Happy Book Birthday Bewitched and Beloved

Happy Book Birthday Bewitched and Beloved

Bewitched and Beloved downsized 200x300 Happy Book Birthday Bewitched and Beloved

magick stepback downsize 200x300 Happy Book Birthday Bewitched and Beloved

The Whole Latte:

As soon as I heard the news that Barbara Devlin and Ellen Dugan were collaborating I eagerly waited to see how they would connect two genres, a pirate, and a witch. How would it link them together? Dear readers, the wait paid off In the most creative, romantic and fast paced way possible!

Bewitched and Beloved by Barbara Devlin and Ellen Dugan is a must read romance full of adventure and the perfect amount of magick. While each authors story can be read as a standalone, together they weave a tale that is one of the best collaborations I’ve ever read!

In the mood for a sexy pirate? Dive into the latest from Barbara, you are in for a treat! Cager Tyne’s story is full of secrets, sexy banter and of course sprinkled with a few of my favorite characters! Cager is ready to leave his pirating ways behind him, but can he move beyond his past?

Francie Osbourne has met her match in Cager and finally has found someone who challenges her. When Francie discovers his secret, will she run or help him navigate to move beyond the pain? They both may discover that love isn’t finished with either one of them quite so soon. 

From the first page to the last Ellen’s story is full of rich, vivid scenes that draw you into the story and transport you into something exquisite. It’s like staring at the sidewalk scenes in Mary Poppins and before long, you find yourself in the painting! In Hannah Osbourne is a modern witch with a legacy to decipher amidst a sprinkling of clues. I adore Hannah, she’s bold, sassy and unafraid to say what’s on her mind. Especially when she meets our sexy hero, Detective Henry Walker, he’s mysterious, determined and absolutely yummy! There is something about him that begs for another story!

I give the collection a spicy 2 1/2 pepper read. It has enough %name Happy Book Birthday Bewitched and Belovedheat to make you sizzle and is for mature readers 18+.

While I received an advance copy from the author for a fair and honest review, I purchased this collection because it’s that good! Oh, and at a bargain price of $0.99 it makes a great gift for yourself or a friend!

Check out an Except from THE BUCCANEER:

The love of a good woman could destroy a man’s peace of mind, because she often forced him to confront the less-than-noble aspects of his character, in order to win her heart, and he rarely recovered his sanity after the battle. It was for that reason Cager Tyne, former bosun of the pirate ship Black Morass turned captain of the renamed, respectable merchant vessel Lady Madalene, never sought more than free and easy access to a light skirt. Give him a three-penny upright or a disgruntled and dissatisfied wife, any day of the week, and he was happy.

Yet, as he admired the shapely arse of Francie Osborne, the young and pretty housekeeper and self-described Jane of all trades in the Cavalier home, as she bent to set a bucket on the floor and her cotton frock stretched taut across her hips, he was tempted to take up the fight, if only to savor a taste of her flesh.

“Will you fetch me another cup of coffee, pretty lady?” Sitting at the servant’s table in the kitchen, he held out his empty mug and smiled, which he knew from experience would ruffle her feathers, a pastime he rather enjoyed. “As I am quite thirsty this morning.”

“Get it yourself, Mr. Tyne.” Ah, there was the governessy tone that never failed to set his blood on fire. “I do not work for you.”

“Aw, now do not get your cute little nose in a snit.” As Cager imagined running his fingers through her thick blond hair, he licked his lips and relished the red flush of her cheeks. “I only want to be friends. Why do you always frown at me, Francie?”

“Because I know who you are, what you are, and what you want, and I am not interested. And it is Miss Osborne to you, sir.”

When he stood and blocked her path, Francie bared her teeth. Bloody hell, he could have proposed to her, then and there. “Now get out of my way, as there is work to be done, and I have no time for the likes of you.”

“But I have time for you.” In a flash, he snatched the bucket and mop from her grasp. “Now why do you flee, when I just want to become better acquainted, beautiful Francie? Would that not be nice?”

“Mr. Tyne—”


In that instant, she gave vent to a snort of frustration, and he could have kissed her silly. All that spirit wrapped in a dainty package he could not wait to unwrap, if she would simply cooperate.

“Mr. Tyne, give me back my things, and let me pass.” With her foot, she tapped an impatient rhythm, and he could not stifle his amusement. “Fine. I will dust the back parlor, first, and you can stand here, all day, and hold my mop and bucket.”

“My, but you are a stubborn bit o’ fluff.” Given her uncompromising demeanor, he shrugged, as he followed in her wake. “We could have fun, you and I. Why will you not take a chance on me?”

