Worthwhile by Lynne Silver is set in Miami where the nights are full of action with complex characters that are addictive and keep you reading till the very last page. This story has all the feels that make Miami sizzle. Get your party clothes on, the club is packed with music that will keep you dancing for hours, the men are hot, and the chemistry is even hotter.  

Olivia Rodriguez comes from a family that is overprotective and controlling, in a loving-sorta-way. When an opportunity falls into Olivia’s lap, it forces her to make a choice that will involve risks and adventure. I love how daring Olivia is despite the environment she grew up in, and her ability to take a chance despite the consequences is admirable.

Drew Weaver must overcome the daemons that haunt him, and family expectations impact his choices. Can he separate the two? If not, he just might push away the one thing he wants. Drew will bring Olivia to her knees, how she responds depends on whether or not she’s ready to be honest. Will she start living life the way she desires?  

The weekend is fast approaching and it’s time to add a lot of heat to your e-reader. With a dash of faith and a sprinkling of trust, this relationship promises to be intense and intoxicating. The infusion of language, culture and hotness that makes Miami so special adds to the essence of the story. It sizzles. Lynne’s writing leaves you wanting more and that’s a great thing because What It’s Worth just released and it’s time for more. You are worthy of reading this series and your e-reader will thank you!

3 JalepenosThis story sizzles, has content for mature readers 18 + and is very addictive ;).  The latest installment released today and I will be posting my review soon. I received this ARC from the author for a fair and honest review.

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About the Author: Lynne Silver is the author of sexy contemporary romance such as the popular Alpha Heroes and Coded for Love series. She absolutely loves to travel and explore new cities. She has a slight (huge) addiction to donuts, fancy purses, romance novels and video games. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and two sons. She loves connecting with readers so please find her on social media.

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