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A Perfect Distraction by Anna Sugden is the first book in a wonderful series full of ice hockey, sexy players, adoring fans and lots of action. Both off and on the ice, this book draws us magically into this captivating and fantastic story.

Maggie Goodman left England and an abusive ex behind to protect her daughter and herself. In search of a better life for the two of them, she crossed the pond to be with her sister. Maggie vows to never put either of them in harms way ever again and begins to rebuild her life. There is an element of domestic violence and Anna tackles this brilliantly.

Jake “Bad Boy” Badoletti loves hockey but is unable to get over a tragic accident and the loss of his dear friend. A trade to NJ means re-locating and that’s never easy. A moving service was hired to ease Jake with the changes. What will happen when he sets his eyes on Maggie, the woman sent to help him with those needs?

Maggie works for her sisters re-location company and the job has been helpful giving her a fresh start. When Jake decides he wants a change to his contract, he insists it occur just days before the season starts. Can Maggie and her company make it happen or will they loose their client and the contract?

Committed to her daughter, Maggie is focused on improving her image and new life. Men however, are not a part of her plan and that includes Jake. Will a few days of “togetherness” with the residential “Bad Boy” change that? Can they ignore the intense attraction and still work together?

All men are not created equal and Maggie isn’t convinced that Jake is only interested in maintaining an honest and respectable image. When secrets from the past surface it shakes things up for both of them. How will he react to her past? Will it affect everything? Find out if Jake will have to choose between hockey and a women that just might be his “forever.”

If you’re looking for a fresh series that includes hockey, a team with sexy players that are a family both on and off the ice, then you must read this book. Anna’s attention to details is fantastic and her world of hockey is vivid, exciting and packed with hockey goodness.

I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review. I can’t wait to bring you each book in this series over the next few days. If you’re not a hockey fan you will be after you read this book.  Now to go find a Cadbury Milk and biscuits,  and dream of a few sexy New Jersey Ice Cats.😉

At a price of $3.99 you will want to download this e-book today.  Hurry the price wont’ last!

(** Previously Posted on 2/1/16)

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A Perfect Distraction (The New Jersey Ice Cats)

A Perfect Trade final

A Perfect Trade by Anna Sugden is the second installment in the New Jersey Ice Cats series. Elements of dreams, plans and redemption are sprinkled throughout this hockey romance both on and off the ice.

Jenny Martin is the “queen of the puck bunnies,” the women who chased those sexy hockey players and a grade school friend of an Ice Cats. Is she ready to relinquish her crown for something more fulfilling?

While her friends are settling down and beginning the next phase of life, Jenny wonders if she’ll deserving of the same happiness? A chance at “forever after” too.

Life in a hockey town is never dull and there’s always change, trade and uncertainty. It’s the unknown that still haunts Jenny, a troubled and painful past affected her decisions. Both personally and professionally. Is it possible that she can push through and not let it control her after all these years?

Truman “Tru” Jelinek has known Jenny since grade school and was once ready to save Jenny. Instead, there were consequences from that attempted rescue and it put a rift between them. Trust was betrayed and their friendship was torn apart.

Jenny’s desire to fulfill a lifelong dream could cost her everything. When Tru offers to help her, will she accept? Can she forgive him and leave it all in the past? Or, will she finally listen to her heart and let Tru in? If Jenny only knew how much Tru loved her, perhaps it would change everything?

Can love conquer all? Both Tru and Jenny have had great loss and pain to overcome. Is it possible that Tru will keep his word? Will those painful secrets stay buried or will they resurface now that the town is set to memorialized a beloved citizen.

This installment is full of passion, family relationships, great hockey and all the other goodies that we expect when we turn the page of Anna Sugden’s books.

Embedded within this story is the subject of abuse, delicately written and weaved with tender care. As our heroine learns to speak out about her unspeakable past, as a reader I wanted to leap into the pages and give her a supportive hug. Well done Anna for again tackling those sensitive subjects.

Even with the few crazy things he must deal with and overcome, Tru Jelinek is a hero that radiates warmth, sexy appeal and charm. A desire to protect his family and friends is what makes him so appealing and real.

Don’t miss this must read installment or the rest of the series! While I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review I would happily purchase or gift this book.

If you’re looking for a fresh series that includes hockey, a team with sexy players that are a family both on and off the ice, then you must read this book. Anna’s attention to details is fantastic and her world of hockey is vivid, exciting and packed with hockey goodness.

