Second Chances: A Romance Writers of America Collection

Second Chances: A Romance Writers of America Collection features tales from J.Kenner, Christina Lauren, Liliana Hart, Alyssa Day, Rachel Hauck, Damon Suede, Marilyn Brant, Renee Luke, Kerri Carpenter, Tara Wyatt, Cici Coughlin, Cassandra Dean, Tina Ferraro, Ariella Moon, Brandi Willis Schreiber, Lizzie Shane, and Sharon Sobel.

Here are just a few of the fabulous tales in this collection. Stay tuned for more!

The Fisher Men: Levi’s Story, A Wild Seasons Short by Christina Lauren follows three friends as they fish in uncharted territory. Nothing screams ratings for reality TV star Levi than an unexpected injury, it’s just the sort of footage the show could use. When Levi is forced to make a decision in order to keep the series from tanking, it throws a second chance into his lap. The one woman he never forgot, Emmy Lewis, has returned. Was it planned or just coincidence? 

In five chapters Christina Lauren deliver a tale with the perfect amount of sizzle and the desire for more from these lovable characters. This two peppers spicy latte has just enough to make you tingle and is it’s for mature readers 18+.2 Jalepenos

Scandalous by Cassandra Dean is set in 1830 where we find Earl Edington reunited with Sofia Hargrove, the woman he ruined. Time has done little to heal Edington’s heart and when he sees Sofia, the one thing he still desires is the very thing that put him in this predicament.

Despite what he did, he still desires her. Does this reunion stand a chance? Only if their hearts can forgive. Is that enough for a second chance?

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one with desires this time around. Can they learn to trust each other again? Dress up in your ballroom best for this delightful tale. 

One Hot Mess by Tina Ferraro takes us back to high school. Madeleine devices a plan to be closer to Hayes, she needs his help with one thing, is he willing to help? When her plan backfires, she’ll have to admit her true reasons for asking Hayes for help. If she does, her Senior year might be the worst ever. Is it worth the risk?

Head back to High School for first crushes, heart-melting kisses and the friendships that help shape you. Don’t miss this charming and tender story of the heart’s true desires.

Something Old, Something New by Lizzie Shane

Tori Jackson is a phenomenal wedding planner and loves her job. In fact, she would do almost anything for a client. But, when she must locate a missing groomsman, she will find a man who burned her heart without a phone call, e-mails, and assumed not interested. Radio silence. Oh, our heart aches for Tori.

Nick Taylor left town while navigating through scandal, family disappointment, and the assumption he was doing the right thing. If only he was able to act on his feelings, would he have done the right thing? 

Ten years is a long time to carry secrets. Find out what happens when the truth is revealed and the past is forgiven. That is, if Nick and Tori can trust each other. Only a true love could weather through and find a way for a second chance. Will this wedding planner finally plan her own happy-ever-after?

When Life Imitates Art  by Marilyn Brant

There is nothing more exciting than plotting out a new literary story. When an author decides to brainstorm in a bookstore, a few patrons catch her eye and unknowingly helps inspire her creative flow.

In a tale that could have been inspired anywhere, her work catches the attention of one man. When art imitates life and her unsuspecting muse finds her, will sparks fly for real the second time around? I just love a meet-cute like this one!

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