The Extra Shot – Tides of Time by Luna Joya

The Extra Shot – Tides of Time by Luna Joya


Welcome to The Extra Shot where you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Tides of Time by Luna Joya.

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If only the dimmed lighting and dark glasses could excuse her gawking at the man behind the front podium. All muscles and tanned skin, he looked up from his notes, and his gaze locked on her face.

The exhaustion of back-to-back shifts must have caught up to her. Or the cost of her magic decided to crash into her as it did for Delia, who’d black out from using too much.

Cami bit back a groan. She’d drawn so hard on her psychic ability to connect with animals last night and then her elemental magic this morning, she should’ve expected her powers would demand replenishment. Her magic craved fulfillment from a hot guy. This hot guy. She’d probably leaked the desire all over him. She swallowed, shoving down the need as best she could with the powers calling for collection of a debt owed.

With one hand bracing her sister, Cami tugged her sunglasses into her tangle of curls and blew out a breath. Feeding Mina was top priority. No more sexy daydreams about a handsome guy.

The fleeting second she’d given in to the fluttering in her belly had been the best part of her week. Time to return to the reality of her witchy family.

“Why do you know so much about bad boys and scandals?” She wrinkled her nose in an adorable grin. “It’s kind of hot.”

“Yeah?” He checked to see if she was teasing, but watching her lips move, all he could do was imagine what they’d feel like on his.

He hesitated. What was it about her that made him doubt himself? Most women moved along when they saw he was already married to the restaurant. But Cami was different. She had her own ambition.

He brushed his knuckles over her soft cheek before skimming them along her jaw. She shivered, and he grinned. He wondered if she tasted as sweet as she smelled, but he didn’t want to scare her off.

All he’d thought about this week were her golden eyes, her scent, and the pull she had on him. He’d never experienced a connection on this base level to anyone or anything other than the ocean. It was crazy how she made him think of the call of waves and swells.

She stretched her fingers to brush the nape of his neck. Sam stilled with every single nerve focused on that delicate touch. He almost lost control when she grinned a mischievous, sly smile and a dimple flashed. His breath caught as she pressed her lips to his and quickly deepened the kiss.

He’d been wrong about her. She might be reserved and serene on the surface, but her passion was wild and bewitching. She was anything but the calm cool waters he’d expected. She was a riptide. Sam’s last coherent thought was how he’d be happy to drown in her before need took over.


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Award-winning author Luna Joya writes hex and sex in The Legacy Series, a witch family saga of romances about kickass heroines and the men who love them.

Fluent in sarcasm and penal code, Luna prosecutes sex crimes and homicides by day and writes paranormal romance at night. She loves history, especially Los Angeles and Hollywood lore. A survivor of traumatic brain injury with steel body parts, she lives in SoCal with her combat veteran husband and their two-pound terror of a rescue pup.

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The Extra Shot – Tides of Time by Luna Joya

The Extra Shot – Unmasked by USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Ferrell


Welcome to The Extra Shot where you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Unmasked by Suzanne Ferrell.

**UNMASKED is a re-issue novella previously part of the anthology CAPITOL DANGER. Minor changes to places and secondary characters have been changed, but the story of Luke and Abby is the same as in the anthology.**

Check out the stunning cover readers. Gorgeous.

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Chapter One

Lights glittered all around the main ballroom of the newly constructed Monitor Hotel for its first inaugural ball.

Snow-white linens covered the tables. Waiters, some of them security personnel working undercover for the night, dressed in black, carried trays of champagne in more crystal flutes among the national and foreign dignitaries, as well as both campaign supporters and workers who flocked the ball. Named for the Union’s Ironclad war ship from the Civil War, the hotel had an overall nautical theme, with all the main rooms, such as the Constitution Ballroom the ball was being held in, named after early American Naval sailing vessels. Tonight, however, in keeping with the winter theme, huge evergreens covered in twinkling white lights and blown-glass snowflakes lined the walls between the floor-to-ceiling mirrors and the crystal columns. Suspended overhead were more glass snowflakes, as well as the crystal chandeliers. The whole thing was—sparkly.

“Christ. Whose idea was it to hang all this glass?” Luke Edgars whispered as he took Abigail Whitson’s arm to escort her into the throng.

As always, a heated rush skittered over her body as he moved in beside her. They’d been together as a couple since he’d helped rescue her best friend and shut down the sex-slave ring holding her. Even so, her body still reacted like a hormonal teenager just with his presence.

“Not the security detail, you can bet your sweet ass on that.” The deep rumble of U.S. Deputy Marshal, Frank

Castello, sounded in the earbud secured in Abigail’s left ear.