“Because fun is all you want, I am a good girl, and my father raised no fool.” She smoothed her crisp white apron. “What is your excuse?”

“You are a saucy wench, but I like that in my women.” He wagged a finger. “Mark my words, I will have you.”

“Would you care to wager on that, Mr. Tyne?” At last, he snared her attention, as she turned, faced him, and squared her shoulders, and her ample bosom distracted him. “Tell me, what can you afford to lose?”

“Are you that sure of yourself?” Surprised by her new tack, he rocked on his heels, because he was not only a betting man but also a winner. “Or would you prefer I think that, when in truth you are curious about me?”

“You are too bold by half, sir.” She snickered, as she returned to the kitchen, marched into the pantry, collected a couple of rags, and stomped to the back parlor, with Cager in tow. “And you mistake annoyance for curiosity, because I know your type.”

“And what is that, if I dare inquire?” Of course, it did not matter what she thought of him, because he wanted her. It was that simple.

“Mrs. Cavalier confides in me, as my family has served hers since before she was born.” After clearing a side table, Francie wiped clean the wood surface. “You were a buccaneer, as was Mr. Cavalier.”

“And you do not approve.” It was a statement, not a question.

“It is not my place to approve or disapprove of the master’s former occupation, though I cannot fathom whatever possessed Mrs. Cavalier to take him as her husband, but I do not have to tolerate it in you, Mr. Tyne.” Riding a wave of high dudgeon, which he found adorable, she tidied a stack of newspapers, and he studied her lush red lips, which he could suckle for hours. “And I certainly would never associate with you beyond the confines of my position in this household.”

Locking his legs, he folded his arms. “But you will.”

“Will—what?” She blinked.

“Associate with me, in my bed.” To increase the stakes, and rile her even more, because he could not resist her, he winked. “And it will make your eventual surrender all the more sweet.”

“Indeed.” The fascinating housekeeper scoffed. Then she smiled the sort of smile that gave him collywobbles. “Will you do me one favor, Mr. Tyne?”

“Anything you ask shall be granted, dear Francie.” He braced for the blow that he knew was forthcoming.

As she leaned near, he noted a subtle lavender scent, and it drew him as a bee to honey. “Hold your breath until that comes to pass.”

Then she rushed to the door, flung open the oak panel, and stormed from the parlor.

“You are a witch, Francie Osborne.” Now Cager chuckled, as she hiked her skirts and broke into a sprint, and he admired her shapely calves. “You cast a spell, and I am your most devout servant.”

Here’s a sneak peek of The Hidden Legacy!

“The temper I’d tried to keep at bay began to boil as soon as I heard those boots hit the hardwood floor. I set my jaw and did my best to ignore him.

Henry moved in my line of sight. “Hannah, do I have any messages?”

“Yes, you do.” Without sparing him a glance, I snatched a stack of messages from the desk and snapped my hand up in the air. “If you’d be so kind as to return them.”

“I’ll get right on that, this morning,” he drawled, taking the notes.

“That,” I said acidly, “would be a refreshing change.”

“Something sure has you riled up.” Henry leaned a hip on my desk. I could see him out of my peripheral vision. My shoulders stiffened when he smiled down at me.

He was baiting me. I knew it, and still I couldn’t help but snarl at him. “Get your ass off my desk.”

He started to laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever hear you cuss before.”

I kept working on the computer, and refused to spare him a glance. “Be assured Mr. Walker, the very last thing you want— is for me to curse you.”” © The Hidden Legacy, Bewitched & Beloved April 2017 by Ellen Dugan


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Coffee With Ellen Dugan

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rae latte logo 150x83 Coffee With Ellen Dugan

Rae: First, if we were meeting at a coffee shop I’d be drinking a Mocha Latte with Coconut milk. What would you order?

Ellen: English Breakfast Tea—I hate coffee!

Rae: Not only are you an author of paranormal romance, you have a backlist of sixteen books in non-fiction, and released a boxed set of Tarot cards. How did you make the leap from non-fiction to paranormal romance?

Ellen: Fiction was my first love. But I found success in New Age non-fiction, and I still am a part of the traditional publishing world.

Rae: What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Ellen: The biggest challenge I faced? Working in the novels around my last two non-fiction titles.

Rae: What inspired you to write The Legacy of Magick book and subsequent series.
Ellen: The Legacy Of Magick series was something I tinkered with for ten years. I always knew it would be a series, and once I let the characters “off the chain” so to speak, they sort of exploded on the page. And I’ve never had so much fun writing.

