevator, not even she can deny that our chemistry still runs hot.

Blind Faith by Lauren Runow:
I never expected to be locked out of my room basically naked in a total blackout. Thinking that would be the biggest shock of my night was my first mistake.


Blackout Anthology Trailer – check it out here: http://bit.ly/2EvLSu0

Seven winners – prizes worth over $200!
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Feel the Heat is FREE! 10 Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels….get your copy now!

Feel the Heat is FREE! 10 Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels….get your copy now!

Do you like steamy thrillers?

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If so, then grab FEEL THE HEAT now!!

10 Steamy Romance Novels by 10 Bestselling and Award-winning Authors

Fast Kill – Kaylea Cross

The Dying Room – Debra Webb

Hot Ice – Lynn Raye Harris

Lethal – Ann Voss Peterson

Cruisin’ for a SEAL – Sharon Hamilton

Montana Dog Soldier – Elle James

Protected by a SEAL – Cat Johnson

Love’s Tempting – Maryann Jordan

Cold Pursuit – Toni Anderson

Incriminating Evidence – Rachel Grant

Feel the Heat

10 steamy romantic suspense novels by bestselling and award-winning authors!

Official Blurb provided by authors

Incriminating Evidence – Rachel Grant

An archaeologist finds an unconscious man in the Alaskan wilderness, only to discover he’s the wealthy CEO and senate candidate she blames for her brother’s murder. Now she and the former Army Ranger must work together to find out the truth about his abduction and her brother’s death.


Fast Kill – Kaylea Cross

Opposites attract as a female DEA agent and a DEA FAST member aid in the fight against a merciless drug cartel.


Hot Ice – Lynn Raye Harris

Garrett “Iceman” Spencer didn’t join the Army’s elite Hostile Operations Team to babysit a spoiled rich girl, but when his superiors insist on assigning him to a senator’s daughter as her security detail, he has no choice. Keeping Grace safe is his main objective—but resisting his desire for her may prove more difficult… 


Lethal – Ann Voss Peterson

He gave up the woman he loved to focus on hunting psychopaths for the FBI. Now a killer he helped convict is on the loose, and this monster knows just how to get revenge…


Montana Dog Soldier – Elle James

Prior service Army Dog Handler Joseph “Kujo” Kuntz and his dog, Six, team with a female FBI agent to locate and neutralize a terrorist training camp.


Protected by a SEAL – Cat Johnson

Rick doesn’t know who he hates more—the spoiled actress he’s hired to protect or the stalker trying to kill her. But he only wants to take one of them to bed…


The Dying Room – Debra Webb

As Birmingham’s Medical Examiner, Dr. Sylvia Baron spends her time unraveling the secrets the dead keep, but can she protect her own deep, dark secrets?


Cruisin’ for a SEAL – Sharon Hamilton

A SEAL’s one night stand with an Italian beauty is threatened by a terrorist takeover of their cruise ship. What does this SEAL and his Team buddies do? They save the day, and 3000 lives, of course!


Love’s Tempting – Maryann Jordan

A detective with scars and a woman with secrets in the path of a murderer. Can he save her before she becomes the next victim?  Can two scarred people be tempted to let love in?


Cold Pursuit – Toni Anderson

A single mom and her son escape with their lives after a terrorist attack on a US mall. When the boy is targeted for death, an FBI agent helps the mother and child disappear. But can he keep them safe when the players are more powerful than he ever imagined? 



AmazonB&N ~ Apple ~ Kobo ~ Google Play

The Nutcracker Reimagined -Four days of Holiday Fun

The Nutcracker Reimagined -Four days of Holiday Fun

Welcome to The Nutcracker Reimagined, a holiday collection of tales from 10 authors who present their take on a beloved classic story. What will happen ? Where will the story take place? What adventure awaits? For the next four days I’ll present these tales and end with a holiday post at the end.

I’m also giving away TWO Kindle e-books for two lucky readers. Open to US residents only.

Now, let’s begin…

Fall in love with Hildie McQueen’s Laurel Creek series and find out will a cowboy in on a quest to locate a runaway groom in Brash: Frederick (A Laurel Creek Novella.)  Love is not something you can just whip up. Will Rick Edwards find his purpose in the most unexpected place? It might take chasing a groom to unlock his true desire. A family man at heart, Rick is on a quest to save his family and sets out to fix the biggest mistake of his life.  

Kennedy Brooks is saddled with a ranch in need of help. When her prayers drive onto her ranch, it will send her hormones running a blaze like the wild horses on her land. Will she stay or sell out?

Escape to Montana in this two pepper spicy latte that has just the right amount of heat to warm your cold winter nights. Brew a hot mug of your favorite drink, grab your cozy blanket and get comfy in your favorite reading chair. It’s time to meet a cowboy and find out how he saves Christmas. For mature readers 18+. I received this ARC from the author for a fair and honest review.2 Jalepenos

Author Info: USA Today Bestselling author Hildie McQueen loves unusual situations and getting into interesting adventures, which is what her characters do as well. She writes romance because she is in love with love! Author of Romance in Highland historical, Western Historical and contemporary, she writes something every reader can enjoy.