She glanced up to see the older man across the room near one of the ice sculptures that sat on the dessert tables. Even dressed in a custom-tailored tuxedo, he still wore his usual scowl which, given the women eyeing him, only enhanced his lone-wolf appeal.

“You be careful out there. We have no idea when or where the deal is supposed to go down.” Another voice, belonging to Luke’s brother-in-law, FBI Special Agent Jake Carlisle, sounded in Abigail’s ear.

“Hell, we don’t even know who sent us the tip-off in the first place,” Castello mumbled.

“We know from the files we hacked the contact is on the up and up,” Luke muttered back, scanning the room.

She fought hard to hide a smile. For as self-assured as Luke was in the field, put him with members of his family—even the adopted member, Castello—and he was suddenly the little brother who bristled if any of the others questioned his skills or knowledge. Of course, he was the first one they called on when they needed some file or computer hacked off book.

“Until we’re sure who all the players are, let’s take this easy,” Jake said. “We don’t need anyone getting an itchy trigger finger with all these people and all this glass.”

Thanks to an anonymous tip, Luke and Abigail, both Treasury agents now under Homeland Security, discovered a money trail linking several of the attendees of tonight’s ball to a jet-setting playboy womanizer, who also happened to be an illegal arms merchant. Luke’s brother-in-law, FBI Special Agent Jake Carlisle brought in all their troops to try and trap the merchant before a cargo of Strategic Air Missiles or SAMS could be sold. Complicating the whole mess, the suspected merchant was also a major contributor to several well-placed Congressmen, Senators and political lobbyists.

The decision was made to bring her and Luke in undercover. For the past four months, she’d been attending many high-profile fundraiser events as Abigail Strickland, the ward of Senator Strickland, a new sitting member of the Committee on Homeland Security and whose permission to use him as a cover story had been given freely. To make her more high-profile in the media, she’d also been doing some modeling work—a perfect fit for her nearly six-foot-tall frame. Luke was always on her arm as her bodyguard, even at photo shoots. Her profile as a jet-setter with high contacts to an influential senator was meant to attract their arms dealer’s attention tonight.

Which is why Abigail was dressed in a black, floor-length, silk evening gown, complete with a slit up the right leg. They’d tried strapping a small handgun to her left leg in hopes she wouldn’t be defenseless at the ball. Since she’d never had to wear one before, she’d spent the past two weeks with one strapped to her thigh. She’d literally been walking around town armed, or was it legged?

A small giggle escaped her.

Luke turned one of his dazzling playboy smiles on her. “You find this funny, sweetheart?”

“No.” She smiled at him, finally almost equal to his height thanks to her heels. “I was just thinking how hard a time I’ve had learning to walk with that gun strapped between my legs. I’m glad this dress was so thin it nixed the idea of me wearing it tonight. I’d probably shoot myself when we dance.”

He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her flush against his long, lean, tuxedoed body. The masculine scent of him and the slight spice of his aftershave filled her senses. “Trust me, when we’re dancing this close, a gun going off is the least of our worries.”

Groans from other members of the team filled Abigail’s ears.

“TMI, Romeo,” said one of the FBI agents carrying a tray of canapés past them.

“Boy’s got it bad,” quipped another.

“Focus on the mission, Luke,” Castello mumbled.

Abigail couldn’t help either the laughter that bubbled out again or the flush that filled her face.

“Y’all are just jealous you don’t have this gorgeous woman on your arm,” he said before capturing her lips with his.

“Luke,” Jake commanded through the mics. “Don’t draw attention to yourselves until the mark gets in the room. Low profile, remember?”

Luke slowly lifted his lips from Abigail’s, grabbed her hand and pulled her into the shadows near one of the pillars, flanked by more crystal-covered trees.

“Have you had time to catalogue the room?” he asked her.

She knew what he meant. One of the reasons she was in on this op was her photographic memory. Since they were virtually working blind on who their arms dealer might be meeting tonight, part of her job was to study everyone in the room in her own unique way. Her brain worked like a high-resolution camera. It took snapshots of whatever she saw, logging them into her memory for retrieval whenever she concentrated on an event or a person. Part of her assignment was to get as many images logged in what she liked to think of as her “filing cabinet” so they could compare the images with anyone interested in buying illegal arms, like known terrorists or anyone with a felony background, after the ball.

“Give me a few more minutes. The wait staff keeps streaming in and out. Kind of hard to get a read on if I’ve seen them all.”

“Try thinking of the room as a clock.” Luke held her close, one hand warm against her bare back where the dress dipped dangerously low. He nodded to the left. “Nine o’clock is there. Work slowly. Clockwise until you’ve covered the room. We’re not expecting you to capture everyone. Just relax and do what you do.”