Rae: I am waiting patiently for your upcoming release with Barbara Devlin that will be released April 4, 2017. How are your stories connected?

Ellen: Sure, Bewitched & Beloved is a crossover book. That features stories from the Pirates of The Coast and Legacy Of Magick series. Barbara wrote the historical tale called The Buccaneer and I wrote the contemporary, which is entitled The Hidden Legacy.

Rae: Can you tell us without giving away too much? I love the cover and am excited to read this collaboration.


Teaser for The Hidden Legacy: A bewitched heirloom is handed down from Francie Osborne (Barbara’s heroine) to her modern day descendant (my heroine) Hannah Osborne Pogue. When Hannah inherits the heirloom she becomes the keeper of a magickal legacy that has been protected for generations.

A practical, modern Witch, Hannah is a single mother sworn to keep her Craft hidden from outsiders. Her well organized world is turned upside down when she meets Detective Henry Walker, a charming southern scoundrel.

Even as they clash their attraction grows. Leaving Hannah to struggle with the obligations of her family’s legacy, even while Henry is determined to discover whatever it is Hannah’s been hiding.

He’s feeling bewitched and she’s absolutely certain that he’d never be her beloved. Its going to take a special sort of magick to bring these two together.

Rae: What is on your upcoming release list for 2017? Are there any new series in the works that you can give us a tease?

Ellen: Spells Of The Heart: Legacy Of Magick book #7– June 2017

There is a very special holiday project, coming too…and readers should stay tuned because this is BIG. As in epic.

And I’m going to try like hell to get Gypsy Spirit: The Gypsy Chronicles Book 2 out by the end of the year .

Rae: When you are deep in writing, do you sit at your computer all day or put it on paper? Some writers work by daily word count or pages, do you have a daily goal?

Ellen: I work at my computer, and I write until I can’t focus on the screen anymore. I’d say on average 8 hours a day. Every day.

etsy 150x150 Coffee With Ellen DuganRae: Not only are you an amazing storyteller but you are a talented artist. I adore your Etsy shop and LOVE my winter sign. I’ll be sad to put that one away soon. If readers have not visited your shop, they should check it out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/EllentheGardenWitch 

Rae: I observed that you are very into decorating during the holidays, is there one you favor more? Do you decorate and go all out for all the holidays during the year?

Ellen: Halloween- hands down is my favorite holiday, with Yuletide a close second. Yes, I decorate my home and celebrate all of the seasons.

Rae: If readers want to find you, will you be on the road at any conferences or appearances in 2017?

Ellen: Not this year. I’m staying home keeping my butt in the chair and writing as fast as I can.

Rae: I am thrilled you were able to join me today and look forward to reading Bewitched & Beloved: A Pirates of the Coast/ The Legacy of Magick Crossover. It was so much fun having you here today!

Ellen: Thanks Rae!

****** 9 Tantalizing Tidbits ******

1. What is a must read book and why? The Natural Psychic by Ellen Dugan because it answers lots of questions for lots of folks.

2. What is one place that I should see if I visit your hometown? The Winery!

3. What is one thing readers would be surprised to know about you? I’m a Master Gardener

4. Hard Rock or Classical? Favorite Band or Artist? I have VERY Eclectic musical tastes and make different play lists for different books.

5. If you had an all expenses paid trip anywhere in the world for research, where would you go? Ireland

6. What is your guilty pleasure? Dark Chocolate

7. What are you afraid of? Typs I mean typos LOL

8. Organized or Free Floating? Hello I’m a VIRGO. I live for organization

9. What play or musical do you want to see next? You mean I could leave the house? I’ve never seen Wicked- always wanted to.

Rae: Thanks again for hanging out! Time for another Latte 1f642 Coffee With Ellen Dugan
Happy Reading Dear Readers.
Happy Writing Ellen

Author Info:
17578033 10154687938182955 1512180186 n 150x145 Coffee With Ellen Dugan
Ellen Dugan is the award winning author of 17 non-fiction titles, and the Witches Tarot. Well known for her candor and humor, she is also a Master Gardener. Ellen successfully branched out into paranormal fiction with her first series Legacy Of Magick. Visit her website at www.ellendugan.com



Welcome to Haven Harbor

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor

** While this anthology is based on characters and a town that were in The Witches Walk by Jeanne Adams this anthology reads as a standalone Halloween collection. Some stories are spicier than others and are noted in my review of each novella with a pepper rating.  The rating is strictly for spice factor only. **

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor%name Welcome to Haven Harbor%name Welcome to Haven Harbor%name Welcome to Haven Harbor%name Welcome to Haven Harbor%name Welcome to Haven Harbor%name Welcome to Haven Harbor


Welcome to Haven Harbor is an anthology that features four novellas from Jeanne Adams, Barbara Devlin, Ellen Dugan and Donna MacMeans. It’s time to return to Haven Harbor,  Massachusetts, or visit for the first time, and discover what mischief awaits.

