%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway

%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway

%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway

%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway

%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway

I recently sat down to have a Cup of Coffee with the Shaughnessy siblings. This is one chat I’ve been looking forward to!

First things first – I’m having my usual Latte with Coconut Milk

What’s in your mug?

Aidan – Black coffee, 2 sugars

– Caramel Macchiatto (and Quinn will make fun of him for it)

– Dark Roast coffee, cream and sugar

– Cappucino

– Chai Latte

– Dark Chocolate Truffle Mocha

Thank you so much for hanging out. I’m thrilled you were all able to make it. Let’s get this started.

What is on your playlist while you are working?

Aidan – You know, I don’t even pay attention to the music I listen to. I normally put on a classic rock station and it all becomes background noise to me.

Riley – Hey! I take offense to that! You’re supposed to say that you listen to my latest CD – or all of my music all the time!

Quinn – Ugh…seriously?

Aidan – (chuckling and shaking his head) Um…sure. Okay.

Darcy – I can’t even listen to your music at school anymore, Riley. People in the dorm go crazy and start asking if I’ll introduce them to you.

Hugh – Is that why you won’t listen to him at work, Aidan? Afraid your construction crew will become hysterical and want to meet Riley?

Aidan – (still laughing) Exactly!

Riley – You guys are idiots.

What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

Aidan – I enjoy a good chocolate ice cream. A classic.

Quinn – (quietly snorting with laughter) Figures.

 Aidan – What’s that supposed to mean?

 Riley – I would have thought he’d say vanilla

 Owen – there’s nothing wrong with chocolate. As a matter of fact, chocolate ice cream is created…

 Quinn – No! No science talk!

 Aidan – So um…yeah. Chocolate.

What is it like to have so many meddling relatives interested in your love life?

Aidan – It is…

Darcy – You don’t have any idea what meddling is! Do you know how hard it is to get a boyfriend when you have FIVE older brothers constantly getting in your face? Let me tell you, it’s…

Quinn – Enough, Darce. Seriously. If these potential boyfriends can’t take the heat of a couple of innocent questions from your brothers…

Darcy – You threatened to break Tommy Kane’s knees. How is that innocent in any way?

Hugh – We’re just looking out for you and making sure you’re with a guy worthy of you.

Owen – Weren’t we talking about Aidan?

Aidan – Thanks, bro. I was kind of enjoying the attention shifting for a little while.

Riley – Oh, come on, Aidan. We weren’t so bad when you and Zoe got together. Admit it.

Aidan – You mean other than both you and Hugh asking her to dance? Flirting with her?

Riley – (laughing) Oh yeah…

Hugh – She’s a great dancer too…

Aidan – That’s enough. (Shakes head) In answer to your original question – it’s annoying as hell!

What is your favorite movie to watch? Can you agree on a movie?

Aidan – Die Hard

Hugh – Die Hard

Riley – Die Hard

Quinn – Die Hard

Owen – Do I have to say Die Hard, too?

Darcy – Yes you do! (sighs dramatically). As you can tell, we can sort of agree. But yeah, Die Hard.

Dream vacation destination?

Aidan – Um…

Hugh – You can’t ask Aidan that. He doesn’t know how to take a vacation. Hell, he rarely even leaves town.

Aidan – that’s why it’s called a DREAM vacation, jackass. Let’s see…

Riley – I bet he says something obvious like Hawaii.

Darcy – That’s my dream…

Owen – Hawaii is great for star gazing. I was once there for a conference and we were watching the skies for…

Quinn – You’re doing it again!

Owen – Sorry.

Aidan – Let’s say my dream vacation would be anywhere these guys aren’t!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Aidan – Chocolate.

Hugh – Chocolate. But with some whipped cream.

Quinn – And some hot fudge! And a cherry on top.

Riley – Are we seriously competing with who has the bigger bowl of ice cream? (Laughs) Then I want to add some crushed up Oreos and some melted marshmallow.

Owen – I kind of like vanilla…

Darcy – Of course you do. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips in it. Yum!

Who’s neater?

Aidan, Hugh, Quinn, Riley and Darcy – OWEN!

Owen – (Shrugging) Me.

Working at a luxury resort must have it’s perks, when did you know that was the life for you?

Hugh – Aahhh…finally. Some questions for me! (Winks) One of my first jobs was working at a coastal resort doing odd jobs. I found that I enjoyed learning all the aspects of it and then I would troubleshoot and see what I would do differently. I liked the idea of having something small and private. Intimate. A couples getaway that didn’t require going to the islands. Once the idea formed, things just fell in to place. My father helped me finance my first resort and it was such a success that the others were done in fairly quick succession.

Aidan – Ask him about his personal rooms and apartments at each of the resorts. (Snickers)

Hugh – Shut up. So I like things…a certain way.

Quinn – A certain way? Or exactly the same in all twelve resorts.

Hugh – (Shrugging) All of my spaces at the resorts are identical. (Glares at siblings) There? Satisfied.

Are you used to getting your way all  the time?

Hugh, Aidan, Quinn and Riley – YES!

Darcy – I never get my way…

(Collective groan from all brothers)

Owen – It doesn’t really matter to me.

Quinn – Who even says that? Of course it matters!

Owen – If you guys get your way all the time, then that has to mean that someone doesn’t. That’s usually me.

Riley – Dude…

Aidan – Clearly that’s a therapy session for another time.

I had a blast guys. Thanks so much for hanging out with me!

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%name Samantha Chase Blitz Day 2   Coffee With The Shaughnessy Family & Giveaway

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