Miami and sexy Knights await

Miami and sexy Knights await

Miami Nights Series 200x300 Miami and sexy Knights awaitMiami Inferno by Elle Boon is a romantic suspense set in Miami and is a must read. When Angelina can’t recall certain details surrounding the night of her eighteenth birthday it leaves a huge hole in her heart. Years will pass before she discovers the truth and the impact it has affects the one man she can’t forget, Lorenzo.

When their happy reunion is under attack, Lorenzo will stop at nothing to protect Angelina, the one woman he’s always loved. The connection between them is unbreakable despite the distance. If you like hot beaches and nights that sizzle, head to Miami.

With the heat and intensity in this book I give it 3 Peppers as it’s pretty hot and might offend. For mature readers 18+%name Miami and sexy Knights await
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Rescuing Miami by Elle Boon is part of the Dallas Fire & Rescue World and is all about Lorenzo’s brother Ando. Even if you have not read Miami Inferno, this can be read as a standalone. Tragedy has struck it’s time to take care of the things that matter, for Ando it means leaving his family behind. Unprepared he will need strength, courage and the help of family to move beyond the past, if not he will never recover and find love again. 

What do you do when you witness a crime so brutal that it puts you in harms way? Jules isn’t worried about herself, instead she’s only focused on the victim and puts her EMT skills to use quickly. In order to ensure her safety surrounding that horrific night she takes a break and heads out of town. What will happen when her location is discovered? Who will save her?

A new city. A fresh start. Two people recovering from loss will find out what happens when love strikes in the most unexpected place, right next door.

While I haven’t read any other books in the Dallas Fire & Rescue World, this book can be read as a standalone.With the heat and intensity in this book I give it 3 Peppers as it’s pretty hot and might offend. For mature readers 18+
%name Miami and sexy Knights await

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Morgan final 200x300 Miami and sexy Knights awaitMorgan by Barbara Devlin is the fourth book in the Brethren Origins series. It’s time to find out what happens to our young night when he’s forced to marry and his bride is not of his choosing. Will he grow to love her? Will they have a happy-ever-after?

Lady Hawisia Van Goens and Morgan Le Aguillon have a lot of work to do if they are going to find love. Despite duty to his country he needs to curb his wicked, lustful nights and redirect his focus on his lovely bride. Will she let him close to her guarded heart? Will he find the passion he seeks?

As with each and every book in Barbara Devlin’s backlist this one is another must read. If you love sexy knights, adventure and lots of romance, one-click this right now. Duty, honor and friendship from the Brethren will aid these two as they seek love. Don’t miss this must read historical romance series that proves love prevails.

A two peppers spicy latte hot delight with the perfect amount of sizzle to make you tingle. Oh, and yes, it’s for mature readers 18+. %name Miami and sexy Knights await

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Coffee With Elle Boon

Coffee With Elle Boon

8120085 Coffee With Elle BoonRae: Thanks so much for hanging out with me today. We met at First Base with an author in Atlanta during RT. It was my first time at RT and one event I hope they have next year. As a reader and blogger I was introduced to so many “new to me” authors. Did you find that event overwhelming? I only wish we’d have more time with everyone, our time was not long enough. It’s a great concept, speed dating for readers ;).

Elle: I had a great time at RT and First Base With The Authors was one of the best events I had the pleasure of being a part of. I didn’t really find it overwhelming, but probably because I got to just talk, and talk, and talk. I sort of talk a lot LOL.

Rae: Congratulations on your recent release of Rescuing Miami in Kindle Worlds. I’ll be sharing my review on the blog tomorrow. How did you become involved in this crossover book project?

Elle: I had written Miami Inferno over a year ago and had introduced the hero in Rescuing Miami. I hadn’t really thought I’d write his story next until Paige asked me to write in her world. You see, Ando had a really terrible thing happen to him, which put him on a downward spiral. I decided I was going to redeem him and send him to Dallas to be “Rescued” by a female. I love strong women as well as strong men in my books.

Rae: You write contemporary, paranormal and erotic, which is the most challenging to get all the smells and feels down?

Elle: My Navy SEALs I think are the hardest to write, only because I want to be as factual as I can, while still writing a really good romance story. Yes, they all have great love scenes…I mean I love steamy LOL. But, in my paranormal worlds I get to create worlds, and my characters can do magical things, like regenerate when they’ve been shot, or stabbed etc LOL

Rae: You currently have five series and anthologies, can you tell us a little about them? 

Elle: My first series was my Ravens of War, which I love and will go back to once I get my rights back at the end of 2019. They are paranormal menage and are my twist on the Greek Gods and the 12 men Zeus created to help him defeat his father Cronus. Once they were no longer needed, he sent them to Earth to find their happily ever afters. Fast forward to present day, and Zeus needs those men to help him find his stolen daughter who Cronus has somehow taken and hidden on Earth. That is book 1 Selena’s Men.