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor

In A Halloween Promise by Jeanne Adams fans of Witches Walk will be treated to a story that involves two of her characters from The Witches Walk. Adele, the town Veterinarian and Dan, the Librarian are thrown together in a most unexpected way, an abandoned dog. Will Dan be able to help her solve the mystery surrounding the puppy’s sudden appearance?

A story of odd events and unexplained happenings add fuel to Adele’s crush on Dan. With all the chaos and mystery will they have time to explore their attraction?

In a town of witches, secrets don’t stay hidden for long and things aren’t always as they appear to be.  This novella is laced with suspense as Jeanne brings a slightly darker side to Haven Harbor. I wonder whose story will be next and how long we’ll have to wait.

Once again her story is a two peppers spicy latte hot %name Welcome to Haven Harbordelight has just enough sizzle to make you tingle and a lot of action! Oh, and yes, it’s for  mature readers 18+.

Author Info:

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor

Although Jeanne Adams likes calling North Carolina home, she lives in DC, where The Tentacle Affaire is set, and often jogs on the C&O towpath with her dogs. Her favorite holiday is Halloween. She starts planning the annual yard decor on November 1. Alas, in this case however, the “Adams Family” – one husband, two sons and three dogs – is all bark and no bite.

On another spooky note, Jeanne used to work in the funeral and cemetery business, and knows a thing or two about getting rid of the body….bwhahahah! (She even teaches classes about it to other writers!)

Jeanne has written suspense novels for Kensington/Zebra Publishing since 2007. THE TENTACLE AFFAIRE, her first urban fantasy/romance, was released in Nov, 2014, along with two new Romantic Suspense Novellas, DEADLY DELIVERY and BEHIND ENEMY LINES. A short story, featured in TINY TREATS #2, St. Patrick’s Day, heralds a new series which will start next year.

She loves hearing from readers, so find her at https://www.JeanneAdams.com or on twitter @JeanneAdams or on Facebook at https://www.Facebook.com/JeanneAdamsAuthor

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor
hh barb 300x300 Welcome to Haven Harbor
Magick, Straight Up by Barbara Devlin is a must read tale. If you are fans of Barbara you won’t be disappointed with her first published contemporary piece that is included in this Anthology.

If you are looking for a doctor this Halloween, head to Haven Harbor Regional Medical Center ER. Check in with Dr. Rafe Owen. This sexy new doc now calls Haven Harbor home and when he ventures out to meet the fine folk of Haven Harbor he encounters the owner of The Old Haven Mill Tavern, Mary-George McBride. Rafe’s world will never be the same and neither will yours ;).

Rafe is intent on getting to know George, will she open up and give him a chance? George has the ability to discover what he desires, will she use it? Trust is a very fragile thing and for this outsider he just might lose the one thing he wants if George hesitates to reveal her secret before it’s too late?

Take a spin, enjoy a walk around town and then hop over for a bite at the Tavern. George might have your order ready before you walk through the door, don’t let it spook you.  With fun and sexy characters you’ll be asking her for more from these two before long!

%name Welcome to Haven HarborThis spicy latte read is four peppers hot for full on, no holds barred sensuality and situations. It’s for mature readers 18+.

Author Info:

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor

Bestselling author Barbara Devlin was born a storyteller. A Texan, through and through, Barbara hasn’t been without a book in her possession since she was in kindergarten. She wrote her first short story, a really cheesy murder-mystery, in high school, but it was a Christmas gift, a lovely little diary with a bronze lock, given to her in the fifth grade that truly inspired her love of writing.

After completing part of her undergraduate studies at the University of London, where she developed a love of all things British, Barbara returned home and began a career in banking. But the late 80s weren’t too promising for the financial industry, and every bank that hired Barbara soon folded. So she searched for a stable occupation, and the local police department offered the answer to her prayers.

Initially, Barbara wasn’t too sure about her new career in law enforcement, but she soon came to love being a police officer. And then one uncharacteristically cold and icy day in December 1998, Barbara was struck by a car and pinned against a guardrail while working an accident on a major highway. Permanently disabled, she retired from the police department and devoted her time and energy to physical therapy.