(** Previously Posted on 2/1/15**)

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A Perfect Trade (The New Jersey Ice Cats)

A Perfect Catch Cover

A Perfect Catch by Anna Sugden is perfect! This flawless and thorough story is filled with sexy hockey hunks, great dialogue and lots of sizzle. This time it’s all about Ike, Ike Jelinek, goalie of the New Jersey Ice Cats. For Ike, his world is centered between the poles. When a serious injury takes Ike off the ice and sends him to the hospital, everyone questions if he’ll ever be able to play again.  After careful evaluation the Doctor assures him he will need some assistance at home, if he wants to recover without any additional damage.

Unfortunately Ike is not one to take orders very well and has a superhero complex because well, he’s convinced he’s invincible and doesn’t need much help. Ike attempts to negotiate a deal with the Ice Cat’s top get-it-done mavin to help him out. If she’ll keep him company and will provide basic services for him, the Doctors will release him quicker from the hospital. The thought of staying any longer in the hospital makes a man do desperate things.  If she can do this one little thing for him, he’ll put the word out that her company is the “go to” company and it’s a “win-win” for all!

Tracy Hayden is currently the team’s independently contracted relocation and personal “go to girl.” Tracy is the best when it comes to getting things done.  If you need help with practically anything, Tracy and Making Your Move are there to help! Now she’s trying to expand and that means being available at all times making sure her clients are happy. This leaves very little free time to focus on anyone besides her family and close friends who begin to doubt if she’ll ever settle down. If only Tracy could stop thinking about what happened between her and Ike and the way “it” ended. Unfortunately, they both wanted different things. Whatever it was that they had, “it” quickly smoldered out.  Yet, somehow there is still a spark between them, an intense connection that both refuse to admit is just waiting to re-ignite and explode. Clearly they both still have unresolved feelings but are too strong willed and independent to pursue it.

Leave it to Ike to prove that he’s impervious to rules due to his superhero complex. When Ike refuses to abide by the Doctor’s orders, even with provisions in place that he agreed to, he re-injures himself.  He’s managed to risk his health yet again and this time winds up jeopardizing his career.  As much as Tracy doesn’t want to be near Ike, she takes pity on him, and on the situation. Besides, she has a vested interest in keeping the Ice Cat’s organization happy. Once again she agrees to help him, but strictly as a client.

Will she open up to Ike about why they really failed? Tracy can’t deny the intense connection they have. However, she’s still not interested in getting married and having a family, or is she? Exactly who needs convincing? Ike, Tracy, or both?

There is nothing better than a great story that’s filled with amazing characters and hockey – Yum! I am an avid hockey fan and the world of the NJ Ice Cats is sexy and exhilarating. This was the first book I’ve read by Anna Sugden and I can’t wait to read more. This ARC was sent to me by the Author for an honest review. I enjoyed Ike and Tracy’s story and can’t wait to see who’s next!

(** Review previously posted on 2/4/16**)

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A Perfect Catch (The New Jersey Ice Cats)


A Perfect Compromise Cover

A Perfect Compromise is the latest installment in Anna Sugden’s  New Jersey Ice Cats series. The man of the hour today is Jean Baptiste “J.B.” Larocque, a player who’s had a difficult time escaping trouble, despite trying to do the right thing. I was super excited to read this book and discover how his story ends.

Even with teammates looking out for him, he can’t catch a break  with misunderstandings and the paparazzi. If he wants to play hockey and let the dust settle, he’ll need to disappear and calm down. Hopefully the press will settle down too and he’ll be back out on the ice in no time.

Meanwhile, nothing says rest and relaxation more than a Caribbean resort. Add a week of sand, drinks and if he’s lucky a quick fling all out of the eyes of the press.

Isabelle Brandine has done everything by the book and followed every rule. When a sudden change to her jobs code of ethics threatens to take it all away, will she be able to stay under the radar?

Both J.B. and Isabelle have issues to resolve and a past they’d like to shut the book on. Will this connection throw their plans out the window? Can she resist his charm? Will she rebel against the rules set before her?

When an unplanned event throws all the rules out the window and changes J.B and Isabelle’s journey it will leave everything up for negotiation. Hopefully it will be more than just a simple business transaction. J.B., is about to discover what happens when there is no plan. Perhaps the order might just be Live, Love, and Hockey.  Would that be so bad?

This book is packed with love, struggles both off and on the ice, obstacles and lots of fantastic hockey. The players, the games, the fans and the journey to the Stanley Cup is real.  One of the amazing aspects of the stories in this series is that the players, including the ones that are related, all look out for each other.

Thank you Anna for a fun week and I’ve enjoyed featuring your NJ Ice Cats on the blog and having you here!

