It’s time to meet The Renegades from Rebecca Yarros. If you are reading this post and have not read a book from Rebecca Yarros you are missing out on must read romance. The Renegades series is fresh, sexy, thrilling and will leave you with an urge to try something new. Life is full of possibilities when you are surrounded by friends who get you. The ones who would do anything to enhance who you are and what you believe in.

While each book can be read as a standalone I highly recommend reading this series in order for the full on adventure impact. From start to finish every book is exhilarating, heart pounding and filled with characters that have amazeballs chemistry. You will be gasping and wanting more. I adore Rebecca’s writing and am thrilled to have her on the blog tomorrow for my Coffee With post. Now, let’s check out The Renegades….

pattern 4 elements 0009 Layer 2 copy 3 300x290 Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?wilder 200x300 Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?Wilder is the first book in The Renegades series and has one of the most intense and exciting intros I’ve read. Paxton Wilder is an adrenaline junkie and in danger of failing school. If he’s to continue pursuing his passion, the only option he has is to hire a tutor and pass hi classes.

Leah Baxter accepts a job as a tutor and the job will knock her off her axis. Leah’s world is about to be turned upside down. What do you do when the one person you can’t have is the only one who will fill that void you didn’t know you had? Will Leah be the one to save Wilder from total self destruction?

When you live for the thrill there is nothing to fear, except perhaps love. This page-turner will keep you on the edge of your seat! Paxton needs to focus and if he keeps questioning people’s true motives, he may never really trust. In order to truly have it all he will have to learn to trust and open up his heart. 

Paxton lives for the thrill and that makes him one intense man. A man who dreams of power, money and the ultimate thrill willing to chase the next big adventure without a second glance. Despite the potential for danger to himself and those he cares about will Paxton find the balance he craves?

It felt like I was right there with him for every jump and leap of faith. Now more than ever I wish I had no fear to leap and fly like Wilder. You will too once you read this must read book!

Mondays are the perfect day to start a book adventure and sail around the globe with The Renegades. This two peppers spicy latte hot delight with the perfect amount of sizzle to make you tingle. Oh, and yes, it’s for mature readers 18+.  %name Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?

Discover the moment I fell in love with Wilder with this excerpt and then one-click to dive in.


