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Once again it’s time to meet another member of the New Jersey Ice Cats team. Be sure to check in each day this week for reviews, excerpts, and much more. Anna will continue to stop by this week so be sure to say hi or leave questions.

A Perfect Trade final

A Perfect Trade by Anna Sugden is the second installment in the New Jersey Ice Cats series. Elements of dreams, plans and redemption are sprinkled throughout this hockey romance both on and off the ice.

Jenny Martin is the “queen of the puck bunnies,” the women who chased those sexy hockey players and a grade school friend of an Ice Cats. Is she ready to relinquish her crown for something more fulfilling?

While her friends are settling down and beginning the next phase of life, Jenny wonders if she’ll deserving of the same happiness? A chance at “forever after” too.

Life in a hockey town is never dull and there’s always change, trade and uncertainty. It’s the unknown that still haunts Jenny, a troubled and painful past affected her decisions. Both personally and professionally. Is it possible that she can push through and not let it control her after all these years?

Truman “Tru” Jelinek has known Jenny since grade school and was once ready to save Jenny. Instead, there were consequences from that attempted rescue and it put a rift between them. Trust was betrayed and their friendship was torn apart.

Jenny’s desire to fulfill a lifelong dream could cost her everything. When Tru offers to help her, will she accept? Can she forgive him and leave it all in the past? Or, will she finally listen to her heart and let Tru in? If Jenny only knew how much Tru loved her, perhaps it would change everything?

Can love conquer all? Both Tru and Jenny have had great loss and pain to overcome. Is it possible that Tru will keep his word? Will those painful secrets stay buried or will they resurface now that the town is set to memorialized a beloved citizen.

This installment is full of passion, family relationships, great hockey and all the other goodies that we expect when we turn the page of Anna Sugden’s books.

Embedded within this story is the subject of abuse, delicately written and weaved with tender care. As our heroine learns to speak out about her unspeakable past, as a reader I wanted to leap into the pages and give her a supportive hug. Well done Anna for again tackling those sensitive subjects.

Even with the few crazy things he must deal with and overcome, Tru Jelinek is a hero that radiates warmth, sexy appeal and charm. A desire to protect his family and friends is what makes him so appealing and real.

Don’t miss this must read installment or the rest of the series! While I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review I would happily purchase or gift this book.

If you’re looking for a fresh series that includes hockey, a team with sexy players that are a family both on and off the ice, then you must read this book. Anna’s attention to details is fantastic and her world of hockey is vivid, exciting and packed with hockey goodness.

I can’t wait to continue the Blitz tomorrow with my review of Anna’s short stories and a giveaway surprise too!  Time to curl up with warm cup of java and dive into a few tales of the other members of the NJ Ice Cats. You know, the ones that we begged Anna to write about.

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Author Info:

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Award-winning, Harlequin SuperRomance author, Anna Sugden, loves reading romance novels and watching films with happy endings. She also loves watching hockey and football, where she prefers a happy ending for her teams (Go Devils, Man UTD, Exeter, ‘Skins!). When she’s not researching hockey players (for her books, of course), she makes craft projects and collects penguins, autographs and memorabilia, and great shoes.

A former marketing executive and primary teacher, Anna lives in Cambridge, England, with her husband and two bossy black cats. Learn more about Anna, her books and her shoes at www.annasugden.com .

You can also follow her on Facebook (facebook.com/annasugden.romanceauthor) , Twitter (twitter.com/annasugden), Pinterest(pinterest.com/annasugden) and on the Romance Bandits blog (www.romancebandits.com).

** All photos were provided by Anna Sugden**


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