I received this ARC from the author for a fair and honest review.

An Excerpt (thank you Anna:) ):

“How low can you go?” the crowd chanted.

Part of Issy wanted to fail so she could return to the relative anonymity of the sidelines. But an­other part refused to surrender without trying. She hated to just give up.

“First up is the lovely Bella. Step forward and lim-bo.”

Issy walked over to the bar, which looked ri­diculously low, and waited for the musical cue. The audience whooped and hollered.

“Go, Bella!” Sapphie’s voice mingled with Tay­lor’s deeper tones.

“You can do it,” J.B. encouraged. “Take your time and relax.”

How was she supposed to relax with him stand­ing in front of her, his dark eyes watching every sway and shimmy? Making her feel sexy and a little naughty? Making her imagine a different, more private, dance with him?

Hot, hot, hot, blared the speakers.

Issy dropped her shoulders, arched her back and bent her knees. Slowly she inched forward.

When her chest brushed the wooden pole, she thought she’d blown it. Although the bar rattled on the stand, it stayed up. Even so, she didn’t move again until she was sure. Then she held her breath as she carefully made it through.

Giddy with success, she straightened to boister­ous cheers. Sapphie ran over, squealed and hugged her tight, then pulled Issy off to the side. J.B. lifted her in the air and spun her around.

As he stopped and began to lower her slowly, their gazes met. Suddenly she was intensely aware of the hardness of his body as hers slid down the length of him. Of the crisp scent of his aftershave mingled with the heady fragrance of clean male skin. His arms around her seared her through the thin cotton of her dress.

Plastered against him—breast to chest, thigh to thigh—she felt every plane and dip of his taut muscles. Her cheeks flamed as his arousal pressed against the cradle at the top of her legs.

She should move…break his hold…step back…something.

The message in his dark eyes—he didn’t want to let her go—thrilled her.

She was venturing into dangerous, uncharted waters. For the first time in her life Issy wanted to dive straight in.

Excitement warred with her reason. As won­derful as that would probably—definitely—be, it would also be a mistake. There were bound to be consequences.

J.B. was like no one she’d ever met before. Her reaction to him was like nothing she’d ever expe­rienced before.

And, he clearly wanted her, too.

Loud groans from the gathered crowd and the clatter of the limbo bar interrupted her thoughts, breaking the moment.

J.B. eased her away from him but anchored her to his side with his arm around her shoul­der. His reluctance to let her go thrilled her. A few more minutes couldn’t hurt. Besides, Sap­phie and Taylor couldn’t keep their hands off each other; they’d disappear once the contest was over. Then J.B. wouldn’t have a reason to hang out with her anymore.

That was for the best. Really. In the meantime she’d enjoy the pleasure of the moment and the undivided attention of a gorgeous man.

More groans signaled the third contestant had failed. One more to go. If the last man succeeded, it would delay the end of the contest and extend her time with J.B. On the other hand, she’d have to step back out into the spotlight and do more limbo. A devil’s choice.

Raucous cheers told her which path had been chosen for her.

“Down, down,” the crowd chanted as the DJ made a show of lowering the bar another notch.

“You can take that guy. No problem,” J.B. mur­mured in her ear.

The feather touch of his breath against the sen­sitive skin of her neck made her shiver deliciously.

As she gently disengaged herself, he pulled her back, then tilted her face up to his. “A kiss for luck.”

Her knees went weak. Who knew that could really happen?

Good grief—it was the slightest brush of his firm, warm lips against hers. What would hap­pen if he kissed her properly?

(** review previously posted on 2/5/16**)

Get your copy here:

A Perfect Compromise (The New Jersey Ice Cats)


Cropped To Be His 9781402291760-300[1] His kind of trouble


His Every Need (Beauty and the Brit Book 1) by Terri Austin proves that sometimes it’s necessary to challenge an opponent, even if it means doing something you never considered.  At the heart of this intoxicating tale is a woman who is willing to do anything in order to save her family. Terri Austin’s characters are real, raw and looking for their own happy-ever-after.

Allie Campbell is trying to keep her family together and has not stopped to put herself first. So, when wealthy businessman Trevor Blake is the obstacle between loosing her house or staying in it. It’s time to negotiate, but will she wager it all?

Trevor Blake is a only interested in advancing his net profit. With a demanding schedule, this British business man has no time for relationships or games. That is until Allie proposes an alternative to being evicted. It’s bold, risky and absolutely sinful.

This push and pull intoxicating journey will test both Allie and Trevor. Who will break first? One of them will go too far leaving you to wonder if forgiveness is even an option.

