As the opening ceremony is broadcast on television, the entire world has united to share this once-in-a- lifetime event. A journey that has been years in the making for many, and for the lucky few, another chance to chase their Olympic dream.

The time has finally arrived. Friends and family are cheering from their comfy couches, or in the stands. Olympic pride has spread and we are all watching. Who will bring home the coveted Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medal?

While there must be winners and losers, try to remember that everyone is a winner. How? It takes courage, dedication, commitment, perseverance, and a whole lot of failure to do something over and over until you are satisfied you have done your best. Then, once you feel you’ve done your best, you keep on doing it until your body aches and you have nothing left, then you do it again. It’s time to make memories, see history unfold, and watch young children become inspired to pursue their athletic dreams.

As a book blogger and avid reader, I’m excited to watch the games and see which athletes or events inspire future stories. If you love winter sports and romance, take notes and see where the adventure takes you. To all the athletes competing, I wish you an amazing experience. Find out more on the official website – Happy Watching!

Go Team!