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Beauty and the Brit

Cropped To Be His 9781402291760-300[1] His kind of trouble

First, if we were meeting at a coffee shop I’d be drinking a Latte 🙂
What would you order?

Something with caramel. Or maybe hot cider. This is the perfect time of year for it.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today. I must say, your Beauty and the Brit series is a very steamy must read! You also write a mystery series, is it easy to switch back and forth?

Thanks for having me, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the books! Yes, I write humorous mysteries because I like to switch it up. It’s not that hard to go back and forth, especially because my mystery series has recurring characters. I’ve gotten to know them pretty well.

What drew me to this series was that it was a book about a family and how they deal with the tragedy they’ve experienced. Three women who face their own adversities and so far two of the three sisters have had their story. Will Brynn’s story be next? Can you tell us how many books and/or novellas we can expect in this series? I hope we won’t have to wait too long 🙂

Brynn’s book is next, which will be out next spring. I fell in love with her hero immediately. It took Brynn just a tad bit longer. I have a couple of novellas I’d like to do. Side characters tend to work their way into my brain and take up residence.

Each book has brought us a different hobby from the antique collecting Trevor to the nomad mechanic Calum in your next installment His Kind of Trouble. Were you able to take any test drives of the cars mentioned in your books?

Oh, I wish I could go joy riding in a classic Aston Martin. My dream come true!

Perhaps a visit to Las Vegas? The research must’ve been fun. Vegas is character in itself 😉

Vegas is my favorite place to be. I’m taking my hubby there for his birthday next year. I can’t get enough, and I’m not even much of gambler. The city and the people fascinate me.

I also love the backstory of the Campbell family and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome. What was the inspiration for this family? There are so many moving pieces with the characters. While each book in this series can be read as a stand alone I loved reading it in order. Oh, and I didn’t burn my dinner, it was just served a bit later than planned.

Whew! I’m glad I didn’t ruin your dinner. I ruin enough of my own, I don’t need that on my conscience. 😉 I had no inspiration for the Campbell clan, but I’ve seen firsthand how devastating cancer can be. It’s touched almost everyone I know, in one way or another.

I tend to love my characters. The quirkier the better. The ones inhabiting the Beauty and the Brit world were fun to revisit. I can never get enough of Mags and Pix.

Without giving away any spoilers I have to say that I love the garden in this book, it’s seems to have a magical component. It seems to have a magical component. I absolutely love the placement of it in each book.

Thank you. Yes, the garden is a British fantasy in the middle of the desert. It plays a part in Brynn’s book as well.

I must give a shout out to Sourcebooks for their awesome cover designs, just fabulous!

Dawn Adams is a cover genius and a delight. She’s wonderful in every way.

Time for another Latte. Thanks again for hanging out!
Happy Reading Dear Readers.

Happy Writing Terri!

Thanks for having me!

8 Tantalizing Tidbits

1. A Must read book and why? 

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase (I’m sure everyone’s already read this book.) To me, it is the perfect romance novel. Perfect!

2. What is one place that I should see if I visit your hometown?

The Truman library. We’re the home of Harry S. Truman and we’re very proud of him.

3. Castles or Beaches? Castles

4. What is one thing readers would be surprised to know about you?

I met my husband in a bridal shop.

5. If you had an all expenses paid trip anywhere in the world for research, where would you go? 

Ireland, all the way!

6. Are you a binge watcher or weekly viewer? Which show(s)?

Binge. Then I have a sad Netflix hangover. 

7. If you could pick a book you’ve read and make it into a movie, which book would it be (besides yours 🙂 )?

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. But boy, would it be hard to cast Barrons.

8. What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?

Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version). I love the English countryside and watching Lizzie make Darcy squirm.

9. If you could invite 5 people to dinner (not friends and family – that’s too easy) who would you invite? It could be anyone past or present.

Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, and Henry Ford because that would be a hell of a dinner party.

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