Taking a deep breath, she followed his suggestion. Slowly, she worked the room as if she were looking for someone special. She didn’t try to focus on anyone in particular, just let her eyes and mind take the mental photos of anyone in the room—partygoers and wait staff alike. Her mind also captured the room’s layout and significant landmarks like the stage, bars and catering tables. She’d seen the blueprints of the room and table plans before the op, so the room felt familiar to her, as if she’d already been here before. Though a pencil sketch couldn’t compare to her mental 3-D images.

As she scanned the room, the occasional dignitary she’d previously studied before tonight stood out. The gala was the grand opening of the hotel centered around the U.S. Navy’s history. It wasn’t surprising to see so many high-ranking members of the military in one place, such as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and his spouse at the one o’clock portion of the ballroom. General Michael Walton and Dr. Alberta Reyes had entered and were currently speaking to Secretary of the Navy, Dr. Arnold Tenor, and Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard Academy, Vice Admiral Pauline Nieman. Abby focused on another section of the room at three o’clock. Even her and Luke’s ultimate boss, Secretary of the Treasury, Ms. Martha Trammel, talking with the Minority Whip, former General Robert Powers and Norman Winkoski, the CEO of one of the biggest arms manufacturers in the country.

The place was packed and quite frankly, in Abby’s opinion, any one of the people present could be the supplier of weapons to their target.

Just as Abigail finished her sweep of the room a click sounded in her ear.

“Heads up. Our man’s car just arrived,” Jake said.

A shiver ran through Abigail. She sucked in a breath, then slowly let it out.

Luke pulled her in tight once more, leaning in to whisper in her free ear. “You can do this, sweetheart.”

“First, I have to get him to notice me,” she said, her natural insecurity sneaking forward once more.

Luke leaned back and slowly slid his gaze over her, warming her from head to toe with wolfish male appreciation. “Even if he weren’t looking to get his hooks into the ward of Senator Strickland, trust me, you’ll have his attention. Hell, probably every man in the room is drooling over you.”

Despite his belief in her abilities to not only dazzle their mark but follow through in her mission, she knew that beneath all this glitzy makeup, chic hairdo and uber-sexy dress was the same desk accountant she’d been before the day Luke found her standing in a bloody crime scene. Now she was here, in her first undercover assignment, and those self-doubts bubbled up from deep inside.

“Look at me, Abby,” Luke said, all teasing gone from his voice, his hazel-colored eyes focused on her with steely strength and confidence. “All you have to do is dance one dance with him, slip the mic in place and come back to my side. Nothing else is going to happen.”




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USA Today Bestselling author Suzanne discovered romance novels in her aunt’s hidden stash one summer as a teenager. From that moment on she knew two things: she loved romance stories and someday she’d be writing her own. Her love for romances has only grown over the years. It took her a number of years and a secondary career as a nurse to finally start writing her own stories.

Currently there are two main series she’s actively writing in: The Westen Series, a contemporary small town series based in a fictional Ohio town where “things aren’t always what they seem”, and features Close To HomeClose To The Edge and Close To The Fire. The second series is the Romantic Suspense books KIDNAPPEDHUNTEDSEIZED and VANISHED, featuring the Edgars family as they fight for justice, even if it means stepping slightly outside the rulebook.

KIDNAPPED and HUNTED were both Golden Heart finalist, and SEIZED, book #3 in the Edgars Family Novels, was a finalist in the novella category of the OKRWA’s National Reader’s Choice Awards contest.

Suzanne’s sexy stories, whether they be her on the edge of your seat romantic suspense or the small town romantic suspense stories they’ll keep you thinking about her characters long after their Happy Ever After is achieved.

You can Find Suz at:





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The Extra Shot – Tides of Time by Luna Joya

The Extra Shot – The Baristas Beloved by Rebecca Norinne and Jamaila Brinkley


Welcome to The Extra Shot where you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from The Barista’s Beloved by Rebecca Norinne and Jamaila Brinkley. 

