Graceley.Knox .ThroneofSecrets.eBook 2 200x300 Throne of Secrets Blog Tour   Review & Exclusive ExcerptHappy release week for Throne of Secrets, the third book in Graceley Knox’s Wicked Kingdom series. This magical book is packed with even more action, sexy one-liners and colorful details than the first two books. Fear not, if you are new to this series, check out my review of Crown of Betrayal and Mark of Truth There is time to catch up.

Hold onto your e-reader for this epic adventure that has more to come! If you love reading a romance with a slow burn with characters who are just so absolutely brilliant together, then read this story. The chemistry between Ever and Dare will singe your e-reader. It’s not over the top and it’s oh so exciting.

If you love a series that has romance, fantasy, connecting worlds, characters that are rich and well written by an author who allows your imagination to run wild, one-click. It’s a journey of uncovering the truth for Ever, who is she and why was she sent away? Will her parents reveal the truth? It still haunts her, and the outcome will impact and affect more than one kingdom. A war is brewing, lines have been crossed, trust has been broken. Family members have come forward to challenge the throne, and use Ever for their own gain. Who will discover the truth first?

A family reunion might finally present details surrounding the missing pieces Ever is collecting. However, the stakes are at an all time high, pieces are slowly coming into focus. Who will unlock the mystery first? Who will survive when it is Tour Teaser 3 300x206 Throne of Secrets Blog Tour   Review & Exclusive Excerptrevealed? Dare will stop at nothing to protect the one person he loves but will he find the courage to tell Ever his true feelings? Deep within their world woven of love and balanced with new formed trust, secrets still threaten to destroy generations of families. Kingdoms of innocent people, talk of a rebellion, and more riddles threaten the peace. The excitement is never ending! Will Ever return to MECA? is the Order safe? Oh Lord, I must know!

While I received this ARC for a fair and honest review I intend to purchase a few copies – they make great gifts for your friends. Now is the time to start shopping for the holidays. Cross those items off your list! At ninety-nine cents this book makes a welcome addition to your e-reader library and a wonderful new book adventure. Happy reading and watch out for those elves and goblins ;)!

While Throne of Secrets can be read as a standalone, for a deeper appreciation of the characters and their journey, I encourage you to read this series in order.  There is no better time to pick up a new author as Mark of Truth is $2.99 and Throne of Secrets is $0.99 right now on amazon! Grab all three books for $9.97! I have a feeling there is more to come so one-click now.

This two peppers spicy latte has just enough to make you tingle and is it’s for mature readers 18+. %name Throne of Secrets Blog Tour   Review & Exclusive Excerpt

EXCLUSIVE Throne of Secrets Excerpt:

Arela’s words from three weeks ago repeat over and over in my head like a broken record. And just like the first time I heard them, my stomach drops to my feet and my emotions spin out of control. Doubt that I can be the person to unite two kingdoms. Shock that I’m even considering that I’ll be the one to do it. Happiness that someone will unite the two kingdoms, worry that Arela is having chats with the Goddess of Faerie. And finally, determination to sort through all of it and make sure that everyone I love comes out unscathed.
I shiver and wrap the blanket I’d grabbed tightly around me. Dawn is approaching and the dark blues of the sky are slowly being replaced with streaks of orange and yellow. I’m sitting on the top of the front gate of the Goblin castle. The cool stone seeps through the blanket I’m huddled in, but I don’t mind it. I’ve come here every morning for the past week so I can sit in silence and think. Everyone around me is making plans and guessing at outcomes and I just need a few minutes to myself to process. Just a few moments to take a deep breath and clear my head. The darkness of the night matches the murkiness of my thoughts and my mood perfectly.
What I need is answers. I need someone to give it to me straight and not tack on their own political agenda. The chances of that happening are slim to none. I’m too close to all the parties involved for them to be unbiased. I need someone who doesn’t have anything invested in the outcome of my appearance in the Light Elven Kingdom. MECA could probably not care less, but then again, I recently learned they aren’t as uninvolved as they tell everyone they are. The Goblin Kingdom has given me shelter and taken care of those I hold dearest, but they hold might above all else. Allying with the Light Elven Kingdom would only make them more fearsome. Last but not least, my mother is a royal in the Light Elven Kingdom and my uncle is the current king. My mother is still missing, which adds to my worry, and my uncle is trying to make history. I’m sick of being a pawn in a deadly game of political chess. I pull at a loose string on the blanket and grumble under my breath.
“If only I could see snippets of the future. A glimpse is all I’m asking for.”
I look up into the fading darkness and pray that my wishes are heard by anyone who can help. Minutes go by and my glimmer of hope flicks out and helplessness fills my chest. Why me? Why would anyone involved in the grand scheme of things want me to help them? I’m angry most of the time and full of inappropriate sarcastic comments. I try to protect everyone around me but it seems like I mostly fail. I fail all the time and each time I do it’s like another piece of my soul crumbles into a pile of ash. I can barely make sense of my own emotions let alone help everyone else with theirs. There’s got to be a reason as to why I’m tangled up in all of this. Unfortunately, no one has any gods damned answers for me, so here I am. Sitting on the ramparts and tossing wishes into the universe like a child tosses a coin into a well.
“Perhaps I can help you with your glimpse, Ever.”

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Meet The Author:

Graceley%2Bpic Throne of Secrets Blog Tour   Review & Exclusive ExcerptGraceley Knox is an up and coming paranormal and fantasy romance author with a serious caffeine and book addiction. She prefers to listen to music while she writes and is a former New Englander living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. By day she works in the publishing industry, and by night, she plots out the many ideas cluttering her mind. When she’s not reading, writing, or hanging out with her large extended family you can find her on her various social media accounts.

Visit her here:
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