Paxton led me through the crowd until we stood on the grated metal balcony. Holy s&*^t. How many stories up were we? How far apart were the metal slats? For the love of God, I could see the sidewalk through the space between my feet and the small crowd that had gathered there.
My vision narrowed, blackening at the edges, and what had been the grate seconds earlier now looked like a steep canyon wall with nothing between me and the ground hundreds of feet below. I blinked rapidly until the grate returned.
“I think I’ll go inside,” I whispered, backing up slowly until I bumped into Little John’s belly, my breath accelerating.
“This is for you, Bambi,” he said, handing me the harness he’d been carrying.
“What?” I squeaked. Don’t look down. Focus on him.
“Bambi, you know…because you look like a deer in the headlights,” he answered.
“Bambi is a boy, and what the hell would I need a harness for?”
“That.” Landon pointed toward two thick wires Paxton was inspecting, which led from the top of the tower to—no fucking way—a wall at the end of the pool. On the ship. Our ship. The one in port at least six stories beneath us. “We’re zip-lining into the set-sail party,” he said with a grin, as if I’d been given some kind of gift.
“No. Nope. Not happening,” I said, shaking my head, trying to back into the tower.
“Wilder, we’ve got a no-go,” Little John called out.
Paxton looked over from where it appeared he was securing whatever contraption wanted to kill me. He took me gently by the arm to the side of the tower where the cameras weren’t pointing and, for once, my thoughts weren’t on how hot he was but rather how quickly I could kill him and bury the body.
“There’s no chance I’m doing that.” My words ran together. “I don’t even know how to do that, nor would I ever want to. It’s insane.” And dangerous. And so high.
“It’s fun,” he promised and knelt in front of me. “Step here,” he said, guiding my feet.
“It’s not fun, it’s death, and I want no part of it.”
“It’s perfectly safe. Step again.”
My legs acted on autopilot, my eyes firmly focused on the zip line. “Why the hell would you even do something like this?”
“Because no one has,” he answered, as if that was reason enough.
“Did you ever stop to think there’s a reason no one has done it? Maybe it’s dangerous? Or illegal?”
He laughed and stood, pulling something up my legs and fastening it around my waist. “It’s actually safe, I promise. I’ve done it hundreds of times. Never onto a cruise ship, but through jungles, off a parasail, that kind of thing. Zip-lining is one of the tamer things that I do.”
“Then you’re mad.”
“So I’ve been told. Arm?”
I thrust it out. “Well, I’m saying no. I’m going to walk down this deathtrap tower and get on the ship.”
“You can’t.”
“Excuse me?” I fired back as he snapped the clasp over my chest. Holy s^*!t, I was in the harness. “I am a fully grown woman, I most certainly can say no.”
“Oh, that you can. But they’ve already shut the doors and begun the launch, see?” He motioned behind him.
I leaned around his massive shoulders, my fingers digging into his taut, inked skin to avoid falling over the railing. He was telling the truth. The hatches had all shut, the ramps were down, and the engines were on.
“You have got to be kidding me.”
“I’m not,” he said, his nose wrinkled in apology. “Look, Leah, I made a wrong assumption. I never thought you wouldn’t want to do this. I figured the minute you agreed to come with me, you knew what you were getting into.”
“What?” My head snapped back. “Because I should automatically assume someone is going to zip-line onto our cruise ship?”
“Well, I’m not just anyone,” he said. “Don’t you know who I am?”
“Oh my God, could you be any more arrogant?”
I scoffed. “Hard to believe. What am I supposed to do?”
“Ride tandem with me,” he answered with a dimple-deepened grin. Asshole. “It’ll be fun. Plus, it’s the only way to get on the ship, because it leaves the minute we land and they cut the line.”
“Wilder, we’ve got to go!” Landon called out, already latched on to his wire.
“So my options are I slide down the death-wire with you, or I go home?”
“You could always meet us at the next port. I think it’s four days away, right?”
“I’d miss a whole week of class!”
“Well, there is that.” He shrugged.
“I. Do. Not. Like. You.” I spat out every word at Paxton as Little John came over with two helmets. Hold on to the anger, it’s safer than fear.
“Well, I actually kinda like you, so that’s enough for me. Then again, I’ve always liked firecrackers.”
“Let’s go, kids,” Little John called.
“Come on, live a little.”
“That seems more like a quick route to death. Unless you have some foolproof method of keeping me safe.”
He took the helmet from Little John, slipped my hair tie free, and ran his fingers over my hair. “You have gorgeous hair, Leah.”
“You have a huge ego, Paxton,” I fired back.
He slid the helmet onto my head, adjusted the chin strap, and snapped it before doing the same to his own. “If there was one thing you wanted from this trip, what would it be?”
“Not to zip-line right now.”
“Not an option. Tell me. What’s the one thing you’ve been looking forward to?”
I swallowed and focused on what I’d been dreaming of for the last six months. “Mykonos. We have an optional shore excursion that week, and I want to go to Mykonos.”
His eyes flashed with surprise, but he quickly masked it. “Really?”
“Really. My dad proposed to my mom on Kalafatis Beach.” She’d always been scared of marriage, commitment in general, but told me once that there was something about being there with Dad that made her abandon her fears and embrace her destiny. I knew it was stupid, but I couldn’t let go of the hope that maybe if I stood there, I could do the same. But as of right now, that fear was holding my feet firmly on the ground and off that zip-line.
“Done. I will take you to Mykonos.”
My breath caught, knowing how much that shore excursion cost, and that it wasn’t included in my scholarship packet. “Why?”
“Because I need to get my tutor on that ship.” He looked past me, and the cocky grin was back in place seconds before a lens came over my left shoulder. Our privacy was at an end. “It’s up to you, Firecracker, but you’ve got about a minute to decide.”
Wasn’t that the theme of my day?
He walked me back through the crowd to where Landon stood on a platform, looking more than a little irritated.
My mind raced a million miles an hour, but it slowed the minute Paxton put his hands on my shoulders and demanded my attention. “If you do this, I’ll take you to Mykonos. I will personally make sure that this is the trip of your life. But you have to accept the agreement. The tutoring, the suite, the cameras, all of it.”
“And if I don’t?”
His tongue swiped across his lower lip and, as sexy as it was, it seemed more like a nervous, subconscious motion. “Then I’ll fly you home, first class, on me. You can think of this as that one day you almost did something insanely stupid.”
“And what happens to you? Nothing, right? You pull the next name out of the tutor hat?”
He shook his head. “Every other tutor is assigned. And besides, you were hand-picked for me for your academic strengths. If I lose you, I probably fail. All these people”—he gestured to the crew around us and leaned in to whisper—“they all lose their jobs.”
A heavy weight settled on my shoulders, and I wondered in that instant if that was what he’d been thinking of back on the ship, if that was what made him so pensive. “How long does it take?”
“Five seconds, max.”
My heart started to pound, as if it already knew the decision I was coming to.
If I kept my eyes closed, it would be over before I knew it, right?
He gently tucked my hair behind my ears, clearing it of the helmet’s ear straps. How could I tell him what he was putting me through without laying everything bare and looking like an idiot? Without going into that night…and the following morning? Without seeing the cocky way he looked at me change to the inevitable looks of pity and morbid curiosity?
How could I ever get past it if I didn’t get on that damn ship? Was it better to stay safe, locked away in myself? Yes.
But the crew around us? The ones who would lose their jobs?
I looked up into Paxton’s eyes, and we lingered there, wordlessly exchanging something I hadn’t had in years: trust. He would keep me safe. I somehow knew it with every bone in my pieced-together body.
“What do you say, Leah? Are you ready for an adventure?” He questioned me softly this time, as if he had somehow realized what he was asking me to risk.
I gave the one word that I knew would change…everything.