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Ben was skating on thin ice with his manager. With a local wine festival taking place that weekend, The Hollow Bean was busier than usual and he was struggling to keep up. He’d been warned once already that the next time he f#%ked up an order, it was coming out of his pay.
Unfortunately, all these tourists kept ordering drinks that sounded more like dessert than coffee. What the hell was a warm and toasty graham cracker latte anyhow? According to Corey, the harried barista toiling away next to him, it was an abomination. And now he had to make three of them for a group of blonde twenty-somethings dressed identically in skinny jeans, tight white t-shirts, and puffy black vests who were waiting impatiently for their orders.
“Hey.” A tall guy with a loud, booming voice stepped up to the counter and waved his cup in front of Ben’s face. “This isn’t what I ordered.”
Under the watchful eye of his manager, Ben took the to-go cup from the man’s hands and checked the cardboard sleeve to find out what it was supposed to have been. It turned out the problem wasn’t with the drink itself; rather, that the guy had grabbed the wrong order.
“Unless your name is Nancy, I’d think not,” Ben replied, taking note of what it was so he could make another one for the actual Nancy before she complained too.
“What did you say to me?”
Ben gritted his teeth. He’d only worked at The Hollow Bean for a couple of months, but during that time he’d seen the worst of humanity. So many people treated service staff like complete garbage. He just hoped he hadn’t been one of them back in the day. “Just let me get these coffees to them—” he lifted his chin to indicate the three blondes “—and I’ll remake yours.”
The guy harrumphed, but didn’t add anything else. Probably because his gaze was glued to the girls, his eyes raking over the tallest one with undisguised greed. It was a look Ben recognized well—it was the one he wore whenever he was in the same room as Maeve and he thought she wasn’t looking.
Having successfully handed over three graham cracker whatevers, he set about remaking the guy’s drink, trying not to eavesdrop on the phone conversation he was having.
“I should be able to wrap this up in a week or two,” he was saying. “The company that currently occupies the building is a nonprofit so they won’t be able to fight Hartwell for long. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, that’s right. Kids Matter, Teach Younger, Mentor Forever … something like that. I know it definitely has to do with kids. Exactly. We should expect some push back from the community because of that, but I figure once Hartwell ponies up a few grand for a new playground or something, that should shut the yokels up. You know how small towns are.”
Ben abandoned the milk he’d been foaming and Corey slammed down the bottle of hazelnut syrup he’d just picked up. Ben looked around, noting that the entire coffee shop had come to a silent standstill—something Coffee Douche was completely oblivious to.
“Look, that’s not my problem. My job is to get in, get the papers signed, and get the fuck out. Why should I care about some kids I’ll never meet? You know how these bleeding heart liberals are. They want to help everyone, and meanwhile, they’re not actually helping anyone. The condos will do a lot more for this ridiculous town than some old abandoned school, you know?”
With a fury he’d never felt before, Ben untied his apron strings and pulled the fabric over his head, dropping it into the bin of used linens. He had no idea what had come over him, but hearing this guy talk about this mentoring organization so dismissively made him want to do something proactive to stop it.
He felt a hand on his elbow, slowing him down. “What are you doing?” Corey hissed. “You can’t knock the f#%ker out. You’ll definitely get fired then.”
Ben lifted the wooden counter that separated employees from customers and stepped through. Dropping it back down, he turned to Corey. “Oh, I’m going to fight him, all right. Just not how you expect.”
They thought this takeover was going to be a walk in the park? Well, the joke was on this Hartwell character because he was going to have to go through him first. River Hill was just a town full of yokels, huh? They didn’t think the nonprofit would be able to put up a fight because they couldn’t afford a fancy lawyer? He might not work for a high profile firm anymore, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t go toe to toe with the best of ‘em. Hell, a few short months ago he had been the best. It was time to brush off the rust and prove he still had what it took to win cases. This asshole and the developers he worked for were going down.


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Rebecca Norinne:

USA TODAY bestselling author Rebecca Norinne writes steamy contemporary romance featuring strong, determined heroines and sexy, dominant heroes with guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

When not writing, Rebecca can be found watching rugby, drinking craft beer, or traveling the globe in search of inspiration for her next story. Originally from California, Rebecca currently resides in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband.

To receive news about Rebecca’s books, sign up for her newsletter, or keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also visit her website or drop her an e-mail anytime.











Jamaila Brinkley:

Jamaila Brinkley writes historical romance with a hint of magic. Her Wizards of London series features thieves, duchesses, witches, and more indulging in mayhem and romance in Regency England. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and was a finalist in the Romance Through the Ages contest in 2015.

Jamaila came to romance as an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, and found that her favorite historical romances seemed ripe for an injection of magic. Her favorite historical period is currently the Victorian era, and she’s never happier than when immersed in a multi-book family series.

Jamaila lives outside Baltimore, Maryland in a house that is perpetually under renovation with her husband and twin toddlers. You can find her blogging about romance, writing, parenting, cooking, and more on her website at, and posting pictures of her lunch on Twitter as @jamaila.


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The Extra Shot – Tides of Time by Luna Joya

The Extra Shot – Outlaw Wolves by Heather Long



Welcome to The Extra Shot where you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE scene from Outlaw Wolves by Heather Long. Lucky for you dear readers this book released today. Happy book birthday Heather Long.

One-click your copy now and get ready for a new book adventure. 




