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The Northman’s Bride is the third book in the Sons of North and it’s a must read! A story of mistaken identity, love and redemption that sweep us off our feet and into a land of Vikings!

Our heroine Sovia is forced to put herself in a compromising predicament once again. When the “plan” unravels will Sovia be able to control her temper or trust her father?

Hök has learned a lot fighting to prove himself and protect his honor. In order to win a battle two vital skills are listening and the ability to stay one step ahead of his opponent.

Even under stress Sovia is strong and will fight to protect the one thing that matter’s most to her.  When Hök offers her a solution to save her life it will shock them both. Will she agree? How will Hök’s family react when they discover what’s happened.  The last time they saw each other it nearly cost them both everything. Many people say the truth will set you free. For Sovia, the truth might destroy her and those she loves.

Wars, conquests, trust and a secret that could destroy this new life she’s attempted to make for herself are a few of the reasons this must read will make you a fan of Sandra Lake forever! I love Sandra’s books and find her writing to be rich in details, compelling and each book takes me on a journey of the heart and soul. If you’re not into Viking romance I ask you to give this a try, it will make a fan out of you! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself googling modern day images of Viking’s ;).

While this is the third book in her A Son’s of the North series it can be enjoyed without reading her backlist. However, if you have not read The Warlord’s Wife or The Iron Princess and missed my reviews you can check it out here and then grab a copy and start your adventure!

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Get your copy here – %name The Northmans Bride   review, excerpt and giveaway!%name The Northmans Bride   review, excerpt and giveaway!
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Get your copy here – %name The Northmans Bride   review, excerpt and giveaway!%name The Northmans Bride   review, excerpt and giveaway!
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I received this ARC from the publisher for a fair and honest review

**************** Excerpt ****************

For the first time, Hök caught sight of Sovia flinching. The slight wince wouldn’t be noticeable to many, but she swallowed a little too hard and her eyes shifted a little too quickly around the congested hall. She was wearing nothing more than a thin rag of a garment, but she refused to tremble from the chill in the windy hall or cower in fear before her fate.

“You pose a series of problems to my court.” Sverre pointed his fork at her. “As you know, most in this hall wish to see you dead.”

Sovia’s back straightened, as if she was preparing herself to be hung at that very moment. Hök admired her self-possession. It was a shame such self-control was wasted on a woman. She would have made an excellent battle commander.

“An alternative fate has been proposed to resolve the inconvenience of your presence in my court,” the king said. “Are you not going to ask me, witch? Are you not at all curious?”

“I have never had a say in what my fate might be,” Sovia said. “Why waste your time by asking? You will do with me whatever is your will.”

“You are a clever girl,” the king said, and turned to his companions. “I have never approved of women being educated. Far too dangerous.”

“How right you are,” Jarl Brosa groaned, likely thinking of his own wife, who was known for her scheming, political mind.

“You, woman, are a problem,” the king said.

She tilted her head down—not in a full bow, but with more submission than she had shown anyone up to that point. She breathed slowly, clearly working to restrain her temper. “I do not wish to be, Your Majesty.”

The king leaned forward. “Well then, what is your wish?”

“I would return to my home in Toraslotte, Your Majesty,” she said with a distinctly meeker tone. “I would speak of your mercy and generosity and send you a generous tribute by way of my gratitude.”

“Mercy, generosity, tribute . . . lies fall off your tongue as easily as your favors. I killed your father and his men. I shamed you publicly. Why would you falsely claim I am generous to you?”

“You have slain my enemy, therefore I think you deserving of tribute.”

“Which enemy of yours did I slay?”

“My father, of course.”

Conversation broke out in the hall, and both of the king’s advisors spoke at once.

Hök kept silent, watching Sovia closely. Her words clearly had a ring of truth. She had considered her own father an enemy.

For the first time since she’d entered the hall, Lady Sovia’s eyes fell on Hök, and their eyes locked but for a moment. Her cheeks paled and her balance faltered. She took a step out to the side, and her jailer yanked her arm, holding her steady.

A murderous rage for the man that dared touch her tore through him. Hök was on his feet. She’s mine! he snarled silently from within.

Descending from the dais, Hök unwrapped his fur mantle from his shoulders. He shoved the jailer away and draped the mantle on her shoulders. As he secured his gold cloak pin, she kept her eyes and head down, refusing to meet his gaze. Good, he thought. It pleased him that she feared him. It would be simpler that way.

“Your Majesty,” Hök said. “The hour grows late. I request that you inform your prisoner of her fate and excuse me and my men so that we may prepare for our departure.” Hök bowed his head.

“So be it, comrade,” the king said. “Though you do take all the fun out of it, Hök.
“Lady Sovia, if you wish to quit my dungeon, you will enter into wedlock with Lord Hök, making him the new master of Toraslotte.” He pointed his knife at her and leaned forward across the table. “You will sign a contract stating your union with Magnusson was of your own free will, design, and desire. Heed my warning: your people will know of this generosity and mercy I have granted you, and you will be the agent of peace, uniting our country, or so help me God I will swing the axe of judgment across your pretty little neck myself.

“Whether you ever see your castle again will be the decision of Lord Hök. Do you accept these conditions, Lady Sovia?”

Her head lifted and she answered quietly. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

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Author Info:

%name The Northmans Bride   review, excerpt and giveaway!

Sandra Lake was raised in rural Canada. She married her childhood sweetheart (who during her childhood resembled more like her childhood nemesis) and is currently living happily-ever-after along with their kids and unruly husky in eastern Canada.

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