I received this book from the publisher for a fair and honest review.
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pattern 4 elements 0009 Layer 2 copy 3 300x290 Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?

NovaTheRenegades 500 200x300 Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?Nova by Rebecca Yarros is the second installment in The Renegades series and continues the journey of our dear friends at sea. If you love the idea of studying abroad and cruising, then you are going to love the locations our characters visit.

Landon Rhodes, aka “Nova” has a second chance to win back the one woman that has haunted him the past two years. When a chance encounter reunites them will he get a second chance? It would be his toughest challenge yet, to win her heart. There’s just one obstacle he must overcome, the past two years.

Rachel had her heart crushed by Nova when he left without an explanation and her hopes for a future shattered.  What would you do if you realized that in order to find love you had to face the past? Can her best friend help her or will she uncover more secrets and reasons to hate Nova?

Time has passed, the stunts are still reckless, and two people who love each other more than life itself will discover what happens when a love is reignited and the passion they once had is rekindled.

The friendships in Nova’s tight-knight group are why he is able to push the boundaries and take extreme risks. What will happen when they discover that Nova and Rachel still have feelings? Be prepared for lots of insane chemistry, banter, and adventure on this adventure.

After reading Wilder I wanted to run out in the middle of the night and hop a flight to Costa Rica to zip-line in the jungles. At the conclusion of this book I want to skydive, anywhere. If you were on the fence with chasing that rush, these books will absolutely open up the idea that anything is possible with friends, trust and no fear.

Oh yeah, these characters have no fear and think that everyone around them is wired the same way. Lucky for us we get to watch what happens when it doesn’t always go according to a no-fail plan.

Mondays are the perfect day to start a book adventure and sail around the globe with The Renegades. This two peppers spicy latte hot delight with the perfect amount of sizzle to make you tingle. Oh, and yes, it’s for mature readers 18+.  %name Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?

I received a copy from an event at RT Booklovers 2017 for a fair and honest review.
Find out why Nova is one-click worthy and dive in now.