Gray light crept around the corners of the blind. Colorlessness illuminated the day. Luciana didn’t want to open her eyes. For these tremulous moments, she could imagine all was well. She could linger in the hazy dream of a world where she and her mate were still close, where the zing of adventure filled their blood, where salvaging a pack from the disparate and abandoned of the North American packs gave her purpose. If she could simply lie there a few seconds longer before the cold, awful reality intruded… yet those seconds were all too fleeting.

Eyes open, she sat up. Her body ached from the hard mattress, and her mouth was dry. The house around her was absolutely silent, not even the distant clatter of dishes or vacuuming to suggest Misty had returned to handle the housekeeping. The other wolf only came a few times a week, and today, blissfully, did not seem to be that day.

After shoving away the blanket, she stood and stretched her hands to the ceiling. The vertebrae along her spine cracked, and popped. The decades since she’d been born had been kind to her, far kinder than the last two years.

Had the world been simpler then? The quiet parties, the quilting her mother hosted, and the long political discussions all seemed a half-formed memory, like something she’d read from a book. The war came, and it destroyed so much of their holdings when the fascists rose to power. Other wolves tried to invade…and their papa murdered while covering their retreat. Those dark days were like the shadows a nightmare, half-forgotten in the light of day and yet still capable of making her heart race and her skin clammy.

Without the handful of photographs her mother had saved, she wouldn’t even know what her father looked like. Raking her fingers through her hair, she padded across the barren room toward the bathroom in the hall. Only the master bedroom had an ensuite, another sacrifice she made in trying to leave Rayne. A snort escaped her; she’d made it so far with barely a house much less a bathroom.

As quickly as she tried to dismiss her thoughts, they trailed through her again. Her father, all she had of him were stories told by her mother and by Salvatore. He’d been nearly a man when their father fell and she a little girl. The war years were a lean haze of hunger, darkness, and grim whispers. After… after they found their laughter again, and the light, and companionship, but even living at the vineyard in the big stone house with its sweeping walls and gorgeous artwork, something had always been missing.

They were all haunted by a ghost—her mother by the mate she’d lost, though she’d proven fierce and a survivor. Salvatore ruled the packs, bringing them under one umbrella once more, one by one. He and his Centurions, while their mother ruled their home and Luciana. She’d never been safer.

And she’d never been more caged.

Disgusted with her wandering thoughts, she pushed into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She needed to wash it all away, clear her head and figure out what to do today. Halfway through her shower, the door downstairs closed with a gentle, but firm thud. Determined steps echoed across the wood floors below.

Dammit. She’d slept too long and now Rayne had returned to the house. Maybe he’d go into the study and she could slip out the window. It was a short drop to the ground outside, and she’d almost made escape an art form.

Five minutes later, she wrapped a towel around her hair and another around her torso. She’d failed to bring clothes in with her, so she had to walk back to her room and change there. After plucking the lotion from the counter, she paused at the door and took a deep breath, centering herself. Shedding the unease and distress, she grasped together the ragged elements of her self and drew them over her like fur sliding over her skin. Her wolf responded, her power a pulse beating in time with her heart. Composed, she let herself out and made her way to her room.

The hushed quiet of the house trailed after her, a whisper holding its breath. Settled on the corner of the bed, she ran lotion over her legs, then her arms. A quick wipe to her hands then she stood and pulled the towel from her hair. The damp tendrils clung to her shoulders and back. Normally, she’d take the time with some conditioner, and a comb, but who the hell did she care to impress?

Dropping the towel from around her to the floor, she paced over to the closet to find clean clothes. The sliding doors provided her some camouflage from the wolf now standing in the doorway to the hall. The squeaking of the stairs had betrayed his soft steps. Aware of his scorching gaze running over her, she ignored him as she stepped into a pair of panties, and then reached for a tank top. She didn’t need to wear a bra and if she needed to change, the damn thing got in the way. The soft cotton slid over her skin raising tingles along her spine.

It was the fabric and not the wolf staring at her no matter what her rebellious body might want.

Though she preferred a skirt, she selected pants. Running shoes or boots? Deciding on boots, she choose a flared leg black pant to step into. A hiss of breath escaped between her observer’s clenched teeth as she dragged the pants upward. Let him look at what he couldn’t have any longer. Tossing her hair back, she turned and met Rayne’s laser stare. The lines around his mouth were tight, and a muscle twitched in his jaw.

“Yes?” She raised an eyebrow, but he said nothing so she moved back to the bed and sat to pull on her boots. Rayne’s gaze tracked her each and every motion. Only when she was done did she stand, then make her bed. Still the wolf at the door said nothing.

Tidying her living space came second nature; her mother had drilled that into her from a very young age. Scooping the towels from the floor, she spared another look at the obstacle standing between she and the bathroom.

