Her Sexy Challenge by Sarah Ballance is witty, charming, and absolutely sexy. Any story that involves firefighters, a bookstore and a woman overcoming her fears is worth reading.

Our dear hero, Shane Hendricks is ready to stop chasing ghosts and put the past behind him. If he’d only realize that he doesn’t have to leave town to feel complete and discover who he was truly meant to be.

Caitlyn Tyler is the perfect woman for Shane with her unique approach to conquering her fears and her sense of humor. Every book I’ve read from Sarah has strong women who just find themselves in the most precarious situations. We all have fears we’d like to conquer and I’m sure many readers will relate to Caitlyn, especially if it might involve a sexy fireman ;).

One-click this contemporary romance and discover a witty, charming and absolute must read from an author who makes me laugh and finally conquer my own fears.

A spicy 2 1/2 pepper read that has enough two half jalepenosheat to make you sizzle and is for mature readers 18+.

While I received an advance copy from the publisher for a fair and honest review it makes a great gift for yourself or anyone looking for a book adventure. At a bargain price of $0.99 it makes a great gift for yourself or a friend!

Get your copy here: Her Sexy Challenge

If you love stories set in the Scottish Highlands with clans, battles and men in kilts then be sure to one-click Mary Wine’s latest historical romance release.

A man feared by many and a woman who will take a stand. Add a kidnapping with a twist and a ransom fit for a war chief and you are sure to find a love that burns bright. Helen must find a way to let Marcus MacPherson close enough to capture her heart. Will Marcus prove he’s worth of her love?

A majestic love story of one man who will stop at nothing to ensure his homeland is protected. Will he make it in time to protect Helene and keep her reputation in tact? Helene is strong and will challenge Marcus to prove that she will not be commanded. The tension between them is wicked 😉 as they adjust to their new arrangement.

Take a trip back in time to a world of clans, castles, lairds and lots of men in kilts. If you are suffering from Outlander withdrawal than one-click this must read. It has that and more! Yes! A thousand times more.

Get your copy here: Highland Vixen (Highland Weddings Book 2)

Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen is an emotionally satisfying conclusion in her Brooklyn Bruisers hockey series. When Mike Beacon discovers his wife’s unforgivable secret he is prepared to start fresh and find happiness. It will take a tragic turn of events to tear him apart from the one woman who could give him everything he wants.

We have been told that time heals the heart, but for Mike, he will discover that if he’s to find love then he must make the ultimate sacrifice. Hearts have been broken and lives changed.

Lauren Williams was there for Mike when he was betrayed but when he leaves her without any word it tears her world apart. Was it all a lie? What they had was raw, real and sizzled. When the truth is leaked, will his heart survive the fallout? No amount of protective gear can save him when he has a chance to redeem himself and confront his past.

Sarina’s series gives a perfect balance of squeeze and spice in this 2 1/2 pepper read that has enough two half jalepenosheat to make you sizzle and is for mature readers 18+.

I received an advance copy from the publisher for a fair and honest review it makes a great gift for yourself or anyone looking for a book adventure.

Get your copy here: Pipe Dreams (A Brooklyn Bruisers Novel)

The Stablemaster’s Daughter by Barbara Devlin is infused with romance, heat and beloved characters from her spicy Pirate series. Fans of The Iron Corsair will rejoice in reading about the devoted and loyal brother Lord Ernest who deserves a happy-ever-after with the one woman he’s never forgotten, his childhood crush Henrietta. When these former friends reunite it’s page perfect.

Discover what happens when two kindred souls uncover a secret that nearly destroyed them both. Is there room for forgiveness? In order for a relationship to work there needs to be honesty, acceptance, and selfless acts of devotion. Will they finally succeed in being together forever?

Whenever I pick up one of Barbara Devlin’s books I am guaranteed that I will be reading until the very last page. Every book has rich and vivid details, a fast moving pace, and a plot full of twists and surprises. It’s time to dive in and read a book that is satisfying in every way and will leave you swooning for Lords, Pirates and romance. One-click now.

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Get your copy here: The Stablemaster’s Daughter (Regency Rendezvous Book 10)

A Necessary Lie by Lucy Farago will keep you on the edge of your comfy chair till the very last page. This was my first adventure from Lucy and I can’t wait to read more. From the sexy cover to the men of the Investigative Collection Unit it’s a must for your summer reading.

Cowboy has one job and with it comes deception and a few secrets. No one knows his real name and he’s never wanted to tell any woman his true identity. That’s all about to change.

Grace Irvine is a reporter and will stop at nothing until she uncovers the truth even if it means the worst involving her missing friend. Meddling family, dangerous secrets and knowing when to ask for help will impact Grace and her resolution in her latest case. When she needs help, in the form of a tall and handsome Cowboy, she will find out that looks are deceiving, evidence can be tampered with and her heart can’t be protected.

I loved the chemistry, the writing and the gradual suspense of uncovering a mystery that’s shocking and characters that are wickedly charming, wity, and naughty. Dive into a world of reporters, politicians, the ICU, and one sexy Cowboy.

I received an ARC from the author for a fair and honest review and look forward to the next installment.

Get your copy here: A Necessary Lie (Search and Recover)

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