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“Landon, are you okay?” Leah asked, racing over to me as we walked out of the frigid air into the dry desert heat.
“What happened?” Pax asked as he wrapped his arm around her.
“Nothing. I’m fine,” I answered, giving her a smile. At least, I think I did. I wasn’t sure, since I felt numb just about everywhere.
That numbness didn’t go away as we were driven back to where our ship was docked. It didn’t go away while Pax told me all about our new numbers since he’d just pulled off the first-ever triple front flip on a motocross bike a few days ago during our live exhibition. Our YouTube subscribers were way up and so were Instagram and Snapchat, but our video views were through the roof.
It didn’t go away when they scanned my ID card as I boarded the huge cruise ship we’d called home since August. All I saw as I walked into our massive, three-bedroom suite at the back of the ship was the replay my brain wouldn’t shut off: the glimpse of the woman I’d seen next to Leah.
“Landon!” Pax shouted, breaking through my brain fog.
My head jerked toward him. “What? Damn, you don’t have to yell.”
“Apparently I do, since I called your name about three times first.”
“I said, I’m fine.”
His eyes narrowed. “Right, but I asked if you wanted to go to the pool?”
I blinked. “I need to work out.”
“You just finished boarding. Skip the gym for one day and come hang out. I know you’re prepping for Nepal, but one day isn’t going to kill you.”
He was right. I could skip one day. Besides, I was so distracted that I was liable to go flying off the treadmill or some stupid s^*!t that was on par with running into a wall.
“Okay. Pool. The pool is good.”
“Hey, maybe you’ll find the snow bunny,” he teased as he headed up the stairs to his room.
“No snow bunny,” I said quietly to myself as I went into my room. Another girl wasn’t going to help me in this situation—not when she was all I could think about. I’d been through it before; I just needed to clear my head. I stripped out of my clothes and changed into trunks before I met Pax in our living room. Bobby had the camera crew in a meeting at the dining room table. If we hurried we could get some undocumented time.
“Seriously, you’re being weird,” Pax said while we took the elevator to the pool deck. “Leah said she saw you hit a wall while we were boarding. Do you think we need to get your head checked out? She’s already up at the pool saving us some lounges, but we can meet her later.”
“I’m fine,” I repeated.
“So you keep saying.”
Music was blaring on the pool deck as we stepped into the ninety-degree heat. The sun beat down onto my skin, but it did nothing to warm the numbness that I couldn’t kick.
Maybe Pax was right and I’d hit my head.
The crowd was thick, and the music was loud—it usually was as we were leaving port—and Pax disappeared to find Leah. I surveyed the gyrating masses and wished I could feel a little of their excitement.
First term was over, there were two more to go, and we were headed toward the Indian Ocean. It was all pretty overwhelming if I stopped to really think about it. Then again, stopping to think about anything was what had gotten me into this situation.
“There you are!” The blonde from the slope bounced over, her tits hanging out of her triangle top.
“Hey.” I forced a smile as she looped an arm around my waist.
“Want to get a drink with me?”
Not really.
“You know, I think I’m going to—”
“Oh, come on. The bar is right over here!” she said, turning us around.
Ice hit my bare chest and slid down my abs to my trunks as I sucked in a lungful of air. Holy sl*t, that was cold.
“I’m so sorry!”
Her voice hit me with the force of the hurricane that she was, and as she looked up, I lost what breath I’d managed to take in.
Her eyes widened, panic running across her beautiful, so-familiar face.
“Oh God,” she whispered.
The purple streaks in her hair rested against the smooth line of her chin, and her lips were parted in a look of shock that I was sure mirrored mine.
My entire world narrowed to the woman standing in front of me. Even my heartbeat stilled in reverence to the moment. How was she here? After all this time, she was close enough to touch, and all I could do was stare at her, like if I blinked she would disappear.
A thousand emotions crashed through me, fast enough to give me whiplash, long enough to sting me with the force of a billion needles, and none were able to steady me. Unadulterated joy and wonder at seeing her after all this time, fear that she was going to toss what was left of those margaritas in my face, and the most overpowering urge to kiss her, to beg her to forgive the mistakes I’d made as a stupid kid and forget the last two years we’d been apart.
But the biggest was sheer and utter relief that I could breathe again, that the numbness I’d felt since the slopes was gone, my skin tingling everywhere as if the blood had finally rushed back into the starving capillaries.
It all came down to one word.

pattern 4 elements 0009 Layer 2 copy 3 300x290 Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?

Rebel 500px 200x300 Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?Happy Book Birthday Rebel by Rebecca Yarros. Finally, the last installment in the Renegades trilogy is here. 

Penna Carstairs, aka Rebel, is fearless, beautiful and unafraid to go after what she wants. What’s a girl to do when her BASE jump in Vegas has a slight change of plans? Rebel improvises and discovers that the one thing she’s missing is the one thing she left in Vegas. 

Dr. Cruz Delgado is not your average professor and his motives will push him to take risks beyond the job description. Beyond the surface Cruz has one goal and he’s about to risk it all for the one woman who has haunted his sleepless nights since Vegas.

Both Cruz and Rebel will be pushed to defy the rules and make up their own. Oh Rebecca, Cruz is sinful and the chemistry that he has with Rebel is intense and burns hot. I want more!