“Luciana,” Rayne said, his voice a ragged, low whisper dragging over her senses to tug uncomfortably at her belly. The heat spooling there, coiled around her spine in a slow, sinuous stretch. Pinching off the thought before it could take root, she erased the expression from her face and stared at him. Protecting her thoughts and masking her scent were also second nature, trained by Salvatore. As his sister, there had always been the thought she could be weaponized against him. In the early years after the war, it had been paramount she protect herself if he could not be present to shield her.

Hard to manipulate or track a wolf who could mask herself. A skill she’d used to great advantage to reach where they were now… Poor recompense, she supposed.

“I’m waiting,” she reminded her former lover with a verbal jab and his expression tightened. For far too brief a second, something akin to longing gleamed in his eyes and then it too vanished. He turned sideways, allowing her to pass but she’d have to brush him to do so.


ONE winner will receive an e-copy of Rise of the Alpha (Books 1-3 of the Wolves of Willow Bend)

To enter comment below and tell us…. If you could take your favorite Alpha out to dinner,
who would you take and where would you go?

Available on all platforms.
Open to U.S and International.
Contest runs 6/25/19 – 7/2/19 at 11:59 PM

ONE winner will be randomly selected. 

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Winner will be randomly selected and will be contacted. If winner doesn’t claim prize within 24 hours a new winner will be drawn.

** For all giveaway rules read here.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family.USA Today bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime.

She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

Heather is best known for her 18-book and growing paranormal romance series Wolves of Willow Bend, which begins:

Prequel: Wolf at Law
1: Wolf Bite
2: Caged Wolf
3: Wolf Claim
3.5: Wolf Next Door
4: Rogue Wolf
5: Bayou Wolf
6: Untamed Wolf

Heather’s other fantasy romance series include the paranormal westerns Fevered Hearts starting with Marshal of Hel DoradoBlack Hill Wolves which start with What a Wolf Wants, and the Bravo Team WOLF series.

Her contemporary romance series include: Always a Marine, Going Royal, Elite Warriors, The Love Thieves, beginning with Catch Me, and Lone Star Leathernecks, beginning with Semper Fi Cowboy.

Heather is well-represented in fantasy with her superhero series Boomers, a sci-fi western called Space Cowboy Survival Guide, an urban fantasy series called the Chance Monroe Adventures, and a stand-alone ghost novel, Haunt Me.

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The Extra Shot – Tides of Time by Luna Joya

The Extra Shot- Rachel: A Second Chance Novella by Tina DeSalvo & Giveaway



Welcome to The Extra Shot where you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE scene from Rachel: A Second Chance Novella by Tina DeSalvo. 

One-click your copy now and get ready for a new book adventure. 





She stared at the man the ladies thought was Norman. He tapped the table with his straight, long fingers and the dealer dealt him a card, then another. This man seemed taller, broader, more muscular than the boy she remembered—the boy who had kissed her senseless in the sugarcane fields near Sugar Mill Plantation just two days before he left town.

But, dear Lord, it is him…maybe.

Her body sure seemed to think it was. No one had ever made her pulse race or her flesh heat like Dante Landry. Maybe it was just her body reacting to the possibility that it was the guy she’d thought she was in love with fifteen years ago.

Regardless of who this man was, she appreciated his flexing biceps as he picked up his cards. This man obviously worked out. A lot. That was something she admired, being a gym junkie herself. The Vacherie Sheriff’s office had an excellent gym for its employees. As a 911 operator, she had access to the facility. Had he gotten that body at the prison gym?

Really, Rachel. This man can’t possibly be Dante.

“You ladies are delusional,” Ruby said, trying to return logic to the group. “Norman didn’t dye his hair black. That’s ridiculous. He must be wearing a wig.”

“A wig?” Rachel laughed. Her mother was buying into the fantasy that this man was the long-retired sheriff’s deputy of Vacherie parish.

“I’m hungry,” Louise said, not following the conversation she couldn’t hear. “Let’s eat Mexican.”

“I don’t like Mexican food,” Thelma said, frowning. “I want soup. I’ve got to keep my girly figure for da weddin’ night.”

“Your girly figure iz long gone, Thelma,” Tante Izzy said, pointing toward her friend’s feet. “So are youz ankles.”

“Tante Izzy!” Ruby, always the manner-police, shook her head. “Be nice.”

Rachel looked toward the blackjack table again. Yeah, there was definitely something familiar about this man, but…

“Oh my God.” Did she just see the man that might be Dante Landry scratch his ankle and pull a card out from under his pant leg? “Oh my God. He just cheated.”

Ruby grabbed her arm. “Who Norman?”

