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%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3 15 brand-new novellas. 15 best-selling romance authors. A holiday-themed collection like no other.

What happens under the kissing bough doesn’t necessarily stay beneath the kissing bough…

According to lore, the origins of which date to the late 12th century, no lady should refuse a kiss beneath the mistletoe, else she will not marry in the next year. In exchange for the kiss, a berry is removed from the sprig until all of the berries are gone and no more kisses can be stolen. Some also believe that a sprig of mistletoe collected from a local church and placed beneath a maiden’s pillow will inspire dreams of her future husband.

What happens when fifteen daring heroines pin their hopes on mistletoe, a little luck, and a kiss in this multi-genre, limited edition holiday collection from 15 bestselling authors? Pure holiday magic!

mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

The Whole Latte:

There is nothing better than a holiday anthology to kick off a festive season full giving, treats and LOTS of romance!  This collection will cross off all three in one clean swoop and at a bargain price of ninety-nine cents, it’s worth every penny. Do NOT miss out on must read romance!

I’ll be featuring a few novellas every day until release day on November 22nd. Just two more days until you can catch up with characters and authors you know and love, or discover for the first time.

Again, the line-up has many of my favorites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Some of these have a little more spice than others and balance the collection perfectly.

Be sure to check out the great giveaways daily and comment for a chance to win.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

Official Blurb:

Welcome to the witchiest town in the world––Haven Harbor, Massachusetts!

It’s the merriest of holidays and Yule and Christmas celebrations bring out the mischief and mistletoe. Caught under the kissing bough, Annie Boylston and Reyn Shapleigh are elected the King and Queen of the Yule Ball, and must spend the week in revelry and celebration.

Unfortunately, someone in town isn’t so happy about the holidays. An arsonist is trying to disrupt the joyful season, bringing fire and destruction to Haven Harbor. As the fire chief, Reyn is on the front line, using every bit of his training and magick to find the firebug. Annie’s cooking store is one of the arsonist’s targets, as are other thriving businesses in town. As the fire of attraction grows between Reyn and Annie, the arsonist gets bolder. In a race to stop the fires, Reyn and Annie find one another in this hot mistletoe tale!

The Whole Latte:

A Yule to Remember is Reyn and Annie’s story, two characters from her Haven Harbor Series. Haven Harbor is a town of magick, mystery and excitement. There is never a dull moment, despite the holidays fast approaching and a King and Queen to be crowned at the Ball, there are people ready to destroy all the merriment.

Annie runs the local cooking shop in Haven Harbor and when she discovers that Reyn, the town Fire Chief has something she can’t shake, things begin to heat up.

With the Yule Ball approaching, an arsonist, and the town Fire Chief’s attraction towards Annie, what will Reyn do?

In a town full of magick, mystery and excitement for the holidays will the mistletoe spark a love connection?

This two peppers spicy latte hot %name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3delight has just enough sizzle to make you tingle. Oh, and yes, it’s for  mature readers 18+.

%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

Jeanne Adams writes award-winning suspense, paranormal, mysteries and urban fantasies. She’s also a sought-after speaker, who knows a thing or two about getting rid of the evidence…

Jeanne specializes in thrills and suspense. Even her paranormal and urban fantasies have a suspense element, so be prepared! She loves football, baseball, dogs, Halloween and the weird and she teaches classes for writers on body disposal.

Jeanne lives in DC with her husband and two growing sons, as well as three dogs – two Labs and an Irish Water Spaniel. Don’t tell, but she’s prone to adopting more dogs when her husband isn’t looking.

Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and other publications, her books have been consistently hailed as “One of the best Suspense Books of the Year!” by Romantic Times. You can find her at her newly redesigned website: www.JeanneAdams.com, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JeanneAdams or at www.Facebook.com/JeanneAdamsAuthor

mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

Official Blurb:

The Major is home from the wars at last…

Edmund Black, Major Lord Canforth, has devoted eight tumultuous years to fighting Napoleon. Finally Europe is at peace, and he can retire to his estates and the lovely wife he hasn’t seen since their brief, unhappy honeymoon. The innocent girl he loved from the first moment he saw her, but who shied away from him on their wedding night.