What would you do if you desired someone but they were forbidden? Would you risk everything for love? This story tackles friendships, family and death defying opportunities that will wrap around your heart and stay with you long after the last page. When Rebel uncovers a secret that Cruz has been keeping it nearly destroys everything she’s worked towards. Is there time to fix it all? Will Rebel finally find the one man to challenge her and push her beyond her wildest dreams?

It’s time for one last adventure on the high seas to chase the adrenaline rush and complete another wild stunt. Do you have what it takes to be a Renegade? These characters have found a special place in my heart, they are wild, fearless and full of passion.

For anyone out there with the means to make these books into a movie, please, do it. They are just that good. If it happens please think of me when you are casting extras for the opening scene in Wilder. I can party with the best of ’em.

As for Nitro, this reader is going to make a few wishes that someday his story will be delivered. I know I’m not the only one out who would love to see this happen. For now, I’ll wait :). Now, sit back, grab your e-reader and one-click away. It’s time to set sail with The Renegades. Your adventure awaits.

This two peppers spicy latte hot delight with the perfect amount of sizzle to make you tingle. Oh, and yes, it’s for mature readers 18+.  %name Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?

I received this book from the publisher for a fair and honest review.


“Oh God, don’t do that.”
“Do what?”
“That.” He pointed toward my mouth. “Everything I told you in Vegas is still true. You’re still gorgeous, still sexy as hell, still everything that draws me in like a damned magnet, but you’re also everything I can’t have. Don’t you get that? When you pull shit like that on the dance floor, you successfully drive me bats^&*t crazy, watching you in some guy’s arms.” A small laugh escaped him. “Like that kid has any idea what to do with you if he actually managed to catch you.”
“And you do?”
His eyes darkened. “Don’t challenge me like that.”
The tension stretched between us for a quiet moment until I broke the silence. “I didn’t kiss him.”
“I’m well aware, because if you had, I’m not sure if I could have let him walk out of here, and that’s dangerous, Penelope. You are dangerous to me.”
“I’m sorry,” I said truthfully. “Logically, I know nothing can happen between us. I get it. But I see you, and all I can think about is the way you kissed me in Vegas. The way you touched me. I can’t just erase those memories, Cruz. Like I said, somehow you make me do stupid things.”
“You? I make you do stupid things?” he nearly yelled, and I was thankful for the loud, driving beat of the music beyond the office doors. “Woman, I got into a strange car for you. Illegally BASE jumped off a Ferris wheel to stay close to you. Went to jail for you, and I make you do stupid things?”
He stalked forward, his movements smooth like a predator, and a low hum filled my stomach, growing stronger with every step he took.
“I let you stay in my class. Stupid. I look for every reason to run into you, while simultaneously praying you’ll stay far away because I need this job. Stupid. I take one look at you in that fucking dress, and I’m so hard I’m afraid I can’t hide it in a room full of students. Stupid. I can’t stop thinking about the way you taste, the way you open up under me, the way your nails left little half-moons in my shoulders when I found how wet you were for me.”
If he got his hands anywhere near me, he’d find out I was just as wet now. God, his words were the biggest turn-on I’d ever experienced. Next to his abs. Or his arms. Or his mouth. Crap, the man was one giant sex package begging to be unwrapped.
“Cruz,” I whispered as he cupped my face with one hand, his thumb rubbing over my lower lip, while he caged me against the desk with the other.
My tongue licked across the tip of his finger, unable to help myself.
“God, Penelope. You could cost me everything, and yet I’m still in here with you. And this might be the worst choice of all.”
His mouth met mine in a kiss that sent my senses reeling. His tongue swept in, claiming every curve he might have missed last time, until it felt like my mouth belonged to him.

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About Rebecca Yarros:
Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and Paleo.Rebecca Yarros 200x300 Have you met Wilder, Nova or Rebel?
She is the author of the Flight & Glory series, including Full Measures, the award-winning Eyes Turned Skyward, Beyond What is Given, and Hallowed Ground. She loves military heroes, and has been blissfully married to hers for fourteen years.

When she’s not writing, she’s tying hockey skates for her four sons, sneaking in some guitar time, or watching brat-pack movies with her two daughters. She lives in Colorado with the hottest Apache pilot ever, their rambunctious gaggle of kids, an English bulldog who is more
stubborn than sweet, and a bunny named General Fluffy Pants who torments the aforementioned bulldog. They recently adopted their youngest daughter from the foster system, and Rebecca is passionate about helping others do the same.


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