Jane Ashford Newlyweds Spotlight Tour – Review, Giveaway and Q & A with John and Mary


Married to a Proper Stranger, by Jane Ashford, is an historical romance story about rediscovery and compromise. John Bexley was sent to China on a Diplomatic mission and has finally returned after a two year journey. When he left Mary Fleming, his new bride, was sent off to stay with family. While she can’t stand her predicament and living arrangements, she does find comfort in her drawings. When Mary receives news that her husband has returned she finds herself in an awkward situation. Now she must leave her family and resume living with a man she hasn’t seen in two years. How bad could it be?

Unfortunately, Mary becomes frustrated they have difficulty re-connecting, and re-acquainting themselves. Even communicating becomes rather challenging. Now that they are together again, will they finally get the chance to discover how great they can be?

Usually Mary escapes into her sketchpad when life overwhelms her as it is a stress reliever. However, a few acquaintances of John’s are not so pleased with their likeness that it unsettles her. The last thing she wants is for there to be secrets between them. Tension rises as John is upset with a situation at work and his inability to reveal what he’s really up to. Secrets lend themselves to accidental involvement when Mary inadvertently must reveal what she has discovered. Will he admire her tenacity for justice and seeing things through? Will John’s co-workers respect her, or try to destroy her when she insists on helping? These secrets must be revealed, and when they emerge because of her drawings, families are pulled apart and lives are changed. Will they be able to have a fresh start and trust each other? This tender tale of love is a journey of self-discovery and worldly adventures.

This ARC was given to me by the publisher for a fair and honest review.

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Today we are pleased to sit down with John and Mary Bexley, the protagonists from Jane Ashford’s Married to a Perfect Stranger (March 2015). From February 23rd through March 20th the Bexleys will be answering questions about their relationship at each stop in their tour!

Who takes the longest to get ready in morning? John: Mary.
Mary: Well, of course I do. You don’t have to pin up your hair or lace your undergarments.

Jane Ashford discovered Georgette Heyer in junior high school and was captivated by the glittering world and witty language of Regency England. Her romances have been published all over the world. Jane has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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