The beautiful woman who greets him at Otway Hall on Christmas Eve is no longer the sweet ingénue he remembers. This new and exciting version of his beloved countess is strong, outspoken, and independent, and she’s willing to stand up for what she wants. The question is—does she want the husband who returns to her arms more as a stranger than a spouse?

Now the real battle begins.

Felicity, Lady Canforth, has had eight long years to regret that she sent her husband from a cold marriage bed to face brutal combat, danger and hardship. The only child of elderly parents, Felicity came to marriage innocent and ignorant, and unable to conceal her shock at the sensual power of the earl’s caresses. Before she found the nerve to offer Canforth a more generous welcome, he was called away to war. The Major left behind a countess who was a bride, not a wife; a woman unsure of her husband’s feelings, and too timid to confess how fervently she desires the man she wed.

Fate has granted an older, wiser Felicity a second chance to win her husband’s heart. Now nothing is going to stop her from claiming victory over the famous war hero. This Christmas, she’ll deploy every ounce of courage, purpose and passion to seize the life and love she’s longed for ever since Canforth left to serve his country. Whatever it costs, whatever it takes, she’ll lure the dashing Major back into her bed, where she means to show him he’s the only man she wants as her lover—and her love.

After years of yearning and separation, will a Christmas miracle heal the wounds of the past and offer the earl and his bride a future bright with love?

Notes from Anna…

I love a reunion story, don’t you? And there’s something especially poignant about lovers resolving their differences and coming together at Christmas. I really enjoyed writing Mistletoe and the Major, my contribution to the marvelous anthology Under the Kissing Bough. Gallant Lord Canforth returns from fighting Napoleon to make his peace with the spirited bride he hasn’t seen in eight long years. He and Felicity love each other, but they don’t know it. Well, not when the story starts, at least! I’ve got a feeling a happy ending might be waiting, courtesy of a few kisses under the mistletoe, a dollop of long-denied passion, and a little honest conversation!

The Whole Latte:

Felicity, Lady Candorth has waited eight years to see her husband, is he the same man who left her all those years ago? War changes everyone and the years have been difficult for both.

Edmund Black has left the military and returned to the life he left behind. Many things worry him but the one thought he can’t escape is will his wife be happy to see him. He is not the same man that left her and he fears his homecoming will destroy their marriage.

I love a great homecoming story, one filled with struggles, secrets and characters who have yet to see the beauty that was there all along. Both have grown and are wiser for the time apart. Anna’s stories of re-kindled love, especially with beloved characters as these two are on my auto-buy list and hopefully yours soon too.

Anna’s stories is a wonderful addition to a magical anthology. Rush now and download her backlist, you will thank me ;).

This two peppers spicy latte hot %name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3delight has just enough sizzle to make you tingle. Oh, and yes, it’s for  mature readers 18+.


Australian Anna Campbell has written ten multi award-winning historical romances for Grand Central Publishing and Avon HarperCollins and her work is published in 18 languages. This Christmas, Anna has written two seasonal novellas, “Mistletoe and the Major” from the multi-author anthology Under the Kissing Bough, and the stand-alone, A Match Made in Mistletoe, out 30th November. Her website is www.annacampbell.com You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AnnaCampbellFans/?pnref=lhc and on Twitter at @AnnaCampbellOz.

mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3
When asked why Hildie McQueen joined this collection
: I am writing a new mail order bride series, which included a Christmas story. How better to kick it off then with the most wonderful women I know! Once under the mistletoe, something magical happened *wink*

The Whole Latte:

Christina Mills has no choice but to escape a life of hardship and now uncertain danger before it’s too late. The risks she take to do what’s right will take courage and trust. Right from the start I was hooked on this holiday tale, an adventure into the west seeking a better life.

Alexander Barrett Patterson is lucky to be alive. Home from the war this tradesman is lacking for nothing, well almost nothing. He is still struggling with the war and the effects have lingered. Will this kind hearted man find love? Will Barrett put aside his worries and let himself be loved?

Both Barrett and Christina have suffered and it may take a few meddling matchmakers interfere before Christmas to nudge our sweet heroine and hero together. Two strangers will find out that they’re union is part mistletoe lore, part holiday magic and just meant to be.

Be sure to check out Hildie’s backlist and discover why she’s in this anthology.


%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3


Bestselling author Hildie McQueen loves unusual situations and getting into interesting adventures, which is what her characters do as well. She writes romance because she is in love with love! Author of Romance in Highland historical, Western Historical and contemporary, she writes something every reader can enjoy.