By the end of this story you will be rushing to your e-reader store to download the next installment which is a novella from Trevor’s perspective. While each book can be read as a standalone I’ll leave it up to you dear reader how you want to dive in to this seductively charming series.

This three pepper read has content that might offend and is for 3 Jalepenosmature readers 18+.  As well as tension, smokin’ hot chemistry, meddling and crazy family members that will make you laugh and cry.

I received this ARC for a fair and honest review.


Cropped To Be His

To Be His (a companion novella to His Every Need) by Terri Austin and takes us through Trevor’s perspective. If you are curious how Trevor feels about Allie walking into his office and proposes a business deal, that alone should be enough? Not convinced? This time the seductive and witty Brit shows us if he can handle Allie with her charm and creative power of persuasion.

This steamy, seductive tale is a two pepper read and is free right 2 Jalepenosnow at most e-reader retailers.  While you might be skeptical that it’s just the same story as His Every Need but from Trevor’s point of view, I assure you it’s worth reading.

Just look at the cover, Trevor is begging you to download this juicy delight hear his version of what happened. Do it, you have nothing to lose and will be happy you did.

With intense situations for mature readers, 18+. I downloaded this book for free from amazon. The review is my own honest opinion.

Check back tomorrow when I sit down for Coffee With Terri and on Wednesday I’ll post my review of His Kind of Trouble and I’ll have  giveaway on Wednesday too. So, mark your calendar and check back each day. You won’t want to miss the fun!

(Previously Posted review on 10/12/15)

Get your copies here:

To Be His (Beauty and the Brit)

His to Keep (Beauty and the Brit)

His Every Need (Beauty and the Brit)


His kind of trouble

His Kind of Trouble (Beauty and the Brit Book 2) by Terri Austin introduces us to another hunky Brit and his affect on a Campbell sister. Filled with witty dialogue, intense chemistry these characters will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.

Monica Campbell once lived fast and on the edge worrying everyone around her. Before spiraling  out of control her sister saved her, but she feels the constant need to prove herself. When will she focus on herself? Now Monica judges everything, wondering when her past will resurface and suck her back into temptation and trouble.

Years have passed since she hit bottom and Monica is now a respectable college graduate working at her families Foundation.  Those wild and carefree days are in her past along with those bad boys she was drawn to. But, for one, she can’t forget a stolen moment all those years ago.

Callum Hughes hasn’t forgotten the girl who tempted him that starry night all those years ago. Was he really willing to lead Monica into sin and temptation? First impressions are killer and perhaps there was more to him than that rugged sexy biker dude she saw.  Sometimes first impressions can be misleading and oh so wrong.

When Cal comes back to town what will happen when Monica discovers where he’s been? Will she judge him too? Is he really one of those bad boy she swore she’d stay away from for good?

From the cover to the very last page this romance sizzles with  serious chemistry with an intoxicating plot that takes us to sin city for a fabulous adventure. Can Monica stay prim and proper or is her inner bad girl waiting to be unleashed? Is there a way to be both without spiraling out of control?

Monica has had her fair share of pain and has a secret that has haunted her for years, will she finally be able to trust and open up to Cal? Maybe Cal can stop running away and find his happy ever after. In order for that to happen,  Monica needs to accept him flaws and all. Will he finally settle down and commit?

If you are into cars, living life in the moment and hot British men then you will love this book! Terri has done an amazing job with this series. Each book can be read as a stand alone. However, I really enjoyed diving in from the beginning and the payoff is worth it.

Another fantastic series that I’ve discovered, thank you Sourcebooks Casablanca. Don’t worry dear readers, you only have a few weeks until release day, hang in there. Pre-order your copy now.

Terri is there anyway we can have a teaser for Book 3 in time for the holidays? Thank you again for hanging out with me yesterday and I look forward to release day November 3, 2015.

I received this ARC from the publisher for a fair and honest review.

This three pepper read has content that might offend and is for 3 Jalepenosmature readers 18+.  As well as tension, smokin’ hot chemistry, meddling and crazy family members that will make you laugh and cry.

(** Previously posted review on 10/14/15**)

Author Bio:


As a girl, Terri L. Austin thought she’d outgrow dreaming up stories and creating imaginary friends. Instead, she’s made a career of it. She met her own Prince Charming and together they live in Missouri. She loves to hear from readers. Drop her a note at

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TWO lucky readers will win an e-book copy of A Perfect Selection: The New Jersey Ice Cats. Just answer the following question for a chance to win this!

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