“Yes, the man she thinks is Norman.” Rachel engaged camera on her phone and started to video him. “Look. Look. He’s doing it again.”


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Tina DeSalvo, a fresh, humorous voice in romance, brings her knowledge and passion for the culture, traditions and people of Cajun Country (where she lives) and New Orleans (where she grew up) to her Second Chance Novel series-Elli, Jewell and Abby. Tina is also a journalist who spent her career in television news and as one of the first female sports broadcasters in Louisiana. A Breast Cancer Survivor, Tina donates her proceeds from Elli to help individuals fight the disease. She loves to write, but she especially loves spending time with readers…sharing laughs, tears and hugs. Learn more about Tina at


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The Extra Shot – Tides of Time by Luna Joya

The Extra Shot: Jeanne Adams – January 2, 2019


Welcome to The Extra Shot where you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE scene from Crashing Through the Snow by Jeanne Adams, one of two stories in the Happy New Year Haven Harbor Anthology. 

One-click your copy now and get ready for a new book adventure. Two novellas for just $0.99! 






This scene takes place right after Dr. Garnet Simpson’s old flame, Guy Kalama and his pregnant twin, Livvy, take refuge at Garnet’s house in the midst of a massive snowstorm in Haven Harbor!

Guy Kalama hefted his duffle bag as he came back into the kitchen. “Where do you want me? Couch?”

He caught the look in her eye, and the deep blush, and wondered what she’d been thinking. He grinned. She blushed harder.

“No, I have a guest room upstairs. I gave your sister the one with its own bath down here so she didn’t have to navigate the stairs. There’s a bath in the hallway,” she said. The blush deepened as she added, “I’m sure you’d like to get a hot shower.”

“Yeah,” he said, watching her. “It’ll feel great to stand under the hot water for a bit, thaw everything out.”

His heart lifted as she bit her lip, still blushing. She wasn’t immune to him, any more than he was immune to her. He knew he’d screwed everything up between them before. Maybe, just maybe, there was hope in the middle of a freakin’ snowstorm.

“I’ll show you where everything is.” She moved past him toward the stairs. “Can I carry anything for you?”

“Sure,” he said, stepping into the mudroom with her. He crowded her, just a little. Had he not seen that blush, he would have kept his distance. Since he had seen it, he wanted to push it a little, gauge her response. “How about you take this,” he said, handing her a small bag.

She pointed to the other bags. “Books? Shoes?”

He shrugged. “I think so. Frankly, it could be anything. We packed her up as quickly as we could and got her out. A couple of my guys were driving the van with most of her clothes, kitchen stuff, and furniture”

Her warm smile lit the room. She hadn’t retreated into the cold formality he knew she could pull over her elegant, chiseled, old New England features in the blink of an eye.

“Gosh, that brings back memories. Is it as bad as when you helped me move in here?”

He laughed. “Worse. Much, much worse. You were organized. The only thing Livvy has organized is her business. Her personal life?” he growled, thinking of Livvy’s situation. “Not so much.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, her hand on his arm. He froze at the light touch. A shudder ran through him as the ache of missing her eased. “I won’t pry, but I do need to know if she’s been…abused, or physically—”

“No, nothing like that. Nothing physical.”

He watched her features relax. Beautiful. He couldn’t help himself. He brushed a thumb over her cheek, then tucked an errant strand of that magnificent red hair behind her ear. She almost—almost—leaned into the caress. She seemed to catch herself at the last minute.

Now she did step away. “I’m glad of that. When and if she shares the story with me, I’ll know better if there’s anything I need to do, medically.”

He nodded, not trusting his voice. He picked up his other duffle. He hadn’t expected to stay a second night away from home, so he didn’t have much. He and two of his employees had basically swooped in and helped Livvy evacuate, planning to head right to Guy’s place beyond Haven Harbor, near Pennyfield.

“I’m going to have to call Jake Strongbow back, and my guys,” he said, as they climbed the stairs. She paused outside a bedroom. “I already told the guys we wouldn’t make it tonight.”

She looked out the window at the end of the hall. “Maybe not for a day or two,” she said, nodding toward the view. “It’s gotten worse.”

Outside, the landscape was invisible. He could see the glow marking the security light between the house and the barn, but it was like an indistinct moon behind white, snow-filled clouds. “Wow.”

“Serious storm,” she said, pushing open the spare bedroom door. “Our weather witch said it would be a three-day storm.”

“Has she ever been wrong?” he asked, knowing Estelle Hestworth was among the best weather witches ever recorded.

“Not in my lifetime. Sometimes she’ll be a few inches off in snow or rain totals, but on the general tenor of the weather? Never.”

