%name Its a **Spicy Latte** for this Baseball Player

In Too Hot to Handle (The Boys of Summer Book 2) by Katie Rose delivers a super sexy hot baseball story that’s packed with summer heat! After a rough season, the Sonics decide to hire PR specialist Nikki Case. Management has decided that they need someone like Nikki to “fix” the bad boys reputation so the media will perceive them to be a more wholesome and family- friendly ballpark.

Instead they just keep feeding the media nothing but front page blunders to put them in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Nothing spoils a team like a barroom brawl and that’s exactly what the Sonics have done with their latest misadventure. With one Bar Brawl too many, the “bad boys” of the NJ Sonics have just sailed straight into social media spotlight in the worst possible way.

Their only hope to salvage their tarnished reputation is with a little help from Nikki. If only the boys were amenable to a little constructive criticism, alas they are not. Instead they respond to the new house rules with pranks, and lots of them towards Nikki.

Unfortunately even the sexy ball players must be show that they are not impervious to the rules and she can handle what they dish or wind up losing out on such a huge client! Wondering what needs to happen for them to take her seriously, she presents a “clean up your act or walk” ultimatum. They need to be clean and respectable. That means no more missed practices, no more sloppy appearances, cover up the tats, stop drinking and most definitely no more public fraternizing with fans! Throughout all the changes one of the players bets Jake Baldwin, the team’s residential “playboy,” that he can’t get every woman he sets eyes on. This time there’s a wager that will test both Jake and his teammates. Fortunately for Nikki she’s not impressed with his media reputation and as he tries to woo her, she’s not so impressed. Can he show her that he’s not all the media makes him out to be? Is there more to him that his sexy looks and delectable charm?

All eyes are on the Team, but as things are starting to turn around for the Sonics when a tragic event unfolds during one of the games. Will they all survive?

Is there such a thing as a reformed bad boy? With more than her heart on the line Jake needs to prove his feelings, whatever they may be, to Nikki and the Sonics. After everything that’s happened, there are still a few unexplained canceled dates and mysterious phone calls that take him away from the ballpark that leave her wondering what his intentions are. Are they really right for each other or just another passing fling? When the bet that started all of this backfires will he gain the courage to tell her the truth?

As a super huge baseball fan I really loved reading this book. The cover is perfect and there is a great story to be told. There are hot, sexy baseball players, smart heroines and of course a steamy scene or two that will leave you wanting more of this fantastic must read series.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post I don’t rate any of my reviews on my blog. However, for this “Spicy Read” I will rate it for its spiciness that way you’ll know if this little gem is for you!

%name Its a **Spicy Latte** for this Baseball PlayerThere is just enough sizzle to make you tingle, for 18+

I received this ARC for an honest review and would most definitely purchase this for myself and my friends! Add this to your e-reader or bookshelf to tide you over till spring training! Again, this story from the first pitch to the last is fantastic. Head out to the ballpark for a SONICs game to watch a hot player learn a lesson or two about the necessity of a good PR rep!

%name Its a **Spicy Latte** for this Baseball Player


Katie Rose is the award-winning author of 12 historical, three novellas, and two contemporary romances published under the name of Katie Rose and Colleen Quinn. Katie made her contemporary debut in 2014 with a baseball romance series entitled the Boys of Summer. BRING ON THE HEAT was published in August 2014, and the second book of the series, TOO HOT TO HANDLE will appear January 27, 2015. A long time Phillies fan, Katie combines her love of baseball, romance, and fun in the sports themed romances. A graduate of Temple University with a BA in Journalism, Katie is the recipient of the Doug Perry award, and the Romantic Times Achievement Award. Katie lives on a lake in Medford Lakes New Jersey, and is hard at work on the next book of the series, the HEAT OF THE MOMENT.

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