Not sure what to read? Here is a great place to start!  Just click on the author’s name and find a great story! This list will be updated
periodically, if you think an author is missing please let me know!


Jeanne Adams
Victoria Alexander
Bella Andre
Mary Balogh
Maya Banks
Jo Beverly
Christina Brooke
Grace Burrowes
Allison Butler
Candace Camp
Anna Campbell
Kate Carlisle
Liz Carlyle
Caren Crane
Victoria Dahl
Lydia Dare
Tessa Dare
Mary Margret Daughtridge
Sylvia Day
Barbara Devlin
Eileen Dreyer
Suzanne Enoch
Suzanne Ferrell
Tina Folsom
Lori Foster
Shana Galen
Melody Grace
Samantha Grace
Kristine Grayson
Crystal Green
Amelia Grey
Susan Hatler
Lorraine Heath
Kristan Higgins
Elizabeth Hoyt
Eloisa James
Sabrina Jeffries
Brenda Joyce
Robin Kaye
Joan Kayse
J.Kenner/Julie Kenner
Julia Kent
Mindy Klasky
Lisa Kleypas
Karin Harlow/Karin Tabke 
Stephanie Laurens
Jade Lee
Julia London
Sarah MacLean
Donna MacMeans
Margaret Mallory
Kat Martin
Cathy Maxwell
Trish McCallan
Erin McCarthy

Suzanna Medeiros
Kasey Michaels
Courtney Milan
Trish Milburn
Linda Lael Miller
Cassondra Murray
Sophia Nash
Nancy Northcott
Brenda Novak
Julie Ortolon
Carly Phillips
Mary Jo Putney
Julia Quinn
Nora Roberts
Jo Robertson
Susan Sey
Kylie Scott
Jill Shalvis
Gena Showalter
Terry Spear
Anna Sugden
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Tawny Weber
Susan Wiggs
Mary Wine

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