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Welcome to Authors Dish where your favorite authors will share what they are reading. In addition, if you enjoy reading their books they have suggestions for similar book adventures by other authors. It doesn’t get better than that!

This post will run regularly on Fridays so sit back and take notes…these authors have a lot to share.


Today in the cafe are Cathy Maxwell, Samantha Chase and Jeanne Adams.

Rae: Who are you reading? 

%name Authors DishCathy Maxwell: BEARD SCIENCE (Winston Bros. #3) by Penny Reid.  Oh, and Lorraine Heath’s latest BEYOND SCANDAL AND DESIRE. Yes, I read two books at a time if they are different subgenres.



Samantha Chase: I have been on a Sawyer Bennett kick – her Cold Fury series is awesome!! Samantha Chase 300x292 Authors Dish



%name Authors DishJeanne Adams: I’m reading Donna Andrews’ How the Finch Stole Christmas, Kate Carlisle’s Eaves of Destruction, and Christmas Novellas from Anna Campbell!  In my stash are some non-fiction: The Ghost Map (about plagues), and Chip Gaines’s book Capital Gaines; as well as some great new fiction: Ellery Adams’ Killer Characters, and Charlaine Harris’s latest Aurora Teagarden Sleep Like a Baby



Rae: If readers are a fan of your books, who should they consider reading?

Cathy Maxwell: That is a tough one because there are many writer who are so wonderful, I am embarrassed to compare myself to them.  However, authors who inspire me are Lorraine Heath, Sherry Thomas, Cheryl Etchison, Anne Elizabeth, Sabrina Jeffries, Elizabeth Hoyt, Karen Robards, Nora, Georgette hayer, Kristan Higgins. Of course, Lavryle Spencer and Sherry Thomas and, and, and.  There are brilliant books out there.  Isn’t it a joy to be a reader? Especially one who loves a happy ending?

Samantha Chase: Melanie Shawn, RaeAnne Thayne, Susan Mallery, Marquita Valentine, Noelle Adams

Jeanne Adams:  Suzanne Ferrell, JD Tyler, Nancy Northcott, Sue Coletta, Jordan Dane, Loreth White, KJ Howe (if you want it with action but not so much romance…)

Rae: Thank you so much authors! Let me know dear readers if you try any of these books. I’ll see you next week – sae time for new authors and more fun! 
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