Guest Post: Top 5 Most Romantic Pick-ups by Shana Galen

We all know the story—two people from different worlds who meet under the most unlikely circumstances, and despite all the odds, fall in love. I love those stories, and at their heart, most of my books touch on this theme to some degree or another. In The Rogue You Know the hero and heroine really are from two different worlds. Gideon is a thief from the notorious Seven Dials rookery who has absolutely nothing. Susanna is the daughter of an earl, who has everything she could ever want or need. They meet when Gideon climbs through the library of Susanna’s town house. He’s looking for a friend, and she’s looking for a way out. She hits him in the head with a candlestick, which isn’t the most romantic of meetings, but it certainly makes an impression! The meeting of the hero and heroine is always my favorite scene to write. Here are my top 5 most romantic pick-ups.

1) Rapunzel Hits Flynn Rider with the Frying Pan in Tangled

If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like Gideon and Susanna’s first meet, you’d be right! The Rogue You Know is loosely based on the Disney film Tangled. From Flynn’s broken smolder to Rapunzel’s too-free use of that frying pan, the meeting of my favorite Disney couple is romantic, funny, and memorable.

2) The Pressing of Hands in Romeo and Juliet

Okay, so the ending of this story isn’t the happiest, but no one can deny that the sparks fly when these star-crossed lovers meet and fall instantly in love. Shakespeare makes the simple act of touching hands both heart-melting and sigh-worthy.

3) Hugh Grant Spills Juice on Julia Roberts in Notting Hill

I admit that I’m a huge Hugh Grant fan. He does bumbling and charming so well. Paired with Julia Roberts, Notting Hill couldn’t not be cute and romantic. Plus, it takes place in a bookstore. That’s it. I’m sold.

4) Hugh Grant (this time as Prime Minister) Meets Natalie, His New Housekeeper in Love, Actually

I know! Another Hugh Grant movie. I told you I like him. This movie has a lot of great meets, but my favorite is when the Prime Minister meets Natalie, and she’s so nervous she can’t stop cursing. Hilarious!

5) Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Meet Over Waffles (and Meet Over Waffles) in 50 First Dates

Any movie that has this many romantic meetings between the two characters destined to fall in love deserves a mention. Sandler has to woo Barrymore every day, and he is super romantic and creative about it. One can’t even claim he’s in it for himself because he has to start over from the beginning every day and doesn’t get much except the opportunity to spend more time with the woman he’s falling in love with. I could swoon.

What’s your favorite romantic meeting from a movie, TV, or a book?


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Shana Galen is the bestselling author of passionate Regency romps, including the RT Reviewers’ Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Kirkus says of her books, “The road to happily-ever-after is intense, conflicted, suspenseful and fun,” and RT Book Reviews calls her books “lighthearted yet poignant, humorous yet touching.” She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston’s inner city. Now she writes full time. She’s happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making. Shana loves to hear from readers, so send her an email or see what she’s up to daily on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by her website at

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