A%2BNecessary%2BDeception%2BBanner A Necessary Deception by Lucy Farago   Review and Excerpt
Book: A Necessary Deception
Author: Lucy Farago
Genre: Romantic Suspense. 
Part of a series but can be read standalone.
A%2BNecessary%2BDeception%2B%25282%2529 A Necessary Deception by Lucy Farago   Review and Excerpt



The Whole Latte

If you’re looking for an action packed, on-the-edge-of-your-seat romance that takes you to the wild and beautiful mountains of Alaska that, then don’t miss A Necessary Deception by Lucy Farago. In the latest installment from Search and Recover series the  Investigation Collections Unit is back and packed with writing that keeps you engaged, excited and ready to tackle some insane bad dudes. Let’s not forget the romance, scorchin’ chemistry and characters that you will fall in love with.

What would you do if you woke up in the middle of no-where Alaska with the clothes on your back and a HUGE secret. Lucy, thank you for a book with an amazing opening scene. Lucy Farago is a master storyteller with her ability to bring a reader immediately into her world and hook us from the first page with enough action, espionage, and romance to satisfy fans and create new ones.

When Taylor Moore finds herself alone in the wilderness with the sexy and mysterious Monty Buchannan, it will take courage, strength and faith that she can conquer her biggest fear. Who can be trusted? Who will survive?

The chemistry between Taylor and Monty is explosive. The layers in this story keep unfolding like a holiday present that has multiple surprises. Who can be trusted? Who will be victorious? What gadgets will she think of next? It’s time for a story that leaves you out of breath, full of hope, and in awe at the amount of research that Lucy Farago put into this story.

Don’t miss this exciting new release, a book adventure so vivid it felt like I was with them through the white covered mountains and chilly nights.Who will be victorious? Two people who must let go of their past and open up their hearts to the idea of a true love. One that has the ability to protect and defend anything that threatens to destroy it.

3 Spicy Larger Image Final 1 300x300 A Necessary Deception by Lucy Farago   Review and ExcerptI received this ARC from Bare Naked Words for a fair and honest review. This Spicy novel is best enjoyed with your favorite iced-beverage, a cozy chair, and maybe a fan. In this situation, you’ll need your favorite winter clothes and accessories ;).

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Meet the Author

Lucy Farago is an award winning, romantic suspense author whose sixth book, A Necessary Deception, released this May. A native Canadian, she began her writing journey twelve years ago when she joined the Romance Writers of America. Although she reads all genres, she prefers turning that final page with a smile on her face. She strives to give her readers the same satisfaction.

“Admit it, you were scared when you first saw me, but when you woke up, I was wearing the glasses. Your opinion changed. You thought I was smart. Most people trust someone they perceive as intelligent…and relatively harmless.”
“You mean nerdy. You wear glasses so people think you’re smart. Why is it you have to convince anyone of that?”
“I’ll admit I’m not a patient person. I don’t want to have to continually convince people I know what I’m doing. I…I did a lot of…convincing…when I was a kid. I won’t do it again. You asked who I was earlier. I’m a computer expert.”
Okay. “But not a normal techy.” Normal techies didn’t have underground hidey-holes. “So, what is it? Information officer for the military. Hacker for the CIA. What?” She’d feel a lot better if she knew he’d gone through some security clearance.
 “You watch too much TV.”
“I don’t watch any television. Except for The Bachelor, and that’s purely for business.” That was her story and she was sticking to it. “And who else but the government would fund a place like this?”
He sighed like a man not used to people questioning him. “I work for an agency that specializes in search and recover. Every team member has a role. I’m the computer guy. Mostly, our job is to find…things.”
“Judging from the hardware out there, I’d say they don’t hire you to find their missing pet.” Of that she was certain.
“And isn’t it the police’s job to find…things?”
“Sometimes,” he said.
“You with the police?” How much could she trust him?
“You’re asking too many questions.”
“Put yourself in my shoes.”
He got up and went into the kitchen. “How about some food? All you had was soup, and I haven’t eaten since this morning.”
Why didn’t he want to answer her? “Avoiding my questions when you’re stuck with me for who knows how long isn’t going to work.”
“I’m not avoiding. I’m hungry.” He opened a cupboard and pulled out a large can. “Chili? It says right on the can, fit for kings.”
“Sure,” she said, more to stay agreeable than actually looking forward to canned chili. She joined him. “You don’t work with the police. Do you work against them?” Although even to herself that sounded like a stupid question,
because if he did—if what they did was illegal—he wouldn’t tell her.
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