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Breaking the Bachelor, by Maggie Kelley, is simply amazing. Jane Wright is a NYC matchmaker who’s created an app that will find your ideal mate in just FIVE days! She’s so confident that it works that she’s willing to wager Charlie Goodman, her childhood best friend and NYC most sexy and eligible bachelor, will find his soul mate! For a woman who abhors gambling this bet comes with a heavy price if she loses.

There’s only one problem, Charlie and Maggie have history. One night and a message on a napkin at a bar in the Caymans may just have ruined everything. Will he forgive her and save her from despair? Will he allow himself to be honest about his feelings? Even with all the drama, he just can’t shake her. Sometimes things can’t be fixed and you just need to fold and walk away.

What does the Brooklyn Bridge, a slice of pizza and a sexy hot bartender have in common? Read and discover a hot, passionate and hilarious look at dating, friendships and life. A great first book in what I hope is a new and fantastic series. I’m not a gambler but my bet is that Nick might just get his story next.

I received this ARC from the publisher for a fair and honest review. I look forward to the next installment and hope that Nick will finally get his story! Fingers crossed!

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After ten years of survival, aka working, in Hollywood, this former actress and current author of sexy contemporary romance is living happily-ever-after in Pittsburgh with her longtime sweetie, and their two punky kids. When not carpooling to birthday parties or testing her gourmet cooking skills by throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, Maggie daydreams about sneaking off to the Vegas or Napa, or even just the movies. A love of red wine, Italian food, and music round out her list of life’s greatest joys. Oh, and Tuesday night karaoke, totally underrated fun.

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