Coffee with Author Meg Napier

Coffee with Author Meg Napier

IMG 3897 225x300 Coffee with Author Meg NapierRae: Welcome to the blog. I’ve got a spiced Latte with Almond Milk and a drizzle of chocolate in my mug. What’s in your cuppa? That sounds delicious!! I’ll have the same, please :).

Rae: Congratulations on your recent release of Second Drop  in the Anthology Love Gone Viral. I love that all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to World Central Kitchen and Feeding America. Romance fiction is so powerful and the community is so giving. I can’t wait to hear how much you all raise.

Meg: We, too, are keeping all fingers and toes crossed that we bring in tons of money. The need in our country right now is shamefully great, and if we can help and bring readers some joy at the same time, it’s a win all-around


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1. What is your must read book and why? Thanks so much for having us, Rae! But why, oh why, do you have to start with the hardest question first? I read constantly, and my list of most favorite authors is huge. But if I absolutely had to choose, I’d still cheat and give you two: Mary Balogh’s Beyond the Sunrise and Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto.

2. If I visit your hometown, where am I going and what’s the best place to grab a bite? I grew up outside New York City. There’s good food on just about every corner of the city that never sleeps!

3. What is one thing readers would be surprised to know about you? I’ve spent almost my entire life thinking of myself as a writer but am only now getting completed works out in the world for people to read.

4. What is your guilty pleasure? Sweets!

5. What are you afraid of? Dying with my house still so messy and cluttered that my children never forgive me!

6. Tats or No Tats? If tats, how many and what did you choose for your first one? No tats – I’m a boring old lady!

7. Binge watcher or weekly viewer? Which show(s)? (hanging my head guiltily) I don’t watch much tv – there are too many good books to read and listen to!

8. If you could pick a book you’ve read and make it into a movie, which book would it be (besides yours 🙂 )? (once again hanging head guiltily) I don’t like to watch movies made from books. My kids got so mad at me when I stopped watching the Harry Potter movies.

9. What is the one thing you can’t live without? Tea

10. What’s the one career gives you the shudders? Road Construction. I see those poor people out in all kinds of weather and feel so guilty.

11. If I opened up your handbag/bag/briefcase, what item would I be shocked to see? I broke my wrist a while back and switched to an itsy-bitsy purse, so not much, I’m afraid!

12. What app on your phone/ipad gets the most use? Audible!

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Meg Napier’s friends during her high school years all expected her romance novels to hit the shelves decades ago, but she foolishly allowed “serious pursuits” to get in her way. Now that her beloved children can feed, clothe, and most importantly, support themselves, she’s free to turn her attention to her first passion – putting words to paper that capture your attention and make your heart sing in quiet joy. Her stories tell most frequently of second chances–in life, love, and sometimes even at rediscovering a soul-mate from a previous life. Writing is as fundamental as breathing, but when little roadblocks appear, it is the support of her wonderful husband and family that gives her the motivation to carry on. Email her at or find her at:







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