Most days she can be found in her pajamas hiding from deliverymen while drinking tea from her David Gandy coffee mug. In the afternoons she browses the Internet for semi-nude men to post on Facebook.

Hildie’s favorite past-times are romance conventions, traveling, shopping and reading.

She resides in beautiful small town Georgia with her super-hero husband Kurt, an unruly boy Chihuahua Pepito and a spoiled rotten girl Chiweenie named Lola.

Visit her website at www.hildiemcqueen.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HildieMcQueen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HildieMcQueen

Instagram: @HildieWrites

mistletoe.png.cf Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3


“Oswald!” The shriek of his name accompanied a stinging burn on Oz’s cheek, and he was fairly certain the imprint of Selene’s lovely hand flared on his skin.

Admiring the pink tinge of her cheeks, the fiery glare that made her hazel eyes glow, and slight quiver of her full bottom lip, he stepped in another few inches and smiled.

“Oh, come on, Kitty-Kitty. It wasn’t that bad.”

“You had no right to kiss me. None!” She pointed a finger of the offending hand into his face. “You are an unbelievably incorrigible, inappropriate, unacceptable clod.”

“Aren’t you the one who hung the mistletoe?” Gently taking her warm hand in his, he turned her finger to point to the deep green sprig dangling from a red velvet bow above her head.

As if on perfect cue a slight gasp escaped her mouth, and Oz counted the usual five seconds it took The Vampire Guard’s accountant to regain her composure.

With practiced precision and in this exact order Selene’s back stiffened, her mouth closed, shoulders dropped, and her deliciously curved chin turned up before she slowly blinked, though did not make eye contact with the kissing clod standing inches from her.

“That is neither here nor there.” Placing a hand on Ozzy’s chest she pushed him aside. “I just hung the damn thing not more than…” Her attention dropped to the step stool still positioned in the doorway, “…thirty seconds ago. How on earth could you possibly kiss me in that short time?”

Oz plucked a berry from the sprig overhead, rolling the tiny white ball between his thumb and forefinger. “A man can do an awful lot in thirty seconds.”

The Whole Latte:

Her Vampire Protector by Jordan K. Rose is a paranormal romance full of secrets, experiments and revenge.

Oswald Addison has kept a secret that consumes him daily. Selene Kittery is finding it difficult to hide her attraction to the one man she can’t have.

Don’t miss this paranormal tale with two characters who discover that sometimes when you wish really hard, they do come true.


%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

Jordan loves vampires. She also loves to laugh. And if you know anything about Jordan, you know her vampires will make you laugh.

A few years back Jordan received a copy of Twilight from her husband as part of her anniversary gift. By the end of that week she’d read the entire series and moved onto Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Eight weeks and eighteen vampire books later the idea for her first book came to her followed very quickly by Eva Prim.

The Eva Prim Series follows the night-to-night escapades of The Demon Mistress, a vampire with the inexplicable ability to call demons. With both full-length novels and short stories the series has a bit of something for everyone. Book three, The Road To Hell, releases in Fall of 2017.

Jordan’s other books include Black Magic Rose, book one of The Alliance Series, where the world is set in a hospital run by vampires and werewolves; and The Central City Romance Series, where members of The Vampire Guard one-by-one find love in the ruins of the city. Her Vampire Protector releases in the Under The Kissing Bough Box Set on November 22nd.

When she’s not writing about one vampire or another Jordan enjoys spending time with her husband, Ken and their lovable Labradors, Dino and Enzo on the beautiful beaches of New England.

To keep up on new releases, contests, and free reads sign up for Jordan’s newsletter at: https://bit.ly/1G1Y903

Find Jordan at:

Website: www.jordankrose.com.

Twitter: https://bit.ly/1CmMPQk

Facebook: https://on.fb.me/1FUrNaX

Pinterest: https://bit.ly/1J2iYJG

Goodreads; https://bit.ly/1CmN4ec

Google +: https://bit.ly/1KKewFb

Amazon author page: https://amzn.to/1gll1lc


%name Under the Kissing Bough Blitz Day 3

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FIVE e-copies of Under the Kissing Bough.

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ONE lucky winner will have a choice of an e-book from Hildie’s  backlist and a swag pack

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