Next came my Mystic Wolves. I love shifters, and bad boys with tattoos and bikes. They just sort of popped up in my head. First Zayn and Cora, who I loved. I introduced the little Nolan who was Zayn’s nephew and the alpha’s son so of course Niall needed a story, especially since he’d lost his mate. From there Jett, who was like the shifter version of Magic Mike came. I then was asked to write for a antho sort of with some other ladies. They wanted another “Accidental” shifter.

So, I thought how could I write another without it being like Zayn’s. BAM Lyric’s Accidental Mate came to me. I mean, how cool to have a female shifter save the big bad guy who just happens to be an ex-SEAL. Now we move into a whole new world. I had no clue I’d find myself writing the Iron Wolves and crossing them with my Mystic, but with my crazy FEY QUEEN, and yes you have to capitalize her, one just has to go with it.

Now, from Lyric there was Rowan’s SEAL Team who clearly needed stories LOL. Oh, and let’s not forget they don’t know about paranormal, so I decided to make them completely non-para. (OH MY GOD) that is so hard, but I did it pretty seamlessly after Delta Salvation “I think”.

Then there is my SmokeJumpers series which is a series of the elite Firefighters who go out to the big fires in forests and such. My guys are a little bit of everything, with each story being different. I plan to finish the trilogy by the end of the year (fingers crossed) I have books 1 and 2 FireStarter and Berserkers Rage, plus A SmokeJumpers Christmas which is a follow up to the first two that’s a free out now.

I also wrote Wild and Dirty in Mari Carr’s Kindle World which so far is a stand alone ménage, but I may write another later in 2018. Um, I think that’s it…Oh, my latest book in my Iron Wolves just released on 8-22-17 so I officially have 25 books out plus a freebie <3

Rae: Where can readers find you in the upcoming months?

Elle: I’ll be home writing my fingers off with my next book in my SEAL Team Phantom hopefully releasing on time in October, followed by the first of my spin-off from my Iron Wolves The Dark Legacy series with the Fey Queen’s story in November.

Rae: Where can readers find you on social media?

Elle: Links for where they can find me are right here <3


Twitter: @ElleBoon1

****** Tasty Tidbits *****

1. A Must read book and why? Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love all her books, but this is one of my all time favorites. It answers questions, and gives us more. Plus it’s ASH LOL.

2. What is one place that I should see if I visit your hometown? Oh, wow. Well, I live where the Pony Express started and Jesse James ended so you can do a two-fer.

3. Best vacation destination? Disney World. I love that place even as an adult.

4. What is one thing readers would be surprised to know about you? I carry a blanket with me everywhere I go. I’ve had it since I was a baby. It has a silky edge all the way around it and I can’t go anywhere without it.

5. Hard Rock or Classical? Favorite Band or Artist? I love all music, but my all-time fav is Metallica. James Hetfield is soo sexy.

6. If you had an all expenses paid trip anywhere in the world where would you go? Hawaii. I so want to go there and just take in the beautiful islands and experience the waterfalls, and island life.

7. What is your guilty pleasure? Reading.

8. What are you afraid of? Spiders, snakes, and losing my kids. Okay, my kids for real…but creepy crawly and slithering things too LOL

9. Tats or No Tats? If tats, how many and what did you choose for your first one? I have many tats. My first one is actual a bunch of falling books on my back with different symbols on them.

10. Organized or Free Floating? Totally organized. I might be a wee bit OCD. Like everything has a place or I get a little panicky LOL

11. Binge watcher or weekly viewer? Which show(s)? I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I prefer to NetFlix it all in one go.

12. What’s on your playlist? Oh, my playlist is crazy. From Metallica, to Lady Antebellum, to Avenge Sevenfold. All the way back to Eagles and Justin Bieber. Yeah, I am soo weird.

13. What play or musical do you want to see next? I’d love to see Wicked again. I loved it.

14. Best tip for relaxing? Meditation. Best thing in the world to do. Anytime. Anywhere. Take a few minutes and do it.

15. What’s your favorite TV show and why? Don’t really watch, but if I do, I prefer senseless things like the Real House Wives. (Trainwrecks)

16. What’s your favorite movie of all time and why? Hmmm, I love action movies, but I love Dirty Dancing and Road House. Patrick Swayze was amazing.

17. Would you rather see a movie in the theater or at home on DVD and why? Theater…hands down. I love to go, watch, eat popcorn and leave. It’s def a guilty pleasure as well.

18. What is one thing you can’t live without? COFFEEEEE

19. Do you love to cook or go out to eat? I am not big on cooking so I’d rather go out, or have hubby cook. Either way is a win win LOL

20. Motorcycle or bicycle? Motorcycle for sure.

21. If you could try any career for a day, what would it be? Actress LOL Of course, it would be on the day I get to be with the Rock <3

22. Person or persons you admire and why? My hubby because he puts up with me and is so supportive of my career choice and is the best dad to our kids without complaint.

Rae: Thanks again for hanging out! Time for another Iced-Coffee 🙂 Happy Reading and Writing Elle!