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Rae: First, if we were meeting at a coffee shop I’d be drinking a Mocha Latte with Coconut milk. What would you order?

Ellen: English Breakfast Tea—I hate coffee!

Rae: Not only are you an author of paranormal romance, you have a backlist of sixteen books in non-fiction, and released a boxed set of Tarot cards. How did you make the leap from non-fiction to paranormal romance?

Ellen: Fiction was my first love. But I found success in New Age non-fiction, and I still am a part of the traditional publishing world.

Rae: What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Ellen: The biggest challenge I faced? Working in the novels around my last two non-fiction titles.

Rae: What inspired you to write The Legacy of Magick book and subsequent series.
Ellen: The Legacy Of Magick series was something I tinkered with for ten years. I always knew it would be a series, and once I let the characters “off the chain” so to speak, they sort of exploded on the page. And I’ve never had so much fun writing.

Rae: I am waiting patiently for your upcoming release with Barbara Devlin that will be released April 4, 2017. How are your stories connected?

Ellen: Sure, Bewitched & Beloved is a crossover book. That features stories from the Pirates of The Coast and Legacy Of Magick series. Barbara wrote the historical tale called The Buccaneer and I wrote the contemporary, which is entitled The Hidden Legacy.

Rae: Can you tell us without giving away too much? I love the cover and am excited to read this collaboration.


Teaser for The Hidden Legacy: A bewitched heirloom is handed down from Francie Osborne (Barbara’s heroine) to her modern day descendant (my heroine) Hannah Osborne Pogue. When Hannah inherits the heirloom she becomes the keeper of a magickal legacy that has been protected for generations.

A practical, modern Witch, Hannah is a single mother sworn to keep her Craft hidden from outsiders. Her well organized world is turned upside down when she meets Detective Henry Walker, a charming southern scoundrel.

Even as they clash their attraction grows. Leaving Hannah to struggle with the obligations of her family’s legacy, even while Henry is determined to discover whatever it is Hannah’s been hiding.

He’s feeling bewitched and she’s absolutely certain that he’d never be her beloved. Its going to take a special sort of magick to bring these two together.

Rae: What is on your upcoming release list for 2017? Are there any new series in the works that you can give us a tease?

Ellen: Spells Of The Heart: Legacy Of Magick book #7– June 2017

There is a very special holiday project, coming too…and readers should stay tuned because this is BIG. As in epic.

And I’m going to try like hell to get Gypsy Spirit: The Gypsy Chronicles Book 2 out by the end of the year .

Rae: When you are deep in writing, do you sit at your computer all day or put it on paper? Some writers work by daily word count or pages, do you have a daily goal?

Ellen: I work at my computer, and I write until I can’t focus on the screen anymore. I’d say on average 8 hours a day. Every day.

etsy 150x150 Coffee With Ellen DuganRae: Not only are you an amazing storyteller but you are a talented artist. I adore your Etsy shop and LOVE my winter sign. I’ll be sad to put that one away soon. If readers have not visited your shop, they should check it out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/EllentheGardenWitch 

Rae: I observed that you are very into decorating during the holidays, is there one you favor more? Do you decorate and go all out for all the holidays during the year?

Ellen: Halloween- hands down is my favorite holiday, with Yuletide a close second. Yes, I decorate my home and celebrate all of the seasons.

Rae: If readers want to find you, will you be on the road at any conferences or appearances in 2017?

Ellen: Not this year. I’m staying home keeping my butt in the chair and writing as fast as I can.

Rae: I am thrilled you were able to join me today and look forward to reading Bewitched & Beloved: A Pirates of the Coast/ The Legacy of Magick Crossover. It was so much fun having you here today!

Ellen: Thanks Rae!

****** 9 Tantalizing Tidbits ******

1. What is a must read book and why? The Natural Psychic by Ellen Dugan because it answers lots of questions for lots of folks.

2. What is one place that I should see if I visit your hometown? The Winery!

3. What is one thing readers would be surprised to know about you? I’m a Master Gardener

4. Hard Rock or Classical? Favorite Band or Artist? I have VERY Eclectic musical tastes and make different play lists for different books.

5. If you had an all expenses paid trip anywhere in the world for research, where would you go? Ireland

6. What is your guilty pleasure? Dark Chocolate

7. What are you afraid of? Typs I mean typos LOL

8. Organized or Free Floating? Hello I’m a VIRGO. I live for organization

9. What play or musical do you want to see next? You mean I could leave the house? I’ve never seen Wicked- always wanted to.

Rae: Thanks again for hanging out! Time for another Latte 1f642 Coffee With Ellen Dugan
Happy Reading Dear Readers.
Happy Writing Ellen

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Ellen Dugan is the award winning author of 17 non-fiction titles, and the Witches Tarot. Well known for her candor and humor, she is also a Master Gardener. Ellen successfully branched out into paranormal fiction with her first series Legacy Of Magick. Visit her website at www.ellendugan.com



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