Once Barbara got back on her feet, she focused on a new career in academia. She earned an MA in English and continued a course of study for a Doctorate in Literature and Rhetoric. She happily considered herself an exceedingly eccentric English professor, until success in Indie publishing lured her into writing, full-time, featuring her fictional knighthood, the Brethren of the Coast.

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor
Gypsy At Heart by Ellen Dugan takes us to Fogg funeral home where we meet the beautiful Gypsy Nilah Stefanik. After many years, Nilah has accepted her lack of gifts and still loves her family despite her situation and wonders if she will ever be gifted.

When life doesn’t go according to plan for Nilah she accepts a job at a Funeral Home. For many it might seem odd but Nilah has befriended the gardener. A sweet old man, he insists that she meet his grandson. Will she finally agree?

It will take one random event for Nilah to discover she does have the gifts her family has, it’s just a bit different and it will throw her world into a crazy adventure. I am now hooked on Ellen’s stories and no, I won’t give any spoilers. All I can say is that you need to just read!

Ellen’s ability to draw the reader in and tell a story full of magick, romance and acceptance of one’s self makes her addition to this collection a home-run!

I hope there is more planned for Nilah, I love her story and didn’t want it to end! Well done Ellen and thank you for such a magickal story!

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor
Author Info:

81yjY8 IesL. UX250  Welcome to Haven Harbor

Ellen Dugan, is the award winning author known as the “Garden Witch”. A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over thirty years. She is a Master Gardener, and teaches classes on writing, Witchery, psychic development, and Magick. She is the author of the 17 non fiction books published by Llewellyn Worldwide.
Ellen branched out into paranormal fiction in 2015 with her popular “Legacy Of Magick” series.

When she’s not keeping up with her family, Ellen likes to unwind by working in her perennial gardens at home with her husband. Ellen wholeheartedly encourages folks to personalize their Spell-craft. To go outside and connect with the spiritual side of nature. To get their hands dirty and discover the wonder and magick of natural world that surrounds them.

Visit her author’s website at www.ellendugan.com

Visit her blog called, “Blog of Witchery” at ellendugan.blogspot.com/
You can also find Ellen on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor

Blame the Moonlight by Donna MacMeans takes us on a movie adventure to Haven Harbor. When Chelsea Davenport suggests the production team look into filming in Massachusetts she is confronted with her past.

Chelsea Davenport, a cosmetic queen has been chasing the moon as long as she can remember. Bradon Parker is her former childhood crush and an Investigative Reporter who uncovers more than just tabloid fodder. If Chelsea’s not careful Bradon just might discover the reason she left the east coast all those years ago?

A woman with a curse, clothing drifting in the night and a town of witches will leave Chelsea questioning if she can escape her past once and for all. Will Brandon be able to pursue his career without harming the one thing he desires the most?

Don’t miss this moonlight tale of two lovers and the adventure they begin. This two peppers spicy latte hot %name Welcome to Haven Harbordelight has just enough sizzle to make you tingle and a lot of action! Oh, and yes, it’s for  mature readers 18+.

Author Info:

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor

Award winning author Donna MacMeans made a wrong turn many years ago when she majored in Accounting at Ohio State University. What was she thinking? Balancing books just can’t compete with crafting plots and inventing memorable characters. She finally broke free from her life as a CPA to write witty and seductive Victorian historicals for Berkley Publishing in what can only be described as her dream job.

Her books have won numerous awards including the prestigious Golden Heart from Romance Writers of America, and the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Historical Love & Laughter, as well as recognition in many regional contests. Her books consistently receive high praise and glowing reviews.

Donna is also the recipient of the 2013 RWA Service Award, the 2014 RWA Pro Mentor award and currently serves as RWA Treasurer.

An avid reader, she uses the analytical skills learned as an accountant to analyze novels in an effort to constantly improve her own craft – and then teaches those skills in workshops around the country.

A member of the popular Romance Bandits blog group, she is always approachable. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband of forty+ years. Please contact her at www.DonnaMacMeans.com

%name Welcome to Haven Harbor

Each story brings its own charm, powers and romance. Are you a believer? Read these novellas and discover for yourself how Haven Harbor is just like your hometown, well…sort of.

Can these Haven Harbor residents open up and  confess their secrets without scaring the newly arrived away? Get your copy now and find out for yourself!


Welcome to Haven Harbor: A Haven Harbor Anthology%name Welcome to Haven Harbor $0.99