Plum Planner – Review

Plum Planner – Review

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All opinions are the author’s own.
It’s time to start planning 2018 and I was thrilled to review a planner from Plum Paper. I received this customized planner for a fair and honest review.

During the past year I’ve posted on social media asking what planner style you use. I thought it would be great to review a few so stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more posts about staying organized.

Today’s post is for all the readers, authors, bloggers, and anyone else who just wants to stay organized. I have been searching for something that would work for my busy lifestyle with sections for personal stuff, family schedules, and the blog. It had to be a system that could keep me on task for a great year. This seems promising and I can’t wait to start using it January 1st!

Too many times I’ve purchased an organizer and had to make modifications to suit my needs after spending a lot of money. I’m also skeptical to order from sites fearing they are just like all the other planners that didn’t work. I’m optimistic that this year I’ve found the perfect planner. Let’s get to it -here are my thoughts:

On-line ordering Process: The Plum Paper website is user friendly and easy to navigate with tabs or clicks. The preview buttons allow you to see your work as you go, and you can easily switch from sections while designing.

Shipment: This is critical as you will want this before the year begins. If you order the planner today on the website, you can expect it to arrive between December 26-28. There is plenty of time to start planning! I was told to expect my planner in 3-8 business days and it arrived in 5 business days. They are careful with packing as it was sent in a sturdy box with bubble wrap, and the planner was in a cellophane bag. Perfectly shipped!

Sizes: There are two sizes to choose from (7 X 9″ and 8 1/2 X 11″), I selected a 7 X 9″ spiral bound planner. It’s the perfect size to toss into my tote bag or have handy on the desk.  I’m impressed with the sturdiness of the coil and color. The standard color is silver, there are no color choices if that is of concern to you.




Format: There are 7 different layout designs you can select for your daily or weekly schedule. I decided on the ME Planner and customized five of the 7 sections within (see picture) and left two blank. There are seven sections that can be customized or left blank to change each week. This is a great feature and it’s now ready to use for exactly what I need. This eliminates stickers and extra handwritten boxes.

Please note the planner week starts on a Monday and you can select a colorful or neutral option for your page design.

Start Date: You can start your planner at any month and standard fill is 12 months. Each additional month added is an extra $2, and you can have up to a total of 18 months in your planner.

Cover: There are eleven sections to select the cover of your dreams. Within these sections you have more features to add text, shape boxes, and design your perfect cover. There is a “tear proof & water resistant cover with a clear plastic protective sheet” that’s sturdy and won’t pop off like some brands.

Binding: There is an option to punch and bind, or without. No extra fee for either option.

Paper: The website states the paper it uses is 70 pound weight. There is a slight shine to the paper, but feels great and sturdy. It works well with gel pens and ballpoint ones but be sure to test your favorite pens in a hidden section at the back of the planner to ensure they don’t bleed through.

Pocket: There is a double-sided angled pocket in the back of the planner to keep important papers. Nice and sturdy!

Add Ons: The Home and Business Ad Ons give you a whopping 21 sections to further customize and personalize your dream planner. Each Add option can be selected for up to three per section. I chose to add one Blog and one Social Media Section. This will keep it separate from my daily calendar and with the tabs I’ll be able to locate what I need fast with the tabbed section, one place for stats and tracking.

Price ranges from $4.50 – $12.50 depending on the amount of sections you need/want.

Notes & Lists : You can add additional pages to these sections as well in 10 page increments and the price range is $1.25 – $7.00

Dispersed Pages: You can also add extra pages within each month up to 4 per category and the price varies from $2 – $5.75 per month.  While it’s a great feature I chose to use what the binder has and see how it goes.

Stickers: They have plenty of styles, colors and designs to choose from that ranges from $3 – $12.

Final Pricing: For a basic planner you can purchase one for $32.00 and can add options to fit your budget. My planner as designed would run approximately $50 and that’s inclusive of shipping and handling. This price is on par with many of the highly advertised planners and has more add on options giving you a better bang for your buck.

Discount: There is an e-mail link for a %10 coupon code that I can send you via their website. Should you purchase anything from the website the blog will receive rewards dollars to share amazing products with readers.

** Please note that we do not give your e-mail address to any website or add you to any e-mail list. The e-mail address will only be used to send you the discount link via Plum Paper’s website.**

Please send me a message to with Plum Paper Coupon Code in the message. I will send you the link to start planning 🙂

I hope that this product review was helpful and you find the right planner to make 2018 and amazing year! Have you used a Plum Paper Planer? What are your thoughts?

Happy Planning!