Once Upon a Bookclub is a unique way to gift those who love books and a true book adventure.  Earlier this year I received a book box filled with my mystery book selection and special gifts to open at specified pages.

My selection to read was The Taster by V.S. Alexander and it delivered. While I was excited to read the selection it took a while to find the perfect time to read. This book is a World War II selection and dives into the world of those who lived to serve Hitler, a select group of women known as the “tasters” who did just that, taste his food.

Magda Ritter was one of 15 girls who was selected to taste Hitler’s food because she was naive and uneducated. In a world where communication was spares and daily conversations with others was limited, she learned to cope. Many readers may find it difficult to imagine and may find it hard to understand the anxiety of waiting for news and not knowing if anyone had “opened” your letters. We live in an age of e-mails and texts from the moment we rise until we fall asleep, can you imagine Magda’s world?

Captain Karl Weber is a security officer and a man who will befriend Magda and possibly save her from the nightmare she finds herself in. A world with secrets, loneliness and companionship that’s formed from the least likely of people. The only thing between life and death is one bite.

Karl will risk their lives to uncover the truth and the what if suspense is thought provoking and hard to swallow at times. A war romance that is in the lion’s den and unlike any other I’ve read.

Every so often I would uncover a sticky note with a gift number to open to bring me closer to the story and characters as they progressed in their journey. 

The membership is reasonably priced and offers a variety of choices to suit any budget. With the holidays approaching in a few months, gift those who love to read a book adventure that they’ll remember forever!

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