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Aurora, A Romantic Bride was released on 2/14/17

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Official Blurb: Sacrifice comes at great cost to a young woman forced to marry and save her family from ruin.

Aurora Middleton loses her best friend and a chance of love at the same time.  When confronted with how horrible her life will become, she makes a decision that brings a monumental change.  Moving west, leaving all she’s ever known will either be a fresh start or the beginning of something worse.

Evan Jones left his life of high society firmly back east.  Now the small town doctor has a comfortable life in the Laurel, Montana.  When a storm hits, he offers Aurora Middleton and her friend a place to stay all the time resenting the attraction he feels to a woman that reminds him of a life he’d purposely left in the past.

Excerpt from Aurora:

Two knocks sounded at the back door. Before Evan could open the door, Aurora walked in. Cheeks flushed, she looked to Filbert who didn’t bother to look to her. Instead, his gaze remained on the basket she carried.

Aurora met Evan’s gaze. “I brought food. You didn’t finish eating.”

It was surprising that she’d thought enough to bring him dinner. Evan wondered if it was her idea. It seemed to him that she’d have sent the other woman, Lucille, to do her bidding and not bring the food herself. Then again, it could be an attempt to set things right between them since he offered her and Lucille a place to stay.

Her eyes were reddened and he wondered if the lovely woman had cried or perhaps it was due to the bitter cold.

“Thank you.” He took the basket from her and went to a small table. “I was just about to come to get some food to ensure he eats. This is more than enough for both of us.”

In all honesty, he did not plan to eat much. Any desire for food had dwindled at her presence. It wasn’t that he disliked people, but Evan looked forward to time alone at home. Most days, he was around people; sick townsfolk who complained, whined and cried. It was rare that anyone was glad to see him. Evan always looked forward to evenings when he could relax and get away from all the negativity. Guests only meant no alone time.

He scowled and Aurora seemed to shrink backwards. “Do you need more food?”

“No, thank you. This is fine.” In the basket was a plate piled with food, bread and a jug, which he assumed had coffee. “Thank you. You should go on back and rest. I know the trip here is hard.”

“Yes, Lucille and I are about to go to bed. Before sleeping, I wanted to ensure you didn’t need anything.” She neared and her lips curved into a soft smile. “Thank you so very much for allowing us to stay at your house. Lucille and I appreciate it very much.”

Evan liked the sound of her voice, soft with a husky edge to it that made him want to close his eyes. She wasn’t a shy woman, that much he could tell. However, she didn’t seem to particularly care for him. Something about the way she looked at him, as if she knew something. Evan sensed judgment and not particularly positive speculation of his person by her.

What she based her negative ideas on was a mystery and, frankly, once she left and went to the Hamiltons’ place, it didn’t matter to him.

Besides, he had passed judgment as well. Even now, he considered her upbringing as being one raised in a lifestyle replete with pampering and being waited upon hand and foot.

She’d not helped prepare the dinner. Although he supposed there was little she could do as the woman had probably never stepped foot in a kitchen, much less learned the first thing about cooking.

“Do you cook, Miss Middleton?” Evan wasn’t sure why he asked, other than perhaps a bit of guilt for being judgmental. “I suppose it’s out of curiosity that I ask. Being your upbringing, I don’t expect you do.”

Her eyebrows rose and she blinked. “My upbringing? Sir, you do not know anything about me. I presume you ask since Lucille and I may be forced to depend on your hospitality for an indeterminate length of time.”

“No, not at all. I ask out of curiosity. I know a bit about you, yes. Wilhelmina Hamilton was most enlightening when speaking of you. She holds you in high regard.”
“And I do her.”

Her gaze swept over the clinic and, immediately, Evan could see she found it lacking. “Are all clinics so basic here?”



“It will be a hard adjustment for you here, Miss Middleton. This clinic is quite sufficient for the town.”

She lifted a brow in disbelief.

Evan had had enough. “The reason for you coming so far must be utterly fascinating. Not that I plan to investigate further. Given your dour disposition, I imagine it won’t be long before you return to a more elevated way of life.”

The fire in her gaze seared. “I have always been described as sunny and pleasant. It could be your most disagreeable company that brings out the worst in me.”

He tapped his chin in thought. “No, I don’t believe so. That can’t be it.”

“You are an arrogant, egotistical and annoying brute with a lack of decorum and manners.” When she stormed away in a flutter of skirts and lilac, his lips curved. So it seemed Miss Middleton had a bit of a temper.


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