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Rae: Thanks so much for hanging out with me today. First, if we were meeting at a coffee shop I’d be drinking an iced Coffee with coconut milk. What would you order?

Scott: I would order a large spice chai tea.

Rae: I am always fascinated with how a cover model got their start. How did you landed on your first book cover? Was it for a stock photo or did an author request you?

Scott: It was a request, by Cindy Holby, who had met me at RT-LA in 2011 after Cindy Walker recruited me into the ranks of the cover models.On the Dotted Line Kim Carmichael 188x300 Coffee With Cover Model Scott Nova

Rae: Have you ever had a request that was out of your comfort zone during a photo shoot? If so, how did you navigate through that?

Scott: Yeah I was requested once to cup a woman’s bare breasts, and I was married and so that was off the table. It was easy to navigate around, as the photographers that I work with are top-notch and very professional, so it was an easy thing to work through. I like boob’s as much as any man (maybe more than usual) but I only enjoy Lesleys lol.

Rae: I recently read that you are available to model with your wife for cover photos, is that more or less stressful than with a model you don’t know?

Scott: You read correct, and it’s very fun and easy to do. Authors are always saying that couples on covers have to have chemistry, and even though it’s a still photo on a book, chemistry comes through, and we have so much chemistry that it’s easy to get as sexy, or contemporary as needed.

Rae: The RT Convention 2017 agenda lists you as appearing in Hotlanta and hosting the Cover Model Meet & Greet. For new attendees, can you explain what happens during those sessions?

Scott: I’m not exactly sure WHAT is gonna happen at the Hotlanta event, could get pretty nuts. The event organizors want me to bring my turn-out gear from my firehouse, but that stuff is very heavy and hard to travel with. So, not sure whatsup yet. As for the Cover Model Meet & Greet, it’s all about just coming to the event and meeting your favorite model. Period. Very simply put, we are eliminating the mess of festivities that sometimes accompanies the models at events, and making it about MEETING the models. You can chat, get photos and autographs and just have fun.

Rae: How often do you attend conferences during the year to connect with readers and fans?

Scott: I tend to go to, now-a-days, about 3-4 events. I just can’t afford to travel like some of these young kids can or folks with regular service jobs. I own my own IT consulting company, and it requires a lot of my time and expertise. I require my guys to be on point, so I have to be as well. So I don’t abuse the power of being the owner, not yet at least LOL /grin.

Rae: Any meet and greet fan moment stand out? Are the fans the same or is a new scene every time?

Scott: YES, the fan scene is different, but it’s also the same for me when I go to the large events like RT or Emerald City Writers Convention. A singular fan moment stand out…hmmm. I’d have to say, no not really. I enjoy all the folks ive gotten to meet through the years, and also who all I’ve gotten to work with. I’ve taken thousands and thousands of photos with fans, and each one I take time for. I also try desperately to remember everyone, but it’s very difficult sometimes. But we guys and gals try.

Rae: When you are not shooting covers, how do you spend you time?

Scott: Well, I truly enjoy my family time, more and more as Jacob gets older. Lesley and I just celebrated our 3yr wedding anniversary, but it seems like forever lol. I also own a IT consulting company, Linear IT Solutions, and with us growing like crazy, it keeps me hoping. I also like to compete as a powerlifter and I still take pride in my physique, so I bodybuild on a regular basis still. Heck, shooting is like middle of the list anymore.

Rae: What is your idea of escape for a bit of relaxation when you want to disappear with the family?

Scott: My wife’s family has a vacation home in North Carolina, and it’s in the mountains near Banner Elk, and so we go there 2-3x a year, and its great. I absolutely feel content there, and alive all at the same time. There’s plenty to still do, but you can immediately hide away in the mountains and be able to breath.

Rae: Time for a little fun. A few authors have sent me questions to ask you….in no particular order 😉

Rae: Robin Covington wants to know “What’s your favorite form of exercise?”
Scott: Favorite exercise….I do a hybrid form of powerlifting, and bodybuilding, it allows me to keep a pleasing physique that allows my narrow waist, and broad shoulders to still make ’em look twice, but also BE STRONG which is paramount to me. I know there are a LOT of guys that want to look strong and don’t care if they can move any weight functionally or not (some are other cover models) but that’s not my cup o tea. I like to “look” like I can move something heavy, and be able to actually do it.

Rae: MK Meredith wants to know “What do you think is the greatest challenge facing male cover models today and how do you think the best models overcome or deal with these challenges? What would be your dream photo shoot?”