Most days she can be found in her pajamas hiding from deliverymen while drinking tea from her David Gandy coffee mug. In the afternoons she browses the Internet for semi-nude men to post on Facebook.

Hildie’s favorite past-times are romance conventions, traveling, shopping and reading.

She resides in beautiful small town Georgia with her super-hero husband Kurt and three doggies.

Visit her website at www.hildiemcqueen.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HildieMcQueen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HildieMcQueen

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hildiemcqueenwriter/

A Christmas festival, a town that’s picture perfect and a reunion that is tissue-box worthy will squish your heart. It’s time to head to Cloud Hill for the holidays where you’ll find out why a painter, a musician, one crazy deer, and a lot of cookies make this a holiday to remember.

It’s time to step into the colorful and magical world of Tina DesSalvo’s writing. The vibrancy plays out in the words on the page and she has crafted a new series to share her love of storytelling with a new holiday romance. Yay!

If only Aurora Morgan could forget that fateful night that’s haunted her and now, when face to face with the one man who could’ve stopped it all is back, it will almost crush her.

Daniel Brooks is now a successful musician and has returned to Cloud Hill but when he runs into Aurora Morgan will it be a merry homecoming? Will his reunion be merry or bring a dark cloud over the holiday events? 

What will Aurora do when the truth is revealed? Will Daniel seek revenge and win her heart? I just love a story where there is so much depth and vivid descriptions in a tiny tale. I can’t wait to read more from this new series and am thrilled it’s part of this collection. I’m never disappointed with Tina’s stories and can’t wait to see who’s next in this series.

Escape to Cloud Hill in this two pepper spicy latte that has just the right amount of heat to warm your cold winter nights. Brew a hot mug of your favorite drink, bake a few batches of cookies, grab your cozy blanket and get comfy in your favorite reading chair. It’s time to meet a musician and find out how he saves Christmas. For mature readers 18+. I received this ARC from the author for a fair and honest review.2 Jalepenos

Author Info:

Tina DeSalvo, a fresh, humorous voice in romance, brings her knowledge and passion for the culture, traditions and people of Cajun Country (where she lives) and New Orleans (where she grew up) to her Second Chance Novel series-Elli, Jewell and Abby. Tina is also a journalist who spent her career in television news and as one of the first female sports broadcasters in Louisiana. A Breast Cancer Survivor, Tina donates her proceeds from Elli to help individuals fight the disease. She loves to write, but she especially loves spending time with readers…sharing laughs, tears and hugs. Learn more about Tina at tinadesalvo.com

One Mystical Moment by Laura Landon is a sweet and tender tale of a soldier who avoids the holidays and his ability to forgive when an angel saves his soul.  

Major Frank Collyard is asked to assist in a mission to uncover the truth involving a workers issue. It will force him to the one thing he has avoided, the holidays. Will he finally unwrap the festive tinsel and drink the holiday punch? Oh, I hope so.

If Frank can find solace this holiday season, despite the painful memories he might be able to love again. It will be a battle of will, the heart and soul for a solider who has faced so much. Will he be able to perform one last selfless act and his final battle with his past?

Mathilde Rowley is vibrant, full of life and finds the Major intriguing. If Tillie can ignite a spark in Frank that can bring out the happy and vibrant man he used to be, this may be a Christmas miracle for all? An angel for one man and a comfort to ease his past.

A tale of a new homecoming and a love to last a lifetime that is worthy of a place in this collection.

Author Bio:

Laura Landon enjoyed ten years as a high school teacher and nine years making sundaes and malts in her very own ice cream shop, but once she penned her first novel, she closed up shop to spend every free minute writing. Now she enjoys creating her very own heroes and heroines, and making sure they find their happily ever after.

A vital member of her rural community, Laura directed the town’s Quasquicentennial, organized funding for an exercise center for the town, and serves on the hospital board.

Laura lives in the Midwest, surrounded by her family and friends. She has written more than two dozen Victorian historicals, thirteen of which have been published by Prairie Muse Publishing and are selling worldwide in English, one in Japanese, and several in German. Two are Scottish historicals.

Always beautifully set and with a mysterious twist or bit of suspense, Laura’s books average over a million and a half pages a month read by her loyal readers.

Rodrick the Bold by Suzan Tisdale is a tale of a warrior with family conflict, a clan betrayal, and one wish. The one that matters.

Dreams plague Rodrick of a woman who needs him, they affect his actions and have left him alone and unhappy. Can he find the woman that haunts his dreams? Is she real or a figment? Does she love him? Too many questions make this most stressing for Rodrick but he will not rest until the truth is uncovered. 

Muriel is desperate for help and forced to live in fear. Can she find a way out? Will she find true love despite the tragedy that has befallen upon her? Will Rodrick have what he’s always wanted?

A two pepper spicy latte for mature readers 18+. I received this ARC from the author for a fair and honest review.

2 Jalepenos

Click on the cover to pre-Order your copy for $0.99 and have it in your e-reader in less than three sleeps!


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