Cover NEW B 200x300 Coffee With The Bridal Squad (Samantha Chase)Rae: Thanks for meeting up. What a cute shop! What do you recommend?

Julianne: Thank you! Isn’t this place great? And what a fabulous idea to have a coffee shop right next to the bridal shop. I know that more than once we’ve had to run over and re-fuel during a fitting session.
Natalie: Well, we don’t over-indulge, though. We need to fit into our gowns, right?
Harper: Ugh…no one has ever bust a seam over a scone have they?
Kayla: Rae, in answer to your question, they have a great chocolate chip Frappuccino that you should try. And a piece of the lemon pound cake. It’s awesome.

Rae: So tell me, how did you all meet? I know Harper is Julianne’s sister but the rest of you…how long have you known the blushing bride to be?

Kayla: Julianne and I have been friends since elementary school. We got paired up for field day in the fifth grade and bonded over our love of athletics. We didn’t meet Natalie until high school.
Natalie: That’s right, I’m sort of the newbie of the group, but I like to think that I helped make our little group complete.
Harper: Um…not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I didn’t really start hanging out with you guys until you were out of high school so technically, I helped make the group complete.
Natalie (huffing): You just couldn’t let me have that one, could you?
Julianne: Could we please play nice for the interview? Please??

Rae: How did you find the bridal shop? Aren’t the girls amazing! I hear they can make magic happen.

We live locally and they are kind of legendary. A couple of my friends had used them and referred them to me and I’m so glad I listened! They have made this experience such a breeze for me.

Natalie: I wish I had known about them when I got married last year. My wedding gown I got from a bridal shop up in New York and all of our bridesmaid gowns we chose from a boutique up there as well that we had shipped to a seamstress here in Raleigh and…
Kayla: Not the point of the story, Nat.
Natalie: Oh. Right. Sorry.

Rae: Julianne – Zumba. Ok…I tried that once. I have a friend who’s an instructor and she’s trying to get me to try it. After attempting at home with a video… I could not seem to get myself moving in the same direction as the instructor in the tape. Any tips? I’m thinking I need to attend one of your classes!

Julianne: The key is to relax. No one gets it perfect the first, second or even the tenth time out.

Kayla: Truth.
Julianne: Really, you need to just go and give it your all and have fun and not worry about if you’re doing everything right. It’s about moving and to keep moving and get your heart rate up. But mainly, have fun!

Rae: Natalie – You must have so many ideas for Julianne. How long ago were you married? Is this the first wedding you’ve been in since you walked down the aisle?

Natalie (smiling brightly): Oh, I really do! I got married a year ago and my wedding was absolutely perfect. People are still talking about it.

Harper: Not including you…
Natalie (glaring): Our wedding was featured in several newspapers and it was all about how elegant it was. This is the first wedding I’ve been in since my own and while it’s a very different experience, I wouldn’t say it’s…bad.
Kayla: Of course not, because that would be…bad.

Rae: Harper – So tell me…are you able to keep your sister sane? You must be close 🙂 I was only a matron of honor once, for my younger sister. 
I hope your able to dodge the family squabbles 😉

Julianne, Harper and Kayla all laugh hysterically.

Harper: One thing you should know about my sister, she keeps her cool no matter what. It’s like some weird gift that she has.
Julianne: I don’t think it’s weird…
Kayla: it’s totally weird. Hush. I need to hear how Harper avoids family squabbles.
Harper: The other thing you should know is that I attract all of the squabbles. All of them. Even when they don’t involve me, somehow that’s how it ends up.
Julianne: Dramatic much?
Harper (sighing dramatically): Yes, I’m sure it’s a burden being perfect, Jules. But for me, I like to think that because we’re so close, that Jules can come to me and talk about the things she’s frustrated about.
Julianne: That’s because normally you’re the one I’m frustrated with.
Kayla: Girls! Don’t make me send you to separate corners!
Julianne: Seriously though, Harper really is a great sounding board for me – especially when it’s our mother who is making us crazy.
Harper: Which is all the time.

Rae: Kayla – I’m so jealous…photography. Your job sounds amazing – travel to exotic places and still have time to hang with friends and family.

Kayla: It’s not always glamorous, but it’s always amazing.

Rae: Are you photographing the wedding?

Julianne: Oh, lord…please don’t get her started on wedding photography!
Kayla: Okay, fine. Let’s just say that I’m not the wedding photography kind of girl. I prefer taking pictures of nature rather than posing the pretty people. That’s doesn’t make me a bad person?
Natalie: Well…
Kayla: However…if I was needed, I would totally step in. You know, in the name of friendship.

Rae: Ladies – tell me…bachelorette party? Where are we going? A night of wild parties? Who’s job is it to keep the bride in check? Any method to the system?

Natalie: We’ve talked about all of the obvious choices like Vegas or New York, but I think we should…
Kayla: We should totally do whatever it is that Jules wants to do because it’s her party. You had your day in the spotlight, princess. Let someone else have a turn.
Julianne: Honestly, we are probably going to do something low key. My vote is for a weekend at the beach or a spa. I can totally get on board with someone bringing me fruity drinks while I’m getting a massage.
Harper: I second that!
Natalie: I think that is the best option too. Then, no need to keep anyone in check and we can all just relax.
Kayla: Or unclench, because…you know (nodding toward Natalie)

Rae: Have you all decided on a bridesmaid dress? Colors? Oh… the fun of it all!

Julianne (holding up her hand before anyone else can talk): I had no idea how crazy people will get over this sort of thing. We are normally four level-headed women and yet talking about dresses and colors turns us into rabid competitors. We’ve looked through magazines and talked but until we get in the shop with Hailey and the girls, I’m just going to say that we’re all open to suggestions.
Harper: Some of us are…
Kayla: I’m with you.
Natalie: I have a file I’ve been adding suggestions to on Google. Have you all been getting the emails when I update it?
Julianne: Eloping is looking more and more attractive by the minute…

Rae: Thanks again ladies! Good luck with the wedding plans and enjoy the rest of the day.

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