Scott: Great question MK, lots of points on that one. This could get to be a long issue in discussion, but I’ll just touch the surface. Male cover models get a stigma of being meat heads. ‘laughing’ now some are, but most are very smart, hard working, and very successful in a lot of ventures. But the greatest challenge I think is that we are under the eye all the time. Now that social media is 100% over top of the book world, anything even possibly taken out of context can potentially ruin a career. Some guys and gals, have needed that. They turn on the gorgeous smile, and want to be all about the fans, but at the end of the day, they aren’t nice people. And eventually, that comes out. I try to keep this as business as possible. I don’t invite authors to my room at events, not only because I’m married to a completely gorgeous and wonderful woman, but out of respect for the author as well. Hate and jealous has many eyes, let me tell you. It’s also what has allowed me to NOT be a shooting star in this industry, but still be around 7yrs later. My dream photo shoot…man, it’d have to be on the rim of a volcano with a world class photographer. To have that immense power, and destruction, but also beauty, right behind me would be amazing to pose with/in.

Rae: Stefanie London wants to know “What’s their favourite type of ‘role’ to play for a cover shoot?’ I.e romantic or sexy or suspense etc.”

Scott: Of course sexy/erotic is fun because it’s easy, just look like your so damn horny you can damn near go nuts, and you nailed it. I like suspense/horror but mainly because I haven’t gotten to do a lot of it. So it’s interesting, and I also love that genre of movies and such, so I would say suspense.

Rae: Kimberly Kincaid wants to know “Do you read the books that you’re on the cover of and what doe thinks of being associated with that hero?

Scott: I haven’t read one book from front to back, not yet. I’ve always just been so busy that it’s difficult. However, Lesley has read a few that I’m on and it’s been funny to have her giggle and say “oh, yeah, you DO do that!” 0.o

Rae: Avery Flynn wants to know “You have a solid reputation as one of the nicest guys in the business. Why do you think it’s important to not just look amazing (speaking truth here) but act it as well?”

Scott: Awww again, thank you Avery (and Rae) for the compliments…it helps an old man to keep pushing in the gym 😉

I didn’t set out to specifically have a “nice” guy reputation, it’s just who I am. I wanted to change careers, become a full-time paid firefighter and EMT and help people the rest of my life. Use my God given athletic abilities and will to NEVER GIVE UP to help folks. Alas, that isn’t in the cards for me, I’m not going to be full-time, not now that I’ve decided to take on this IT business, and make THAT my end goal.

But it’s ok, I don’t have many regrets, and that certainly isn’t one now. I look at this way, instead of me giving up something to be a business owner, it’s what I was supposed to do and help make a fun, and intriguing workplace for my guys to be proud of and want to be apart of. We’re going to use Linear IT’s resources to volunteer at the local charities and non-profits to help them with their IT needs.

And it means so much to me, that I have that reputation. I DO wish it equated to more covers and promo work, but I guess you do have a limited shelf-life in this industry, maybe I’m just nearing the end of mine.

Rae: Speaking of photographs do you have a website of the photographs that you take? If you could have a photo session where or whom would it include?

Scott: My website is NOT a very good one, but again it’s time to get it redone. But, its and a photo session would also be amazing in someplace like Scotland, in front of the castles and landscapes would be amazing.

Rae: It was so much fun having you here today!

Scott: Thank you Rae, and the Coffee shop for such great spice chai tea.

***** 12 Tantalizing Tidbits ******

1. What is a must read book and why? I honestly don’t have an answer for this, I couldn’t tell you the last time I read something that wasn’t pertaining to my training, or with my business.

2. What is one place that I should see if I visit your hometown? Well, if you come to Columbus, certainly must visit Old Man’s Cave, it’s a great little system of hiking, and waterfalls, and caves that are a real pleasure to have fun with for a while.

3. Hard Rock or Classical? Favorite Band or Artist? hm…kind of a mix…I like A LOT of different music and my two favorite bands are Def Leppard and CCR. Artist, Springsteen the boss.

4. What are you afraid of? Spiders

5. Tats or No Tats? If tats, how many and what did you choose for your first one? Tats for sure, I’d have WAY more but my wife my kill me. My first ever tattoo was a clown from the band, ICP (Insane Clown Posse) and even though I out grew their clowns on my body (its been covered up, btw) I still love their message.

6. Organized or Free Floating? Organized.

7. What’s on your playlist? I’m listening to Joe Cockers’ “You Can Leave Your Hat On”

8. What play or musical do you want to see next? Chicago

9. Best tip for relaxing? A snuggling wife that likes to hide her cold feet under your leg. It’s nice to be wanted LOL.

10. What’s your favorite TV show and why? NCIS – I want to be like Gibbs when I grow up.

11. What’s your favorite movie of all time and why? WHOA….ROUGH question here.

12. Would you rather see a movie in the theatre or at home on DVD and why? I definitely prefer the theater, as it’s a much larger canvas and the spectacle type movies really belong there.

Rae: Thanks again for hanging out! Time for another Iced-Coffee 🙂

Happy Reading Scott