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Shaughnessy Collage

I want to welcome back Samantha Chase to the blog. Samantha is here to dish all things Shaughnessy Family as we celebrate the release of her third book in the series which will hit your e-reader July 5, 2016.

Rae: Can you tell us what inspired you to write about the Shaughnessy Family? Will any of the Montgomery Brothers (another must read series – I’ll insert a link for reviews 😉 )

Samantha: You know, it’s going to sound weird, but this is the truth – I was talking to my agent a couple of years ago and he was like “You need a new series.” I totally agreed. And then he added, “Soon.” We were pitching the Montgomerys to publishers but I was already mid-series with it and most of them were turning me down because they didn’t want to pick up a series in the middle. I am a HUGE fan of Bella Andre’s series The Sullivan’s and I would have to say that she inspired me the most. I love a good family drama and I was already loving the Montgomerys, but I liked the idea of all the siblings being very diverse. I’m having a great time with them too!

As for the Montgomerys showing up, that had kind of been my intention in the beginning but it’s never happened. There was never a time or a scenario where it fit. Which is crazy because I did manage to mention the Shaughnessys in the Montgomery books! Bad author moment!

Rae: So far we’ve met Aidan and Hugh. One man can build us a dream house and the other can take us to a resort and melt our worries away. In Always My Girl we meet Quinn and he’s a former NASCAR driver. What research did you do to prepare for that book? Not only did he drive cars he’s super handy fixing up cars too! The way Anna is with learning about cars reminds me of the time I changed the oil in my car when I was in college. I used metal ramps – my Dad was super cool about it! He was the one who told me to use them. My mom, not so thrilled. It was such a rush knowing that I could fix something with the car. Have you ever tinkered on a car?

Samantha: Cars are sooooo not my thing! At all! I’m lucky that my husband is handy and for years he did all the maintenance on our cars. But for Quinn, it was a lot of online research about auto restoration – which is really quite fascinating. My younger son is a little bit of a car enthusiast and every once in a while we’ll find ourselves watching some sort of show about them like Top Gear or ones where they actually do restorations. I don’t jump up and leave the room most of the time!

I didn’t do any research on Quinn’s NASCAR past BUT…I’m going to the Charlotte Motor Speedway in August as part of my Roadtripping with Romance book tour with Sara Humphreys! We’re going to tour the speedway and be sharing pictures and videos from it on social media! I think it’s going to be awesome!

Rae: We also have on the blog today The Shaughnessy crew and it’s so nice to see everyone again 🙂 let’s just start this party off with a bit of music. What was your favorite musical clip on the Tony’s? I LOVED James Corden – Riley you need to get on Carpool Karaoke! Imagine the fun!

Quinn – Every time you’re stuck in the car with Riley it’s like Carpool Karaoke!
Riley – Hey!
Hugh – Don’t even bother denying it. You know it’s true.
Riley – I’m a singer – it’s what I do. Sing!
Aidan – And talk about yourself. Let’s not forget about that.
Riley – I’m a fascinating guy. (Shrugs) You’re all just jealous.
Darcy – Hardly. (Cracks herself up) But we all missed the Tony’s because we were all at Hilton Head at the resort and Riley put on a private concert. It was very cool.
Riley – Sure…when I’m on stage singing it’s cool. But in the car, it’s…
Quinn – Annoying. The word you’re looking for is annoying.
(They all laugh at that one)

Rae: Anna – what is your favorite drink to mix up at the bar? Everyone says you’re a whiz in the kitchen…any inside secrets into what goes in your burgers?

Anna – The burgers are a family secret. I can’t share it.
Quinn – (Dramatic eye roll) And I keep telling you that your mom’s burgers never tasted like that. So the only person who knows the recipe is you! C’mon…tell us.
Anna – (Shakes her head) Not gonna happen. And besides, why are you pushing me to give the recipe away? You’re the envy of the masses.
Quinn – (Grinning) Oh, yeah. Never mind.
Anna – And as for the drink? Hmm…you know, I never spend much time behind the bar. I was always at the pub in more of a waitress and cook and manager capacity. But I can pour a perfect glass of beer!
Quinn – She sure as hell can!

Rae: What is it like to grow up next to Quinn? Were the brothers ever over hanging out with Bobby?

(Aidan, Hugh, Riley, Owen and Darcy all collectively groan)
Anna – I loved growing up next to Quinn! (smiles adoringly at him)
Quinn – That’s because I’m a great guy
Hugh – (coughs) Humble too
Quinn – Damn straight
Anna – He was always doing something…it was never boring. Growing up it was like every day was an adventure.
Quinn – Remember the time you got stuck up in that tree in your yard? (Laughs) You were so mad!
Anna – That’s only because you dared me to climb up and that lower limb broke! And you laughed!
Quinn – Because you were so mad! You yelled and screamed and carried on!
Aidan – Didn’t Bobby threaten to beat you with that tree limb if you didn’t shut up?
Quinn – Um…maybe.
Aidan – Hugh and I hung out with Bobby a lot because we were closer in age. (Looks over at the twins and Darcy) Anna and Quinn were the same age but there weren’t any Hannigans for Riley, Owen or Darcy.

