Hard to Hold by Katie Rose

Hard to Hold by Katie Rose

HTH 197x300 Hard to Hold by Katie RoseWhen a woman shows up on Logan Hart’s door and leaves him with a baby, the announcement is one that leaves him in a state of flux. Shocked and confused, he’s convinced she’s setting him up. With no experience he’s forced to find someone to help him navigate parenthood with a crash course in infants.  When the nanny shows up he’s unwilling to become attached, after all, the baby couldn’t possibly be his.

Isabella Bennett has made it her first priority to take care of children whose parents need extra help or in some cases, a nudge in affection. When she meets Logan she sets the ground rules hard, she’s not the infants parent and she expect him to bond despite the current questioning of paternity.

Logan Hart has known pain, hardship, and loss and when Bella is forced to face her desires and fears, it will threaten to destroy the life she’s built.

Dive into this must read romance where family doesn’t always need to have your DNA.

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This spicy read is best enjoyed with your favorite iced-beverage, a cozy chair, and maybe a fan.
I received a copy from the publisher for a fair and honest review.

Bring on the Heat (The Boys of Summer) by Katie Rose

This all-American story delivers heat with a lot of sizzle! Working for crazy Socialite Lydia Logan has its perks. When Lydia decides to head out of town once again to party she fears her grandfather will cut her off if he finds out she’s not out there trying to work hard and help contribute to the family fortune.  Once again she shirking her responsibilities to her community to schmooze and contribute to another wonderful charity – a black tie cocktail event with a fashion show. She offers her house sitter Darcy Hamilton the chance to attend the charity event with her invite since the Sonics Baseball team will be there. This charity event is a dream come true for Darcy, she’s been a fan of the Sonics since she was a little girl. It’s when she meets Chase Westbrook, pitcher for her beloved Sonics that her troubles begin.

What started out as a simple invite to attend a gala with Lydia’s blessing turns into an unintentional web of deceit and lies.  After all when Darcy left to go to Dubai to visit a prince she told Darcy she could take her appointment at the hairdresser and borrow an outfit for a fundraiser. This story is enchanting and like any good Cinderella story starts out with our beloved heroine needing a dress, complete makeover including shoes in order to attend the royal ball.  The Sonics of New Jersey are Major League Baseball royalty to Darcy. It’s at this Gala where Darcy meets the man of her dreams or in this case the sports icon she worships. Finally noticed by every man who walks by her because of the make-up, hair extensions and designer clothes, Darcy is enjoying the sudden attention.  Sounds great to me! What’s even better is that Darcy, unlike Lydia is book smart and truly devoted to Baseball. Those differences have some people wondering just who Lydia Logan really is.  Is she a closet intellectual genius or what the paparazzi report; a man-eater and party girl?

When the fundraiser ends and Darcy wakes up barely dressed in Chase’s apartment the morning after in a foggy, hung-over state, she panics and bolts.  Unfortunately she forgets something at Chase’s apartment and thus begins the charade of Darcy being Lydia Logan. Now the race is on to get them back so she can end the charade of Darcy being Logan and stop the game of unintentional lies.  It’s nice to see Darcy have remorse and want to tell Chase the truth as I the reader keep  screaming “stop interrupting her and listen to her.”  However, Chase can’t hear her and clearly doesn’t want to hear what he sees as inconsistencies. First and most obvious her interest and knowledge of Baseball and the compassion she has when a tragedy strikes his family. If only he knew how Darcy really felt he’d realize that his sixth sense was correct. They both need to come to terms with who they really are and what it is they are looking for.

This book is an enjoyable and easy read. It combines my love of baseball and a hot summer romance. It’s nice to see two characters realize how much they need each other. To Darcy’s credit she does try to confess her secret on each date to Chase but he never lets her get the words out.  The truth seems to be more difficult to admit as she grows more accustomed to Lydia’s lifestyle than her own.  This story from the first pitch to the last is fantastic.  Head out to the ballpark for a SONICs game to watch a hot pitcher play a great game of baseball.

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