Starting in January 2018 all books will now receive a Spiced Latte Rating. The Spicy Latte Mug will only indicate the heat factor not the overall rating of the book.

While many books are spicier than others, I wanted to make sure that readers were informed before one-clicking on their next read. In the past I used a “Spicy Pepper” rating and didn’t give a rating to many books in genres where you would expect some heat. Welcome to the new heat-meter where every book posted on the site will receive a Spicy Latte Rating.

So the question remains, how Spicy do you like your Lattes?

Happy Reading.


Sweet –  Either no romance, or romance behind closed doors with enough sweetness to put a pink blush on your cheeks and leave your heart full of joy. Warm, sensual, and delicious.




Sinfully Sweet – Hotter than sweet with bedroom romance that tingles in all the right places, and a dash of spice to satisfy that slightly spicy craving.




Spicy  – Best enjoyed with your favorite iced-beverage, a cozy chair, and maybe a fan.




Scorchin – Caution, may lead to unexpected need to turn on the A/C.





Inferno – Will cause you to turn on the A/C, the fan, and take a cold shower.






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