Rae: Now that two of you are married, what can we expect from you Quinn (wink 😉 – big wedding or perhaps at a baseball park?

Anna – (Grinning) Yeah, Quinn…what can we expect from you?
Quinn – Is it hot in here?
Aidan – Come on…don’t be shy…
Hugh – I picture you being the guy that cries at the altar when he sees the bride. We all know how sensitive you are.
Quinn – Shut up
Riley – Personally, I imagine Quinn and Anna’s wedding being at the pub. A big Irish wedding, lots of drinking and singing
Quinn – Ugh…figures you’d bring up singing
Riley – What? What’s wrong with singing? People do have music at their weddings!
Owen – All weddings have music. It’s just the type of music that varies. Even now, it’s no longer the norm to play the Wedding March. Now it’s not uncommon to hear…
Quinn – I swear if you start spouting statistics, I’ll kick you out of the interview!
Darcy – (Stands and punches Quinn in the arm. Hard)
Quinn – OW! What was that for?
Darcy – For being a jerk! Owen was simply talking about music. (Leans forward and looks at Anna) Are you sure you want to marry this moron? He really is a jerk sometimes.
Anna – (Blushes and then kisses Quinn on the cheek). Yeah, but he’s my moron.
(Collective eye rolls and groans from the entire family)

Rae: Quinn- if you could restore any car what would it be?

Quinn – Wow…There really are a few that are on my restoration bucket list. But if I had to choose one it would be…hmmm…a 69 Chevy Camaro. I love a good American muscle car! It’s just a cool car. I know that sounds like a lame thing to say, but…damn. It’s just a cool damn car!

Rae: Riley thanks for being here I know you’re busy working on your next album – how’s that goin?

Hugh – Oh no…
Aidan – (Shakes his head)
Owen – (reaches over and pats Riley on the back)
Riley – I don’t want to talk about it. Why? What have you heard? Are people saying stuff about the music so far? Are they hating it? Dammit! (Jumps to his feet) I need to go and call Mick!
(Everyone just stares as Riley walks out the door)
Darcy – So um…yeah. That pretty much explains how the album is going.

Rae: Any summer plans?

Aidan – Zoe and I are sticking close to home this summer and doing some work on the house.
Hugh – Same for Aubrey and I. (Grins) And sleeping. Definitely trying to get some sleep.
Aidan – Smooth, Bro. Why not just say ‘spoiler alert’?
Owen – I’m going to be doing some speaking engagements back in D.C. We’ve gotten some amazing pictures from space and I’m hoping to analyze and share…
Darcy – BORED!
Quinn – Oh, so it’s okay for you to interrupt him but not me? How is that fair?
Darcy – Will you be planning your wedding this summer, Quinn?
Quinn – (Noticeable paler) Um…
Darcy – That’s what I thought

Rae: Again guys, thanks so much for hanging out and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend celebrating this weekend. I can’t wait to hang out again with you soon. 🙂

Samantha thanks again. If fans are looking to find you over the summer, where can they catch up with you?

Samantha:  Okay, I am going to be all over the place this summer!  July 9th I’ll be in Boonsboro, MD at Turn the Page Bookstore (Nora Roberts’ place!) for a signing and then Sara Humphreys and I will be hitting the road in August for our Roadtripping with Romance book tour!  We’ll be in Wake Forest, NC on August 16th (exactly location TBA), then we’ll be at the B&N in Raleigh, NC at Brier Creek at 7 pm on Wednesday, August 17th.  After that we’re going to be signing in Charlotte, NC at Park Roads Books at 7 pm (after touring the Charlotte Motor Speedway to celebrate Quinn Shaughnessy!). and the next day we’ll be in Greenville, SC at 5:30 pm at Fiction Addiction (after going to a K-9 training facility for Sara’s hero in Trouble Walks In!).  Our last day has us in several locations but we’ll be doing a signing at the B&N Forum at Ashley Park in Newnan, GA at 2 pm and we’re working on two more possible events in the area for that night!

Thanks for having me!! And Happy Reading, Everyone!!


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Made for Us (The Shaughnessy Brothers)

Love Walks In (The Shaughnessy Brothers)

Always My Girl (The Shaughnessy Brothers)


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New York Times and USA Today Bestseller/contemporary romance writer Samantha Chase released her debut novel, Jordan’s Return, in November 2011. Although she waited until she was in her 40’s to publish for the first time, writing has been a lifelong passion. Her motivation to take that step was her students: teaching creative writing to elementary age students all the way up through high school and encouraging those students to follow their writing dreams gave Samantha the confidence to take that step as well.

When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading contemporary romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.

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