%name Are you ready for a hot hockey romance?%name Are you ready for a hot hockey romance?Lucas by Sawyer Bennett is that latest release in Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey series and her best yet! While each can be read as a standalone, I’ve enjoyed reading them in order. This book sizzles with fast paced writing, hot hockey and characters that melt into your heart.

As the leaves begin to change into shades of rust, golden and crimson, the coffee shops are brewing spiced lattes and the smell of baked goods permeates the air. With fall in full swing it also means hockey romance is here. It’s time to grab a cup, order a sweet and sink into a cozy chair. Hot hockey players are here to indulge your book escape and this weekend you can start with Lucas.

Sawyer presents a twist with her characters in the way relationships are tackled and the complications they create. Would you trade everything for one night of sin? When Lucas sets his sights on Stephanie he convinces himself that he won’t allow his heart to crumble. Just once he wants a woman to love him for who he is, not the number on his jersey, or his bank account. Will he find it from the woman he least expects to open him up to the idea of love?

Stephanie is a strong, determined, and successful woman who isn’t ready to settle down. When she meets Lucas she’s got one thing on her mind. One night with no strings. What will she do when her plans are derailed? Will she find the strength to keep it all together? Will she put faith in those around her and trust in her feelings?

Don’t miss this installment of hockey shenanigans that involves a team that’s more than just players, they are family. The friendships are embedded in everything they do and the ones we aspire to maintain. Just like Sawyer’s characters, we want unbreakable, long lasting and life changing connections.

Once you read this story, the characters will become a part of you, along with their own journeys. Each one full of hope, hockey and scorching hot intimacy. There is the perfect balance of heat, friction, conflict and the endings are always sinfully sweet.

As fate would have it, the next installment arrived in my in-box tonight. Oh yeah, I am counting down the days till I can share that with you. Once you’re read Lucas, you will have a good idea who’s up next. Happy Reading.

With the heat and intensity in this book I give it 3 Peppers as it’s pretty hot and might offend. For mature readers 18+%name Are you ready for a hot hockey romance?

I received this ARC from the publisher for a fair and honest review.

Click on the cover and dive into this hot romance tonight!

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