“Are you going to have to wake Livvy up in the night?” he asked. “She sleeps like the dead.”

“Pregnancy changes that sometimes.”

“Not with Livvy,” he disagreed. “She said it’s made her worse. She’s worried she won’t wake up when the babies cry.”

The laugh that rang out in the shadowy hallway made him even more aware of Garnet’s presence. He’d missed that laugh. He’d missed her, far more than he’d known.

“A lot of new parents worry about that,” she said. “They always wake up.” She led him into the large guest room, switching on a light by the bedside. The iron bed frame was painted white, the bed covered in a heavy red coverlet with an extra quilt folded neatly over the end of the bed. “If you need more blankets, there are two or three in the trunk at the foot of the bed,” she explained, gesturing to the gorgeously carved wooden blanket chest.

“You still turn down the heat at night?”

The blush was back. “Yes, but I’ll leave it up tonight. I don’t want Livvy to get cold. If the power goes and the generator kicks on, though, it will get colder. The systems don’t run as warm or as well on gen-power,” she said, apology in her voice. She completely ignored the reminder that he knew how she liked to sleep. “It’s an old system.”

“I’ll be fine,” he reassured, moving closer to her. She looked into his eyes, and her smile faltered.

“Guy,” she started, and his heart clenched. She was going to tell him to back off, they were old news, their time long passed.

Her lips parted, but she didn’t speak. Guy hesitated, just one heartbeat, before he lowered his head and kissed her.

He kept it light, easy—a kiss he could pass off as a casual thank you between friends.

Garnet was the one who took it deeper, hotter, and made it a lot more. When she moved in, her hands dropping lightly onto his chest, he could swear her touch seared his skin. Her lips moved beneath his as he ran his hand under her long, dark braid to caress the back of her neck.

When he dropped his bag to free up his other hand, she broke the kiss. With a dazed look in her eyes, she glanced at the bag which had hit the floor with an audible thunk. As if waking up from a dream, her gaze sharpened and she stepped back. “I’m sorry. That was—”

He didn’t want her to say whatever it was she was thinking. He didn’t want her to negate what had just happened.

“It was natural,” he interjected. “We’ve had an intense few hours. We’re friends.” At least he hoped they could still be friends, after everything he’d put her through. “It’s okay.”

She looked like she was about to say more, but Guy headed it off. If she didn’t say it, he could keep the hope alive that somehow, some crazy way, she would forgive him. “Where did you say the bathroom was?”

“It’s right across the hall.” She looked discombobulated. “This bedroom and two others up here share the hall bath. I’ll show you.”

She all but fled the room. Grinning, he followed. She hadn’t told him to keep his hands to himself. He knew Garnet. If she was pissed, if she was seeing someone, she’d have stopped that kiss before it started. That she hadn’t now…that was hope.

A light popped on in a spacious room across the hall. The cream-colored tile with its floral accents was dated, but the rugs on the floor were new, and the shower curtain reflected the color of the thick, dark green towels hanging on a rod.

“You’ll find everything you need, I think. Um…” She paused, obviously unnerved. “If you need something, just look in the drawers. There are extras of most things. Towels are clean, of course.”

“Garnet,” he said, softly. “It’s okay.”

Her gaze met his. “I don’t want to feel this way about you again,” she admitted, her voice raw with emotion. “I finally got over you.”

His heart cracked open.

She didn’t move away when he ran his thumb over her cheek again, but as soon as he dropped the contact, she stepped back. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“Don’t be,” he said, looking away. “You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all on me.”

With that admission, he realized he had no right to forgiveness.

“No,” she countered, surprising him. “No, it isn’t.”

He focused on the admission. “What are you saying?”

She took a short breath, let it out in a huff. “I’m saying that you bear a lot of fault for how we parted, but it isn’t one hundred percent on you.”

Hope, so quickly doused, bloomed again.

One kindle ebook copy of Happy New Year Haven Harbor is up for grabs for ONE lucky winner in the US.
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Jeanne Adams writes award-winning suspense, paranormal, mysteries and urban fantasies.  She’s also a sought-after speaker, who knows a thing or two about getting rid of the evidence… 

Jeanne specializes in thrills and suspense.  Even her paranormal and urban fantasies have a suspense element, so be prepared!  She loves football, baseball, dogs, Halloween and the weird and she teaches classes for writers on body disposal.

Jeanne lives in DC with her husband and two growing sons, as well as two dogs – a Lab and an Irish Water Spaniel.  Don’t tell, but she’s prone to adopting more dogs when her husband isn’t looking.

Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and other publications, her books have been consistently hailed as “One of the best Suspense Books of the Year!” by Romantic Times.  You can find her at her newly redesigned website:, on Twitter at or at


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